Quality Assurance Resume Objective Example

Quality Assurance specialists are utilized in a number of different industries to ensure that services and products meet specifications. A software Quality Assurance engineer may try to debug code while a hardware engineer will test parts and review the assembly process. Depending on the field you are entering, the objective portion of your resume should reflect the skills you have to be successful.

What The Quality Assurance Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Quality Assurance specialists need to have a keen eye for detail when inspecting the parts and machinery used for assembly. They may even try to break a program or product in order to fix any problems before the item is sent out into the market. Some other basic duties of the position include resolving major problems in quality, educating personnel on how to improve production, discussing their evaluations with the management, and confirming that any audit procedures are carried out efficiently. As you are writing your resume for this position, you should emphasize any problem solving or decision-making skills you have acquired in previous places of employment.

Sample Quality Assurance Resume Objectives

It is important to note that you should always mention the name of the business you are applying for when writing the objective. This lets the hiring manager know you are actually passionate about this line of work.

1. Looking for a Quality Assurance position at ABC company to utilize skills in performance management, communication, and problem analysis.

2. Organized and results-driven individual with 10+ years of experience in bugging and debugging software seeking position in Quality Assurance for ABC company.

3. Seeking a position with ABC company in Quality Assurance to benefit the organization with informed decision making and an understanding of technical capacity.

4. Proactive professional desires a position with ABC company in Quality Assurance that promotes collaboration skills and proficiency in communication.

5. Searching for a Quality Assurance position at ABC company that requires extensive knowledge of the manufacturing and engineering processes.

Skills To Put in a Quality Assurance Resume Objective

Resume objective skills are important because they appear near the top of a resume. This position makes them some of the first information an employer sees. How well these skills match employer needs often determines whether the reviewer continues reading your quality assurance resume. Deciding which skills to list requires a careful reading of the requirements outlined in the job posting.

Creating a skills list for a quality assurance resume objective means analyzing your skills as they relate to the specific job. It’s important to include a mix of hard and soft skills to show you not only have the knowledge to perform the job but also the ability to manage yourself and others.

Consider these examples of skills for your quality assurance resume objective:

  1. Possess strong communication skills, including ability to interact in a team environment
  2. Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  3. Proficiency in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, particularly Microsoft Excel
  4. Familiarity with software-based task management tools (Asana, JIRA, To-Do)
  5. Experience designing and developing both manual and automated test scripts
  6. Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
  7. Extremely motivated, quick learner with excellent knowledge retention
  8. Highly organized with the ability to prioritize tasks efficiently
  9. Natural leader, mentor, and team player
  10. Passionate self-starter driven to produce results

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