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Discover how to pinpoint the specific skills and qualifications today’s employers desire when hiring lawyers. O*Net Online predicts 45,700 job openings for lawyers through 2028, and consulting our lawyer resume examples can better your chances of securing one of these positions. Our examples show you how to craft an eye-catching document for your job search.


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What is a Lawyer?

Lawyers act as legal advocates and advisors to various clients, representing and supporting them while presenting facts in civil and criminal trials. With the help of a support staff, these legal professionals conduct research, interpret laws and file various documents. A lawyer’s specific duties depend on the workplace, whether that is a private firm or local government, administration and nonprofit organizations. Lawyers may choose from several legal specialization fields, including tax law, environmental law, intellectual property law, securities law and family law.

What Makes This a Great
Lawyer Resume Example?

Crafted by certified resume writers, our lawyer resume examples show you what it takes to write a top-notch document. Our lawyer resume examples can guide you in a number of ways, including:

  • Professionally-written content: By studying our professionally written content for the right keywords and phrases, you’ll write a work history, skills section and summary that hiring managers will take seriously. For step-by-step guidance, including pre-written text suggestions for each resume section, use our Resume Builder.
  • Format guidance: The chronological resume format used in this example highlights the applicant’s work history and career progression from paralegal to the present position of executive legal counsel. Recent graduates can use a functional format to spotlight general skills in legal terminology and mortgage counseling, while mid-career professionals might consider a combination resume format.
  • Template suggestions: Law is a conservative field, which means the design of your resume should lean towards the traditional. This resume example resume uses a clean, simple layout that draws attention to the applicant’s professionalism, reflecting the legal field’s conservative nature. Also, the design makes it easy for hiring managers to find their desired details and information.

3 Lawyer Professional Summary Examples

Let our resume examples become a springboard for crafting your lawyer professional summary, or if you prefer, use our Resume Builder to help you accomplish the task. Here are three examples like the professional summaries the builder may suggest for your lawyer resume:

  1. Lawyer with three years of experience in family law, with a focus on amicable divorce and child custody. Knowledge of mediation techniques, and connected with local therapists for clients in need of mental health support. Familiar with handling substantial property and asset division.
  2. Dedicated criminal defense lawyer who managed a team of three paralegals and a legal secretary. Maintain open communication with every client to improve rapport and facilitate trust. Focus on offering affordable defense and reduced sentences.
  3. Attorney with 10 years’ experience in corporate law. Specialize in advising corporations on government regulations, patents, taxes and succession planning. Hope to take on more mentoring responsibilities to help develop the next generation.

3 Lawyer Work Experience Examples

Use our resume examples for insight into creating your lawyer work experience section. If you prefer, you can also study the pre-written content in our Resume Builder, ideal for any job title. Use the content as it is currently written, or you can personalize it to fit your aims, which may include adding metrics. Or, use these additional examples for inspiration:

  1. Use legal precedent insights to predict criminal case outcomes.
  2. Advise and represent estate administrators and executors, and probate wills.
  3. Ensure compliance with the latest environmental laws and regulations for waste disposal companies, advocacy groups and various government agencies.

Top Skills for Your Lawyer Resume

With the LiveCareer Resume Builder, you don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best when selecting specific legal skills for your resume. We break down the skills hiring managers desire most from lawyers. Either select the builder’s suggested skills, include your own or utilize a combination, incorporating hard and soft skills like these:

Hard Skills

  • Contract management
  • Witness and client interviewing 
  • Juror selection
  • Legal data examination

Soft Skills

  • Negotiation 
  • Persuasion
  • Reading comprehension
  • Social perceptiveness

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Lawyer FAQs

How do I start a career in law?

To have a career in law, you must first earn an undergraduate degree, often with a focus on government, public speaking, English or economics. Next, complete a law school program, which typically takes three years. While at law school, earn a Juris Doctor degree and pass the bar exam to meet the qualifications necessary to practice law.

What are the two main types of lawyers?

Lawyers act as advocates and advisors. In an advocate capacity, lawyers represent parties in civil or criminal court. As advisors, lawyers offer clients guidance on obligations and legal rights, recommending steps for clients to take in their personal lives and business matters. Lawyers advocate and advise in a number of legal fields.

Should I put document review on my resume?

Because lawyers often draft, prepare and look over various legal documents, it is a good idea to include “document review” on your resume’s skills section. Lawyers also use various document management software, such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server MOSS, Adobe Systems Adobe Acrobat, OpenText eDOCS DM and WealthCounsel WealthDocs. Specify which, if any, document software you are familiar with.