Sales Associate Resume Examples

You can find sales associates working in any store you visit, ringing up orders or assisting with customer questions. As of 2019, there were close to 4 million people employed in this type of role in the US. LiveCareer’s sales associate resume examples will show you how to build a document that will get you hired. We’ll show you which keywords to use and how to organize your page to land the sales associate role you’re after.


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What is a Sales Associate?

Sales associates are responsible for selling products and providing an ideal customer experience across the retail industry. They work across a variety of shopping environments from gas stations to fast food restaurants. Sales associates are an incredibly important part of the customer experience as they assist with everything from answering inquiries to ringing up purchases. Many sales associates have high school diplomas or equal experience. Once they start their positions, they receive on-the-job training tailored to a specific store’s inventory and customer base.

What Makes This a Great
Sales Associate Resume Example?

Our sales associate resume examples are engineered to help you find a job in the field fast. If refining your resume is the only thing standing between you and your dream job, our expertly written examples are available to provide inspiration. Here are several ways our sales associate resume examples can help:

  • Professionally-written text: Our professional resume writers use their skills to show job seekers exactly how their resume should read. In this example, phrases like “Used consultative techniques to surpass sales goals” are designed to show you how to show off past achievements and industry expertise.
  • Resume format options: This moderately experienced example job seeker opted for a combination resume format, which is perfect for showing off a modest amount of experience while prominently listing skills as well. For applicants wanting to entirely base their resume around their skills, a functional format is a great option too.
  • Template ideas: To stand out among other applicants, it’s crucial to pick a resume template that’s both visually engaging and appropriate for the workplace to which you’re applying. This resume’s elegant but simple style should be perfect for virtually any sales associate position.

3 Sales Associate Professional Summary Examples

As it’s the most formally written part of a resume, we understand that crafting a professional summary section can be daunting. Luckily, we have a variety of sales associate resume examples for your inspiration. If you’d like an even stronger helping hand, feel free to use our resume builder to create your own. Here are three examples of professional summaries our builder might recommend for your sales associate resume:

  1. Highly motivated individual with three years of customer service experience. Entrusted with on-the-job training of new cashiers. Seeking a position to utilize skills in mathematics and organization.
  2. Friendly and dedicated sales associate with a background in customer service. Excels at suggestive selling with proven track records across both fast food and retail industries. Loves speaking with customers; seeking position that offers more interaction.
  3. Motivated team player. Bilingual in Spanish and English. Seeking an entry-level sales associate position that uses customer service, accounting and organization skills.

3 Sales Associate Work Experience Examples

Hiring managers will look at the work experience portion of your sales associate resume to discern exactly which tasks you’ve proven you can complete. This is the section where you can brag about your past accomplishments. Use our resume examples as inspiration and customize our resume builder’s pre-written content with your own skills and metrics. Our builder may suggest the following examples for your sales associate resume:

  1. Processed payments and returns for customers daily.
  2. Accurately counted till at beginning and end of each shift.
  3. Took stock of the entire inventory across 20,000 sq ft store to best assess customer needs.

Top Skills for Your Sales Associate Resume

It’s easy to choose the right skills for your sales associate resume with our resume builder to fill in the gaps with suggestions. Simply fill in your resume with the recommended industry-specific keywords, and if desired, feel free to add your own unique skills and qualifications. Here are some hard and soft skills you might consider adding to your sales associate resume:

Hard Skills

  • Suggestive selling 
  • Accounting 
  • Mathematics 
  • Bilingual in Spanish

Soft Skills

  • Customer service 
  • Social perception 
  • Active listening 
  • Time management

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Sales Associate FAQs

What are the duties and responsibilities of a sales associate?

Here are a few common duties and responsibilities for sales associates:

  • Greet customers and assess their needs
  • Answer questions about inventory and store guidelines
  • Process purchases and returns for customers
  • Keep accurate count of cash register, ensuring the totals are identical at beginning and end of each shift
  • Stock and replace items throughout the shift
  • Take constant inventory of all items sold on the floor

What is a good objective for a sales associate resume?

In the modern job market, most job seekers should opt for a professional summary instead of a traditional resume objective section. However, if you lack the experience necessary to summarize enough impressive qualifications, the following advice may still apply:

Your objective should briefly highlight both your interpersonal skills (customer service, communication, etc.) and your general skills (basic mathematics, organization, etc.), and how possessing those talents leaves you excited to embrace the role. Specify why you’re seeking this particular position.

How do you describe a sales associate on a resume?

When describing past work experience on your sales associate resume, make sure to highlight any key metrics or qualifications that allow you to stand out from the crowd. Since many applicants probably have customer service experience, spend some time emphasizing other skills gained from your past positions. These could include accounting, bookkeeping, inventory and general sales experience.