How to Write a Financial Analyst Resume Summary

If you’re considering writing a financial analyst resume objective, you shouldn’t. Why is that? Because the resume objective is dead, and it’s been replaced by the resume summary. Why has that replacement happened? Primarily, because the objective is All About You, and doesn’t necessarily convey to a potential employer what you can do for the company.

A financial analyst resume summary, however, does communicate to a potential employer what you can do for the company. It efficiently conveys your track record of professional successes and how you’ve added value in the positions you’ve held. So disregard the idea of sitting down to write a financial analyst resume objective. Instead, write a resume summary, which will replace the objective. Got that? Okay, let’s move on!

Businesses rely on the knowledge and skills of financial analysts every day. These individuals are extremely detailed-oriented and possess strong critical thinking skills that enable them to provide analysis on accounting, economics, law, and mathematics projects. Financial analysts also have strengths in projections of current and future market trends. They play crucial roles in assisting businesses to navigate toward financial stability. If you are applying for a job as a financial analyst, it’s important to include a resume summary that clearly and efficiently states your training, skills, and background.

What a Financial Analyst Resume Summary Should Say

Your resume summary should help prospective employers understand your overall capabilities and core competencies. You should note crucial software knowledge like MS Excel, pivot tables, VLOOKUPs, HLOOKUPs, and IF Statements. Also, note the sizes of budgets you’ve been in charge of. Note any certifications obtained and any expertise in a particular sector of financial analysis (for example, investment analysis).

Also—and this is critically important—make sure your language is uncluttered and easy to understand. Your summary needs to quickly convey that you’re the one for the job. A recruiter could be the first person to come in contact with your resume, and that recruiter may have only a rudimentary grasp on the complicated world of financial analysis. So make sure your language is clear and direct.

Financial Analyst Resume Summary: Samples

Here some sample resume summaries that will help put you on the brainstorming path:

Strategically-minded Finance Professional with 7 years of proven success in financial reporting and project management. Highly skilled at increasing company revenue and productivity through detailed cost analysis. Excels in high-pressure environments. Possesses excellent budget forecasting and financial reporting skills.

Dependable entry-level Financial Analyst with an Ivy League education and solid internship experience at 2 major Wall Street firms. Specializes in marketing SAP and financials. Excels in accounting principles business statistics and insurance topics.

Accomplished and results-oriented Senior Financial Analyst who consistently increases company revenue and meets critical deadlines. Master Excel user who’s highly skilled at increasing productivity through detailed cost analysis.

Again, don’t write a financial analyst resume objective. Objectives are outdated and no longer relevant.

Let’s repeat that:

do not write a financial analyst resume objective. Write your financial analyst resume summary instead, and then start sending out resumes with confidence!

But If You Have to Write an Objective . . .

Including your professional qualifications on your resume can help you outshine your competitors. With a well-written resume objective statement, you can showcase your best skill set while explaining the value you can bring to a company. Whether you are new to the job market or changing careers, a skill-enhanced objective section may increase your chances of landing the job.

When you consider which skills to include, focus on how your capabilities match the job description requirements. This is an excellent way to customize your resume for a specific position. From there, browse financial analyst profiles on LinkedIn. You’ll discover the most relevant hard and soft skills you need in your document. After you make your list, select the most important traits that you have.

The following are a few top attributes to mention in the objective statement:

  1. Working knowledge of basic office equipment
  2. CFA certified
  3. Adept at using financial software packages
  4. Strong attention to detail
  5. Motivated self-starter
  6. Effective time management
  7. Able to work well in a team environment
  8. Experience working in federal financial, accounting, and contractual areas
  9. Excellent computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Access, Word, and PowerPoint)
  10. Experience with the use and implementation of financial systems
  11. ERP systems experience
  12. Able to highlight key trends and metrics

Head over to LiveCareer’s Resume Builder for more help with writing a resume summary, or check out our resume examples. And if you’re in need of a little help with all things resume-related–we’re talking not only summary statement, but also work history, and your skills section. Let us show you how to make a resume.


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