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Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK
Home: (555) 432-1000 - Cell: - - -
Executive Profile
Visionary Operations Executive with solid experience managing all levels of multiple projects including budgeting and administration. Ambitious Leader who creates strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. Builds and retains high performance teams by hiring, developing and motivating skilled professionals.  A Motivated Change Agent who Leads organizations through Lean Journeys while training, mentoring, and driving results by creating self-directed, autonomous Teams with Organizational Goals in mind.
Skill Highlights
  • Leadership
  • Project management
  • Business operations organization
  • Budgeting expertise
  • Employee relations
  • Self-motivated
  • Customer-oriented
  • Lean Implementations
  • Change Agent
  • Team Player
  • Labor Negotiations
  • Honest
  • Ethical
  • Ability to select talent
  • Multi-unit Operational Experience
  • P&L Responsibilities
  • Communications
  • Teacher
Core Accomplishments
  • Manufacturing Lead in Labor Negotiations resulting in a multi-million dollar benefit to the company across the term of the agreement, once ratified.
  • Changed Marinette Marine Module Construction from a static build process to a dynamic build process resulting in schedule attainment and a productivity improvement from 50% to 100%.  The resulting cost improvement has netted savings of $5M per ship.
  • Lead, Designed, Constructed and Operated a new Module Facility resulting in achievement of baseline schedules and operations at budgeted cost.  Achieved this despite many claims that the process design would never work and it would cost us more to operate in this fashion.
  • Helped grow a small, privately owned company from $8M in revenue to $20M in revenue in a very competitive market.  Performed this through Lean engagement, Customer Involvement, Employee involvement and drive to achieve the goals we collectively set.
  • Worked all aspects of Thermasys Corporation until my final role of VP/GM.  During this time, I implemented Lean methods that lead to significant improvements in cost, schedule, quality and safety.
Professional Experience
06/2015 to Current
Director of Ship Construction Iron Mountain Incorporated Livonia, MI,
  • Accountable for Ship Completion prior to launch including Fabrication, Assembly, Paint, Outfitting, Testing, and System completion.
  • Responsibilities include Ship Construction from First Plate Cut to the Launch of the Ship, Management of Cost and Schedule performance and achievement of Strategic Corporate Goals.
  • Additional responsibilities include Relationship Building with the Union Membership and Collective Bargaining Unit and Negotiations with the Union regarding upcoming Contract renewal.
  • Span of control includes 4 ships in various stages of construction, oversight of over 850 Union employees and 61 Area Managers, General Foremen and Foremen.
  • Lean Methods: Instrumental in the introduction and implementation of Lean methods.
  • Results to date include: Lean re-organization of the external areas of the shipyard including removing multiple locations of identical activities reducing travel time and creating a much more productive workforce by providing support and resources at Point of Use.
  • Implementation of Barcoding and improved inventory of materials and equipment for reductions of material loss and quick identification of material location for quick response to demand.
06/2014 to 05/2015
Director of Outfitting Nabco Bridgeport, CT,
  • Accountable for Ship Completion prior to launch including Outfitting, Testing, and System completion.
  • Responsibilities included Structural Completion and Module Erection; Insuring all Pipe, Electrical, Insulation, Equipment, and Propulsion Systems are complete and prepared for the next stage of final construction and System testing.
  • Span of control includes 4 ships in various stages of construction, oversight of over 600 Union employees and 42 Area Managers, General Foremen and Foremen.
  • Insuring that all Outfitting is done in its sequenced Stage of Construction.
  • In June 2014, our completion rate of modules prior to module erection was roughly 65%.  It is now in the high 90 percentile and averages 97%.
  • My Team raised the bar for the level of completion at the time of launch.  Prior ships launched at a level of mid - low 70 percentile, while LCS 9 launched at 84% complete and therefore re-gaining schedule for an on-time delivery.
  • This level of completion earned the Team significant accolades from the customer along with the company earning a multi-million dollar incentive bonus for achieving this goal
  • Introduced status boards at Work Centers to communicate performance to employees.
  • Additionally, we post safety alerts on status boards when accidents occur and speak to each of our crews to insure we are adhering to safe practices and alerting Leadership when they see a problem.
10/2012 to 05/2014
Director of Fabrication and Assembly Nexstar Media Group Farmersburg, IN,
  • Accountable for the Construction of Modules for LCS vessels.
  • Responsible for the following; Structure, Pipe Fabrication, Outfitting of equipment and Electrical foundations, short and long term manning plans, and cost and schedule performance.
  • The Structural Trade (Steel and Aluminum) was performing at 50% productivity and losing schedule each day.  Additionally, the team was disjointed and not working as a cohesive unit.
