Supervisor Resume Objective Example

Much like managers, supervisors coordinate employee activities, ensure a shift goes smoothly, and help train employees. There are also supervisors who handle accounting and budgeting. Whatever your experience or expertise, your resume objective should adequately describe your qualifications and what makes you an ideal candidate for a supervisor position. Spend time supervising and managing your resume objective and take the next step in your professional career.

What the Supervisor Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Your resume objective should convey your education, experience, and related skills and qualities as they relate to the role of a supervisor. Make it immediately apparent that you’re the right candidate for the job and that you can become a true asset to the company and its employees. Even if you don’t have a degree or very much experience, you can still have the personality and potential to be a great supervisor, and your resume objective should convey just that.

Sample Supervisor Resume Objectives

Any resume objective you create should contain the name of the company to which you’re applying. Following are a few objective examples to help you craft one of your own:

1. Desiring a supervisor position with ABC Company to supplement 3 years of experience as a manager in an electronics store and a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

2. Seeking a supervisor position with ABC Foods to build on 5 years of experience as a FOH manager and 3 years as a server in a fine dining establishment.

3. Team-oriented and well-organized individual searching for employment as a supervisor with ABC Company to help exceed company objectives and build on company philosophy.

4. Contribute 7 months of professional experience to ABC Company as a supervisor while earning an MBA and lending leadership skills to improve ABC’s sales team.

5. Looking to fill a senior-level supervisor position with ABC Construction to utilize 5 years of experience as a roofing technician and knowledge of current OSHA safety standards.

Skills To Put in a Supervisor Resume Objective

One of the most important aspects to consider when writing a supervisor resume objective statement is which skills you will include. Hiring managers use this information to decide which candidates to call, so focusing on your abilities increases your chances of landing the job. First, make sure to describe your skills right at the beginning of your resume by including them with your objective statement. Second, include both hard and soft skills to demonstrate your versatility.

A big question all jobseekers must ask is which skills they will include in their resume objective section. One strategy we recommend is to review the job description and include similar skills as the ones listed there. This allows you to make a resume that appeals to each individual hiring manager specifically.

The following is a set of skills that are common and appealing for supervisor resume objectives specifically:

  1. Extensive history in leadership and management positions
  2. Delegation skills and ability to give clear instructions quickly
  3. Understanding of standard business practices
  4. Experience managing labor costs to maximize workforce while minimizing expense
  5. Ability to oversee entire team performances and make adjustments dynamically
  6. Experience creating work schedule, taking individual talent of team members into consideration
  7. Conflict resolution skills
  8. Critical thinking and problem solving
  9. Evaluation and analysis

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