Security Guard Resume Objective Example

A security guard monitors the premises of residences or buildings in an effort to identify suspicious activities and protect the tenants. Most security guards complete multiple tasks such as patrolling the building, monitoring surveillance systems, responding to alarms, investigating problems, and issuing tickets. These individuals need to possess confidence and a desire to create a safe environment. If you think you are a good fit for this role, then make sure to create an appealing resume objective.

What the Security Guard Resume Objective Should Tell ProspectiveEmployers

Your security guard resume objective should be easy to read and straightforward. It should also include pertinent details like your previous work experience. You can highlight any past successes working in an investigative role. It is also a good idea to specify any personality traits or physical characteristics that will help you perform at this job.

Sample Security Guard Resume Objectives

The security guard resume objective should state the name of the company you are seeking employment with. When you do this, it becomes clear to the prospective employer that you are right for the role. These five sample objectives are a great resource to help you create your own.

1. Police officer seeks new opportunities as a Security Guard to use investigative skills and ability to identify and resolve problems to enhance the safety of the property.

2. Obtain a position as a Security Guard with ABC company to use physical strength and tall figure, problem-solving abilities, and successful track record at minimizing theft.

3. Seeking a job with ABC company as a security guard to help minimize theft, protect the residents of the building, and use strong demeanor to enforce rules.

4. Strong, hardworking, thorough individual with 5 years of experience working in security looking for work as a Security Guard with ABC company.

5. Seeks job with ABC company as a Security Guard to use high school diploma, athletic ability, strong desire to succeed, and passion for safety.

Skills To Put in a Security Guard Resume Objective Statement

As you write your objective statement, include your top relevant skills in addition to your career goals. This tells a hiring manager that you are qualified to take on the role you are applying for. It also shows you have the abilities necessary to achieve your goals and be a valuable asset to the company.

Instead of just listing your top skills, pick and choose the ones most relevant to the job you are applying for. It is also wise to mention soft skills in addition to your hard skills. Doing so demonstrates you can not only perform the required job functions but also have an engaging personality.

Consider these key skills as you write your security guard resume objective statement:

  1. Extensive knowledge of alarm systems and closed-circuit TV cameras
  2. Certified EMT
  3. Documented combat and personal defense training
  4. Excellent understanding of property laws and personal rights
  5. Proficient in using security wands and equipment to ensure general safety
  6. Familiar with correctly and efficiently filling out any necessary reports and documentation on shift activities
  7. Able to detain suspicious persons or violators until the proper authorities arrive
  8. Superior observation and surveillance skills
  9. Capable of remaining focused and patient for extended periods of time
  10. Effective communication skills
  11. Able to work with others as a team to accomplish a singular goal

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