  • Throughout the transition from poor performance to exceptional performance, I accomplished the following: 1) Immediately cut manning in the Steel Module department from 167 down to 127, with immediate improvement in cost performance and no degradation in schedule.  2) Continued to reduce manning through attrition and the elimination of contract employees to achieve on budget cost performance.  3) Once stabilized, schedule performance began to improve until the group was back on baseline schedule and improvements began to happen daily.  4) Built a solid Team that has continued to improve and is currently operating with 70 employees as opposed 167 and continues to gain schedule and make improvements.
  • Spearheaded the introduction and implementation of Lean methods.
  • Results to date include: Implemented 5S program with great success.Everything has a place; Everything in it's place.
  • Implemented Lean methods in the Pipe shop that resulted in an increased throughput from 250 spools per week up to just over 400 spools per week without additional manpower.
  • Introduced status boards at Work Centers to communicate performance to employee base.
  • Introduced daily tracking, progressing and daily status to each foreman in an effort to understand how we performed each day and what corrections must be made to insure we meet our weekly goals.
  • As this group stabilized, complaints from our internal customers diminished by 75%.
  • This was done through open communication of the down stream issues with internal customers and a "Go and See" technique so the foreman who performed the unacceptable work could understand how their error effected down stream operations.
  • Using this technique, coupled with a more clear understanding of quality procedures, quality performance improved greatly saving thousands of hours of unnecessary rework.
  • Highlighting safety as the most important thing we do as a Leadership Team and working with my direct reports, we managed to create a safer, cleaner and more organized environment, reducing accidents by 50 % in the first year.
  • This was accomplished through communication and implementation of 5S methods leading to eliminating potential safety hazards.
05/2012 to 10/2012
Director of Outfitting Iron Mountain Incorporated North Bergen, NJ,
  • Accountable for Ship Completion prior to launch including Outfitting, Testing, System completion.
  • Responsibilities included Structural Completion and Module Erection; Insuring all Pipe, Electrical, Insulation, Equipment, Propulsion Systems were complete and prepared for the next stage of final construction and System testing.
  • Key strategy in this role was the primary focus on Lean Implementations and Team Building.
  • During first 5 months at Marinette Marine, I introduced the organization to Lean Methods and began implementing new techniques; predominantly 5S activities.
  • Instrumental in the introduction and implementation of Lean methods.
  • Results to date include: Implemented a staging and organization of all Rigging tools and equipment to prevent losses and hours lost searching for the necessary tools.
  • To date, significant hours of time have been saved as a result of the elimination searching for tools and equipment for rigging major lifts, module moves and module erections.
  • Implemented a staging and organization of all safety equipment to prevent the loss and searching for safety stantions, line and lead trellis' and other safety related equipment.
  • Results lead to the reduction of accidents related to lack of safety chains, stations, and lead control.
08/2009 to 05/2012
Director of Module Construction Abb Ltd Miramar, FL,
  • Accountable for the Construction of Modules for LCS and JHSV vessels.
  • Responsible for all Trades, including Structure, Pipe, Fitout and Electrical, short and long term manning plans, and cost and schedule performance.
  • After construction of new 370K sq. ft. facility (Phase I), I began to operate the facility and produce modules for the JHSV and LCS Programs for the U.S. Navy.
  • After commissioning of the facility, the employee base grew from 50 employees to just over 600.
  • Managed this transition by hiring predominantly low skilled employees and training them from B Class skill base to A Class Skill base.
  • Phase II (370K sq. ft.) was commissioned in mid-January of 2012.
  • After commissioning of Phase II, the employee base for that Phase grew from 24 to nearly 550 in 4 short months.
  • During this time period, cost and schedule performance was improving each week.
  • Instrumental in the introduction and implementation of Lean methods.
  • Results to date include: Implemented 5S program with great success.
  • Everything has a place; Everything in it's place.
  • Introduced shadow boards assigned to specific area and reduced tool loss by 50%, saving over $1M in lost, damaged or stolen tools.
  • Introduced status boards at Work Centers to communicate performance to employee base.
  • Vessel to vessel cost improvement of 30% for 2nd vessel and 15% for 3rd vessel to date.
  • External survey results have improved significantly vessel to vessel.
  • Current vessel progressing at a 90+ pass rate on first time surveys compared to roughly 75% on prior vessel.
  • With the new Module facility on line, we began scribing and cutting modules neat to avoid any interference when erecting module to module.  This has allowed the erection of modules and the completion of the vessels to significantly increase.
  • Our safety performance is among the best in the Industry.
  • We have received several Industry awards for our safety performance.
  • This was done through a collective team effort.
