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A resume is often the first impression you give to a potential employer. For this reason, it’s imperative that it accurately reflect your capabilities while also being professionally executed. Our sales associate resume template for Word helps you craft a quality resume that meets all the section requirements. Resumes like the one pictured are easy to draft when you have a complete understanding of their components. This template provides space for your summary statement, skills section, work history and education. .

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Writing Your Summary Statement

A summary statement allows you to begin your resume with a strong statement about why you’re the best fit for the sales associate position. Think of it as a teaser, or trailer, to the information that follows, allowing the reader to get a sense of your worth immediately. To write a strong summary statement in our sales associate resume template for Word, write no more than three to five sentences or use bullet points, and make sure to include the following information:

  • Your job title

  • Two or three skills specific to the position

  • Your specific expertise or personality traits

The following are a few examples of strong summary statements:

Sales associate with three years of experience working in high fashion retail. Able to anticipate customer needs, with a thorough knowledge of latest fashion trends.

Sales associate with five years’ experience in tech and electronics. Background in fast-paced environments and able to multitask while assisting customers.

Sales associate:

  • 10 years of experience

  • Thorough knowledge of cashiering, returns and sales floor

  • Friendly demeanor and highly approachable

Sales associate with one year of experience in seasonal retail. Able to work long hours with minimal supervision and remain even-tempered with stressed customers.

Writing Your Skills Section

When written properly, a skills section can give the potential employer a snapshot of your personality and qualifications. Include skills that are measurable as opposed to more general adjectives. Ideally, you will want to insert some of the common skills needed for the position in order to demonstrate your capabilities. Our sales associate resume template for Word gives you the opportunity to showcase your qualifications toward the top of your document. Some guidelines to keep in mind for this section include the following:

  • List about 6 to 8 skills that are most important for the position

  • Avoid listing skills that aren’t related to the job

  • Avoid clichŽs and common phrases, such as “hard worker”

The following is a list of common skills for sales associates that you may want to use in your resume:

  • Strong listening skills and an approachable demeanor

  • Clear verbal skills for conveying information

  • Genuine desire to help others

  • Confident attitude to gain customers’ trust

  • Thorough cashier skills, including knowledge of basic mathematics

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history section is the meat of your resume. Here is where you get to show off your tangible qualifications with all that hard work you’ve put into your previous positions. The following guidelines will help you use the employment section of the sales associate resume template for Word in the best possible way:

  • Always list your most recent position first

  • Leave out any jobs that don’t relate to the one for which you’re applying, unless doing so would leave a significant hole in your work history

  • Use five to eight bullet points to describe your job duties for each position

  • Include keywords to make your resume best fit with the position you desire

  • Always include the date and geographic location of each job

The following are some excellent examples of job descriptions for sales associate positions:

  • Manned the cashier desk, returns desk and sales floor for various shifts

  • Named employee of the month in June for exceptional customer service

  • Received high scores during each 6-month evaluation

  • Trained new hires through close shadowing

Writing Your Education Section

Your education section is important for many jobs, as it helps determine your qualifications. Even if the job you’re applying for doesn’t require a specific educational level, including your school information can often boost your chances of getting the job. When you use our sales associate resume template for Word, you can easily insert educational information. The following guidelines can help you determine how to structure this section:

1. If you attended two schools but only graduated from the second, leave off the first.

2. Include your GPA only if you are a recent graduate; otherwise, list cum laude, magna cum laude, etc.

3. List any education you’ve completed outside of a formal degree, such as certifications and licenses.

The following examples can help you craft your own sales associate education section:

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Ð 2015

Athens University Ð Athens, NY

Associate of Arts in Graphic Design Ð 2011

Bishop College Ð Los Angeles, CA

Courses included: Project leadership

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