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No matter how much education or experience you have, having a professional cover letter can still be a helpful way to catch the attention of a hiring manager. Read through our doctor cover letter example and the included list of tips for ideas on how to create an appealing cover letter of your own.

  • Do talk about how hiring you as an employee could benefit the company. Hiring managers are more interested in what you could add to their team than in how their company will build your career.
  • Don’t focus too heavily on your education. Many hiring managers in the health care field are much more interested in your experience and accomplishments than in the fact you graduated from medical school.
  • Do use a more conversational tone. Let your cover letter allow the reader to get to know you better. The best doctors typically have excellent personalities in addition to their medical degrees.
  • Don’t generalize your cover letter and mass-distribute the same one to each company. Customizing it for each company you apply to conveys your interest in working for that specific company.

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Doctors need years of training and specialized knowledge to get hired. They also need a cover letter that encapsulates their qualifications. The cover letter examples below. Choose from multiple designs, and review the cover letter example copy below for useful tips you can use to make your cover letter better. It just might make the difference in helping you get the position you’re looking for.

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Cover Letter Tips for

With the right job-seeking skills, it can be easy to find jobs as a Doctor. Here are some tips to help with approaching finding work in this field.

  • Use social media to reflect your interest and qualification for a position. It’s no secret that, nowadays, employers are checking up on their job candidates’ social media profiles. Get active with public boards regarding the company or industry and show your honest interest.

  • Mentally prepare yourself to take the time you need to find the best job. Ask yourself what you’re really interested in and go for it. Think about how you can apply your specific skills.

  • Take an entrepreneurial mindset. This means marketing yourself and possibly seeking contract-based work. The idea is to think of ways to sell and market what you have to offer.

  • Keep your cover letter to two pages or less. Entry-level cover letters should be only one page. cover letters should be succinct and tidy, using bullet list formats, not crowded chunks of paragraph-format text.

  • Be the captain of your ship. Don’t take the backseat and go just by what others suggest for you. Really take responsibility and go seek what you’re trying to find with relentless commitment.

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Doctor Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to the cover letter, there are some specific practices that will really help it to shine and land you jobs as a Doctor. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Have a summary at the beginning of your cover letter that effectively showcases your abilities and talents. Try to keep it within four to six lines and to mention some specific skills and personality traits, as well as to provide an overview of your experience.

  • List the full job title, name of the employer, location, and dates employed for every job you list in your experience section. Each of these jobs should have five to eight bullet points listing your specific duties and accomplishments with that employer.

  • When you list your performance of specific duties, use strong action verbs that convey the way in which you performed your work. Stay away from phrases such as “Responsible for” and “Duties included.

  • Generally, only include employment that goes back beyond 15 years ago if it is highly relevant to the position you’re applying for, or demonstrates an outstanding accomplishment or qualification. You can always add a disclaimer saying, “additional employment information available upon request. ”

  • Do not use personal pronouns anywhere in your cover letter. A cover letter is the place where you will share your own perspective. A cover letter should read more like an outside description of the qualifications of the candidate.

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