09/2006 to 08/2009
Operations Manager Austal, USA City, STATE,
  • Accountable for the Construction of LCS and HSF vessels.
  • Responsible for all Trades, including Structure, Pipe, Fitout and Electrical, short and long term manning plans, and cost and schedule performance.
  • Was brought on board to help develop a Lean facility and implement Lean methods in a Shipyard environment.
  • Between Oct.2006 and Nov 2007 began coaching and teaching what it means to be Lean.  This was a huge challenge.  Most employees had not even heard the words, Lean Methods.  Brought on board other knowledgeable employees to help make the transition.
  • During this time period, we focused on employee involvement in problem solution, continuous improvement in areas in which we were struggling, and training.
  • Through employee involvement, cross-functional Tiger Teams and true grit, we overcame many issues, which have resulted in great gains on follow on vessels.
  • Beginning in Nov 2007, I took over as the Project Lead for the new Module Facility.We began with 100 acres of Corps of Engineers Spoils from dredging and created a Lean Facility designed to construct and outfit modules.
  • Some of our milestone accomplishments were:
  • Helped to secure federal, state and local funding support for expansions
  • Worked with Governors' office, Mayors' office and other governmental authorities.  Examples include: Mitigation of wetlands by working with Corps of Engineers. Working with FEMA to remove site from VE zone (designation given to coastal areas). Working with Alabama Department of Environmental Management.
  • Designed entire facility and had designed validated by external sources
  • Completed entire 370K sq.ft.facility on time and $1M under budget 
03/2005 to 09/2006
General Manager PSI Sales, Inc. City, STATE,
  • Accountable for Forestry and Boat divisions.
  • Responsible for all aspects of the organization including long-term business strategies.
  • Total revenues of $20M per year.
  • Developed plan to implement methods designed to aid the company in dealing with significant revenue growth.
  • For example: Lean methods, Employee involvement in decision making, Supply Chain Management, Team approach, and a hierarchy of priorities, which include 1) Quality, 2) Delivery, 3) Continuous Improvement, all under the umbrella of safety.
  • Introduced organization to what it means to be "Lean".
  • Results to date include: 40% reduction in overtime.  Instituted a Cost Savings program that recognized $1.7M in real savings.  Improved on-time delivery.  Reduced the amount of field installation issues.  Improved productivity by 44% while headcount remained flat.
  • Implemented a Corrective Action Reporting system that results in "True" root cause analysis and "Permanent" Corrective actions.
  • Introduced organization to Microsoft Project and the benefits of planning and scheduling properly.  Resulted in the ability to deal with delays and disruptions in advance to milestone dates and deadlines.
  • Began to involve the customer intimately in the planning and scheduling process.  Previously, scheduling delays would not be communicated to the customer base causing significant costs on the customer end, which many times were reimbursed by PSI.
  • Implemented a Customer follow-up after the installation of a system in order to evaluate the customers' satisfaction and resolve any open issues.
  • Instrumental in achieving a Revolving line of credit and a Capital line of credit with a large banking institution.
2002 to 2005
Vice President/General Manager Thermasys Corporation City, STATE,
  • Accountable for Aftermarket Business Unit of Thermasys Corporation.
  • Developed and implemented Business Unit Strategies.
  • Responsible for Aluminum business unit in Montgomery, Alabama and the Copper/Brass business unit in Detroit, Michigan.
  • Total Aftermarket revenues were $20M per year.
  • Developed and implemented a plan to move the organization in a Lean direction.
  • Coached and trained the organization on Lean methodology and the impact it has on an organization.
  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing and employee ownership of the process led to many improvements: * Created self-directed work teams.  Led key managers through Lean Manufacturing philosophies.
  • Improved on time delivery from 60% to 99%, while reducing lead-times from 6 weeks to 3 days.
  • Reduced external defects by 43%.
  • Reduced inventory by 50%.
  • Reduced workforce by 10%, while sales increased by 15% in a mature market.
  • Increased profitability by 10%.
  • Restored the brand name to the Aluminum products (Thermal Components).
  • Focused on growing business by being the best choice in the industry.  Competitive price, superior delivery and lead-times, and world-class quality and service.
  • Developed a strategy to move in the direction of Specialty products and focus less on replacement type business.  Strategy changes led to many improvements: Launched 113 new products in 3 years / Added 28 new distributors.  Negotiated a long-term agreement with a distributor for racing products.
  • Grew sales revenue in a mature market by creating new paths to market.
1999 to 2002
Operations Manager Thermasys Corporation City, STATE,
  • Managed day-to-day operations for the Heat Exchanger Division of Thermasys in Montgomery.
