Lawyer Resume Objective Example

Lawyers serve a vital function in society by representing clients in civil and criminal litigation. They are also needed to advise clients on legal matters and assist with legal documents. Whether you practice law broadly or specialize in a certain area, a strong objective will inform a potential employer of the skills and talents you have earned as well as what your goals are overall for practicing law.

What The Lawyer Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Lawyers are heavily involved in court proceedings, and their responsibilities include representing clients in front of government agencies, selecting juries, questioning witnesses, meeting with judges, and presenting evidence. In order to be an effective Lawyer, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of the Constitution as well as knowledge of past ordinances, rulings, and laws that may come into play. In addition to any skills that could pertain to these areas, you should also be familiar with the various tools and technologies lawyers often use, such as accounting software, document management software, and information retrieval software.

Sample Lawyer Resume Objectives

Whenever applying for a new job, you should always state the name of the organization you are applying to in order to show that you actually care about getting the position. Some example objectives include:

1. Looking to apply knowledge of government regulations, laws, legal codes, and precedents in the position of Lawyer at ABC company.

2. Searching for a Lawyer position at ABC company that encourages skills involving critical thinking, complex problem-solving, and efficient decision making.

3. To build upon 10+ years of progressive experience in the legal field as a Lawyer with ABC company and apply skills related to clerical duties, court proceedings, and management strategies.

4. Gain a rewarding Lawyer position with ABC company that allows for career advancement by using managerial and administrative talents.

5. To contribute a solid education in law, along with years of experience in creative decision making and resolving conflict, to a Lawyer position with ABC company.

Skills To Put in a Lawyer Resume Objective

It’s important to include skills in a resume objective because it’s the first section the reviewer sees after your contact information. You should make the most of this prime real estate on your resume by mentioning the traits that make you most qualified for the position. Look through the job description to determine which qualities the organization is most interested in, and then emphasize your strengths where they fit the job ad, too.

Although your education and experience count for a lot when you are seeking employment as a lawyer, your soft skills go a long way in recommending you, too. Be sure to mention these interpersonal skills throughout your resume, including in the objective section. Above all, be specific.

Here are a few skills and traits you may want to include in your lawyer resume, changing the details as applicable:

  1. 15 years of experience in healthcare compliance
  2. Adept at drafting agreements and notices
  3. Thorough knowledge of HIPAA and other privacy laws
  4. 10 years of advising healthcare providers and organizations
  5. Active listener and strong communicator
  6. Analytical thinker
  7. Competent negotiator
  8. Able to work in collaboration with others to meet organization goals
  9. Expert researcher and presenter of information to non-legal teams and executives

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