Social Services Resume Objective Example

Individuals who work in Social Services have the opportunity to utilize their education and caring nature to improve the lives of others. When writing a resume for a position in Social Services, it is important to have a good objective. The objective is the first thing potential employers see, and a well-written objective increases the likelihood that a resume will be taken seriously.

What the Social Services Resume Objectives Should Tell Prospective Employers

If you are writing a Social Services resume, then the objective should let prospective employers know that you have the educational background and training that are necessary to qualify for the position. Most social services personnel will have a background in psychology, sociology, or anthropology, and have knowledge about the principles and methods of therapy. Individuals who provide Social Services are often motivated by compassion and empathy, and they are highly organized individuals. Your objective should let employers know that you possess these qualities.

Sample Social Services Resume Objectives

When writing your objective, you should highlight your educational background and any previous experience you have in the field. It is also important to emphasize your caring nature and your organizational skills. The following example statements may give you some ideas about how to write an effective objective.

1. Empathetic and caring individual seeking position with ABC company in an effort to utilize degree in social work and 5+ years of working as a social worker for the state to improve the lives of others.

2. State licensed social worker with 10 years of experience searching for a position with ABC company in an effort to use acquired skill set to help others live more productive lives.

3. Individual motivated by compassion seeks to use organizational and active listening skills along with a degree in Psychology in order to assist the individuals coming to ABC company for help.

4. Seeking a Social Services position with ABC company in order to utilize educational achievements and 10+ years of experience as a social worker to help individuals in the community achieve better mental, physical, and emotional health.

5. Obtain a position in Social Services with ABC company in order to utilize listening skills, compassionate nature, and degree in social work to help individuals lead more well-balanced lives.

Skills To Put in a Social Services Resume Objective

A strong resume objective statement revolves around the skills of the writer. This gives employers all the information they need to make their decision. Jobseekers must realize that the skill information is one of the most important things to include. There are two types of skills: hard and soft skills. To make your resume as strong as possible, you need to include both types.

A good strategy when thinking about which skills to include is to review the job description. This usually reveals which abilities each individual employer values most, which lets you adjust your resume objective accordingly each time you apply for a new job. Of course, every skill you include needs to be relevant to the job and truthfully apply to you.

Before you write your social services resume, take a look at this list of skills:

  1. Excellent professional, interpersonal, verbal, and written communication
  2. Natural emotional empathy for clients suffering from stress or trauma
  3. Ability to develop and strengthen relationships
  4. Active listening and intentional speaking
  5. Management and organizational abilities
  6. Analysis, evaluation, and problem-solving
  7. Tolerance and patience
  8. Giving instructions clearly, respectfully, and effectively
  9. Perseverance during difficult situations
  10. Creativity in program design and implementation
  11. Excellent inner strength
  12. Perform research, gather information, create reports, and present information

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