  • Responsibilities included, achieving daily goals and customer commitments and improving operations through Lean methods.
  • Kaizen Approach to Lean Manufacturing: Took a very aggressive approach to process improvement through Kaizen activities.
  • Results of Kaizen events were very favorable: Reduced scrap levels from 6% to 1.5%, resulting in 687K in annual savings.
  • Daily goals increased from 40% of daily targets to 90+% in the scope of eight months.
  • Reduced workforce from 189 to 125, while improving productivity and quality.
  • Increased fill rates from 70% to the high 90%, while reducing build quantities and inventory levels. * Reduced overtime by 35%.
  • The Result of the Kaizen Approach on Quality: Led the Kaizen efforts to improve quality in our products by building quality in the product and processes prior to production launch.
  • Improved existing product quality by implementing changes brought about by Kaizen efforts.
  • Implemented Customer Focused Teams in an effort to get operators involved with the customers, resulting in Partnership Status with John Deere.
01/1997 to 01/1999
Manufacturing Engineering Manager Thermasys Corporation City, STATE,
  • Directed all process related issues and projects for the Heat Exchanger and Tubing Operations.
  • Managed all aspects of Continuous Improvement for the Plant.
  • Responsible for insuring processes are robust and maintained.
  • Project Management: Managed numerous projects related to process improvements and cost savings activities.
  • Managed these projects within budget and on time.
  • Removal of Aqueous Washer: Project required finding a viable option to off-line washing and manage on-line.
  • Achieved the goal by using a more process friendly oil that did not require washing.
  • Implementation of this new oil resulted in the removal of the washer, saving the company over $1M annually.
  • Elimination of Epoxy Repair: Project required reducing leaks post-braze, therefore eliminating the need for the secondary step in the process.
  • Implemented changes that improved first pass leak rate, thereby eliminating the need for epoxy repair.
  • This project resulted in $500K in annual savings and an improved process flow.
  • Installation of New Process: Managed a project that required designing the process, purchasing the equipment, installing the new line and launching it into production.
  • This product line was an entirely new market for the Heat Exchanger division, and one that has a significant impact on the future of Thermasys.
  • This process line was installed on time and under budget.
  • Team Dynamics: Prior to my role as Manufacturing Engineering Manager, there was no central focus on Process Improvements.
  • Under my leadership, a dynamic team of Engineers was assembled to attack every improvement opportunity.
01/1989 to 01/1997
Product Engineering Assistant Manager Thermasys Corporation City, STATE,
  • Led all Product Design activities.
  • Controlled all Product Designs to insure that these designs would be within current capabilities on the process side.
  • Expected to design all process fixtures, jigs, and equipment for the products we were designing.
  • Customer Focus: Mission was to exceed the customers' expectations within capabilities.
  • Made sure that the extra steps were taken to insure our customers that Thermasys was their best choice.
  • Regularly visited with the Technical staff at the customer locations in an effort to insure viability of the design.
  • Aftermarket: Designed, prototyped and launched into production a new Ford Aftermarket Radiator product line, which resulted in $2.5M in additional revenue to the organization.
  • Original Equipment Customers: Account manager for all John Deere product launches.
  • My leadership skills enabled us to launch each of their new products on time and within budget.
  • During my tenure in the Engineering group, Thermasys was one of their best supply partners.
  • QS 9000 Efforts: Developed and implemented a document control process incorporating new numbering schemes and controlled document binders in preparation for QS 9000 Certification, which was accomplished in 1996.
  • President's Award: Received the Insilco (Holding company) President's Award recognizing my involvement in the design and engineering of a new tube that would result in the existing tubes being obsolete.
  • This tube profile has revolutionized the Tubing industry enabling end users to take cost out of their materials by reducing gauges.
Expected in 2001
Bachelors of Science: Business Management
Troy State University - Montgomery, Alabama
GPA: GPA: 3.6
Business Management GPA: 3.6
Expected in 1986
: Business
Auburn University - Montgomery, Alabama
Expected in 1989
Associates Degree: Drafting and Design Technology
John Patterson State Technical College - Montgomery, Alabama
GPA: GPA: 4.0
Drafting and Design Technology GPA: 4.0
  • Relationship building
  • Problem Solver
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Great Organizational Skills
  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Energetic

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Troy State University
  • Auburn University
  • John Patterson State Technical College

Job Titles Held:

  • Director of Ship Construction
  • Director of Outfitting
  • Director of Fabrication and Assembly
  • Director of Outfitting
  • Director of Module Construction
  • Operations Manager
  • General Manager
  • Vice President/General Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineering Manager
  • Product Engineering Assistant Manager


  • Bachelors of Science
  • Associates Degree

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