Police Officer Resume Objective Example

Police officers are tasked with maintaining order and saving lives and property within a community. Because of the high responsibility of being a police officer, it is important to have a clear, concise, and confident resume objective. This will show prospective employers that you have the skills and knowledge applicable to a police officer position.

What the Police Officer Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Because of the intensity that may come with a police officer position, it is important for your objective to show prospective employers that you can handle extreme situations such as car crashes, robberies, homicides, search and rescue, and other police activities. In order to show this, you should focus on past experiences that gave you skills, abilities, and knowledge that will help you perform your duties. These may include, but are not limited to, knowledge of law and public safety, communication skills, social perceptiveness, reasoning abilities, knowledge of human behavior, and critical thinking skills. By focusing on these abilities and others like them, you will encourage prospective employers to continue reading the rest of your resume.

Sample Police Officer Resume Objectives

Now that you are ready to craft your own resume objectives, here are a few final tips. Remember to focus on your strongest attributes. Mention the company or district you want to work for specifically in the objective. Finally, show how hiring you will help the department. Here are a few sample police officer resume objectives:

1. Looking to secure a managerial police officer position with ABC Police Department using 15 years of police experience and that would benefit from knowledge of law, government, public safety, and communication in order to serve community.

2. Eager, hardworking individual looking for entry-level police officer position with ABC Police Department that will use communication skills, problem sensitivity, and reasoning skills to better serve the community and the Police Department.

3. Obtain a police officer position with ABC Police Department in order to better the community using social perceptiveness and critical thinking skills along with knowledge of human behavior and 5 years of previous experience.

4. Motivated individual who thrives under pressure looking for police officer position with ABC Police Department in order to achieve new levels of community service and protection with the Police Department.

5. Experienced, knowledgeable individual searching for Chief of Police position with ABC Police Department using 25 years of experience and knowledge of law, public safety, resource allocation, and critical thinking to better the Police Department.

Skills To Put in a Police Officer Resume Objective

The resume objective is your chance to introduce yourself to your future employers. Let them know you have what it takes to serve and protect by putting your most important skills front and center. To determine which skills make the grade, search the police officer job description for important keywords and qualifications. Then consider your personal strengths and choose the ones that most closely fit the job description.

It’s important to include both hard and soft skills, such as time management, leadership, and empathy. If you are aware of specific problems within the community where you are applying, you can write a few words about how your soft skills address those needs. Consider the following top police officer skills for your resume objective:

  1. Excellent physical condition, agility, and stamina
  2. Strong oral and written communication skills
  3. Ability to remain calm and diffuse tense situations
  4. Knowledge of police procedures, laws, and local ordinances
  5. Sensitive and empathetic to the problems of others
  6. Can properly secure and process a crime scene
  7. Understanding of traffic laws and ability to direct traffic
  8. Ability to keep and organize records with appropriate detail
  9. Skilled in the use and care of firearms
  10. Certified in CPR and first aid
  11. Interact well with the public and community
  12. Ability to obtain and maintain security clearances

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