Sales Associate Resume Example

Are you independent, persuasive, and passionate? If so, you may be the perfect candidate for a sales associate job. Start by creating a resume that highlights these qualities and others to secure a new position. Your past sales-related work experience should be front and center, using numbers wherever possible to showcase your successes. To stand out from the crowd, outline your soft skills, such as strong written and verbal communication, leadership and efficiency. Need more inspiration for writing a great sales resume? Check out our sales associate resume example for additional tips and ideas.

Sales Associate Advice 

Got what it takes to be a sales associate? The next step is an attention-getting resume. If you're looking for the right place to start, look no further than the resume examples below. Specifically crafted for folks looking for sales associate positions, these resume examples feature language that employers are most likely to be looking for. Just click on any of the resume examples below, and then customize your resume to fit your needs.

Resume Tips for Sales Associate 

Hunting for jobs as a sales associate may seem like a daunting task, but a little knowhow can greatly simplify the process. Follow the tips below when embarking on your successful job search.
1. Write down your job search schedule. By making a clear plan for how you'll spend your time job searching, you can keep yourself motivated and avoid getting bogged down in minor details.
2. Sign up on a job bank. Along with general web searches, online job banks and job boards can be a useful research tool for finding what skills employers are looking for.
3. Keep up your networking. The people you know can be as important to a job search as the places you look. Polish your elevator pitch to introduce yourself succinctly to people in the field.
4. Join a local job club. Meeting up with people also on the hunt for employment can give you both support and ideas for other areas and methods of searching.
5. Practice your interviews. Job hunts don't end with the application. To keep your interview abilities sharp, try running practice sessions with trusted acquaintances or members of your job club.

Sales Associate Job Seeking Tips 

When applying for jobs as a sales associate, you need a resume to present yourself. Sticking to these key principles will make for a professional resume sure to impress employers in any field.
1. Keep it succinct. Don't be overly concerned with staying on a single page if you have substantial work experience or other achievements to mention. But don't go over two pages to make sure everything gets read.
2. Don't justify your text. While justified paragraphs can look neater at first glance, they can space words strangely, making them harder to read. Most items on your resume should be in list format anyway, not paragraphs.
3. Quantify your accomplishments. Whenever possible, support your descriptions with hard numbers and statistics, such as total sales made or number of team members managed.
4. Emphasize relevant skills. Conversely, don't mention skills that aren't part of your current career path. For example, if you're not looking for data entry work, don't include your speed entering numbers.
5. Include locations for all previous positions. Though full addresses are unnecessary, listing the city and state for all past employers makes it simpler to review and confirm your employment history.

Related Resumes:

Sales Associate Resume

Company: Party Plus
Date Range: 05/2014 to 08/2014

I was responsible for making sure all the tents, poles, stakes, tables, chairs, and other items was tagged and in the correct place. I also was responsible for making sure all the trucks was packed right and ready for delivery. I had to check the receipt of the costumers and make sure its signed by the front desk before giving them items out of the warehouse.

Sales Associate Resume

Company: Sears Outlet Stores
Date Range: 11/2015 to 01/2016

Met incoming customers and provided immediate assistance. Completed purchases with cash, credit and debit payment methods. Trained all new sales employees on effective techniques. Organized items in visually appealing manner. Answered incoming telephone calls with professional and knowledgeable responses.

sales associate/ cashier Resume

Company: FuZion Vapor
Date Range: 05/2013 to Current

Met incoming customers and provided immediate assistance.Retrieved alternate items and sizes on request.Listened to customer needs and preferences to provide accurate advice.Completed purchases with cash, credit and debit payment methods.Increased purchase totals by recommending additional items.Organized items in visually appealing manner.Answered incoming telephone calls with professional and knowledgeable responses.Set aside on-hold reservations.Developed and executed sales promotions.Provided expert product and service information.Maintained up-to-date knowledge of customer buying habits.

Sales Associate Resume

Company: Out of the Box
Date Range: 03/2008 to 04/2010

Prepared merchandise for sales floor.
Directed individuals to merchandise locations.
Suggested accessories and complementary purchases.
Accepted and processed returns.
Maintained adherence to all company protocols.
Kept work areas clean and neat at all times.
Provided repeat customers with exceptional care and attention.
Prioritized and accomplished wide range of tasks each shift.
Updated computer inventory listings.
Prepared outgoing shipments.
Worked collaboratively in team environment.
Followed latest market trends.
Proposed innovative marketing ideas.

Sales Associate Resume

Company: Viking Outfitters
Date Range: 08/2015 to 09/2015

Received and processed cash and credit payments for in-store purchases. Shared product knowledge with customers while making personal recommendations. Worked as a team member to provide the highest level of service to customers. Maintained friendly and professional customer interactions.

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