IT Resume Examples

Open systems managers work to develop IT solutions for organizations. The open systems manager resume examples shown below are the ideal starting point for creating your own resume. Just click on any of these resume samples to take a look then choose your template and design and start building your own open systems manager resume. Get started now!

Client Server Technician: Resume Example  

Client server technicians help diagnose, troubleshoot, and problem solve for clients using the company’s product or service. They must have an extensive IT background in order to provide the best assistance for clients.

A stellar client server technician resume must focus on your IT background. Provide your most marketable IT skills in your summary, then share finer details in your work history. You can bullet point specific talents in your skills section, but you’ll fare better if you illustrate these concepts in your work history section.

Don’t stop there! You also need to share your customer service skills. It’s important to retain clients, so prove to hiring managers that you have a personality that keeps customers happy.

Network Systems Manager: Resume Example 

A network systems manager utilizes a company’s computer network to make inclusive networks company wide. The data networks include intranets and extranets.

A strong network systems manager resume should emphasize network configuration and support experience. Note it in your skills section and illustrate your related accomplishments in your work history section.

Naturally, you also want to detail your project management skills. Though it’s important to cover your technical skills, telling employers about your project management skills will assure them that you have the talents to lead important projects.

Software Engineer: Resume Example 

Software engineers are the masterminds between computer programs and apps. They build extensive systems that control networks or apps that accomplish tasks. The skill set varies from position to position.

A strong software engineer resume details the specific technical skills you possess. Don’t assume that hiring managers will guess that you’re skilled in Java and C++, even if you think it’s obvious. Also, mention your strengths in your professional summary.

Software engineers work in-house, at agencies, and freelance. Be sure that your resume clarifies which atmosphere makes the best use of your talents. Double check to make sure the jobs you apply for align with your claim.

Software Testing: Resume Example 

In software testing, specialists oversee the quality assurance stage of software development and deployment. They maintain this by conducting manual tests to determine product fitness.

An excellent software testing resume emphasizes troubleshooting talents. Since teams will rely on your skills to troubleshoot and diagnose, you need to make it clear that you excel in this aspect of the position.

It’s also wise to mention your collaboration abilities. Let hiring managers know that you’re open to working with diverse teams and sharing ideas.

Software Training: Resume Example 

An employee in software training is responsible for training other staff members to use software. They assist new employees and conduct formal trainings when the company wide software is updated. In some instances, they help clients through big software updates.

If you want a software training resume that gets noticed, you must share any experience you have developing a curriculum to teach the software. If you haven’t designed your own curriculum, include any changes you’ve made to already existing ones.

In addition, it’s a good idea to emphasize your communication skills. You’ll have to break down complicated ideas in simplistic ways. It’s important to show hiring managers that you can bridge the knowledge gap.

Web Developer: Resume Example 

Web developers create new websites or update and improve existing ones. They aim to promote usability, strong design, and good aesthetics. They could work in-house, freelance, or at an agency.

If you want to create a web developer resume that stands out, include your most marketable technical skill in your professional summary. Look at the job description and see the most important skills for the position. If you have mastered the technical skills listed, place them up front and center so hiring managers can’t miss them.
Additionally, you should clarify whether your specialty is creating websites from scratch or improving ones that already exist. If you have experience doing both, share this, but don’t forget to state which service you prefer.