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Training and experience are the top tools you need as an electrician, and a good cover letter helps you highlight yours. Our electrician cover letter example can get you started, but first, read through these tips you need to set yours apart from the pack. ?Do make clear that you can troubleshoot and fix current customer issues as well as perform new installations.

  • Don’t overprice yourself out of today’s market. You should be well versed in what the average salary is for your skill level and experience and bid yourself competitively.
  • Do make sure you address as many keywords as possible in the qualifications or requirements section for the job description you are applying for. These are frequently the words that will be filtered and looked for by computer programs, and if your cover letter does not include them, you may not be selected for an interview.
  • Don’t fill gaps with experience or skills that are not relevant to the position. Instead, consider a certification or suitable course at a local community college to bring your resume and cover letter back to the top of the selection pool.

Apprentice Electrician Advice

If you want to become an apprentice electrician, getting the right training is key. You’ll also need a compelling cover letter. Using the cover letter examples we’ve created you’ll be able to easily and quickly build a job-winning apprentice electrician cover letter. Just click on any of the samples below to view our pre-written cover letter example templates. Take the first step toward the job you want with our apprentice electrician cover letter examples!

Journeyman Electrician Cover Letter Example Modern Style

Cover Letter Tips for
Apprentice Electrician

Finding jobs as a Apprentice Electrician takes a broad set of skills to ensure that you are competitive and successful. Read more to ramp up your job-seeking abilities and find that next exciting step in your career.

  • Examine your social media profiles to ensure professionalism and focus. Employers definitely check out your presence online and positive profiles can help you as much as unprofessional profiles can hurt your chances of landing that great job.

  • Seek out new skills if you don’t have the “preferred qualifications” listed on the jobs that you are submitting applications for online or in person. Many times, a short course or certification can bring your cover letter to the top of the applicant list.

  • Research your potential employers well prior to the interview. Utilize a variety of resources including the company website, annual reports, trade publications for industry trends, and their social media sites to be thoroughly prepared.

  • If you are not getting results, you may not have the proper keywords on your cover letter. These are typically in the job descriptions or ad, and are very important because online software programs are frequently used to filter through cover letters for the right words.

  • Make sure you’re not pricing yourself out of the job. Research average salaries well to remain within the selection pool.

Journeyman Electrician Cover Letter Sample Professional Style

Apprentice Electrician Job Seeking Tips

cover letters are still the “go-to” document for employers and many times are the only document that hiring managers review when considering a new employee. To ensure your cover letter is of high quality to find jobs as a Apprentice Electrician, follow these tips.

  • It is important not to confuse the reader with too many subsections in your experience section. Combine relevant professional experience within sections to garner focus and create the most impact.

  • If it is possible to do so, frame potential “red flag” gaps in your cover letter as times of entrepreneurship. Don’t lie, but if you performed any consulting or freelancing types of duties, using this information will help potential employers to understand any time gaps in positions.

  • Be consistent with verb forms within your job descriptions utilizing either “ing” or “ed” suffixes. Mixing the two looks unprofessional and can be distracting to readers.

  • Place experience before education unless you are in school or a recent college graduate. The standard for moving the education section down is typically about 18 months after graduation.

  • Ruthlessly proofread your cover letter. Spellcheck programs are by no means thorough and should not be relied upon to be correct.

Journeyman Electrician Cover Letter Template Modern Style

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