Writing A Guest Service Representative Recommendation Letter

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Getting a solid recommendation is often the thing that pushes a job applicant over the edge. With how stiff the competition is for nearly any job these days, you need to take advantage of every opportunity that you have to set yourself apart. A top notch guest service representative recommendation letter is a huge step forward towards convincing an employer that you’ve got what it takes.

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Felicity Weeks,

I am writing this letter to recommend Ralph Hader for the position of guest service representative at your hotel. Ralph was a guest service rep at my hotel for over five years, and was one of the most beloved and valuable team members that we had. Excellent with guests, a diligent worker with a great attitude, I’m certain Ralph will be a good fit anywhere.

Ralph mainly dealt with guests and guest issues, responded to inquiries, provided hands on assistance, coordinated guest services, assisted with billing, and other such duties. He was required to interact commonly with guests and they always came away pleased with his work. His commitment to excellence, and the true care he exhibited when doing his work, made him a favorite on the team.

One of Ralph’s biggest strengths is his initiative. He didn’t wait for instructions or get bogged down in details, but would do what needed to be done to complete a guests experience. His initiative and skill, and his hard work, made him indispensable, and I recommend him highly.


Ernie Streelman

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