Format Tips: Writing A Marketing Resume Summary Statement

A resume objective used to be the go-to method to attract the attention of potential employers, but now, using a summary statement is in style and much more effective. A summary statement is similar to preparing a 30-second elevator product pitch to a new employer. By writing a resume summary statement with broad applications instead of a narrowly focused objective, you show what makes you desirable for a marketing position.

What to Include in a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

Your summary statement is where the hiring manager in search of a marketing professional gains a quick overview of your most impressive attributes. Include compelling language to prove your marketing experience, valuable personality traits and soft skills relevant to the job. It can be helpful to support your claims with quantitative information, such as years of experience or marketing benchmarks reached. By writing a resume summary statement, you help the reader gain an overview of your experience without going into all the details that are found deeper in your resume.

How to Format a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

Place your marketing summary statement at the top of your resume, just below your contact information. You may center-align the section heading, but align your paragraph flush left rather than in justified text block format. Using four to six lines, highlight your marketing qualifications. While writing a resume summary statement is usually done in paragraph form, use informative sentence fragments to communicate as many of your qualifications as possible in the short space.

Tips for Writing a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

Begin each sentence fragment with a strong action verb or industry keyword. As you’re writing a resume summary statement, keep your tone straightforward and use appropriate marketing keywords and phrasing, such as “contextual marketing,” “growth hacking” or “paid placement” and action verbs that align with the language in their posting.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with content, think of your past successes. For inspiration, think of things like compliments a previous client paid you for a highly memorable marketing campaign or the performance review you received after managing social media presence for a customer. Paint a picture of your successes in your summary statement to impart your strong candidacy to the hiring manager, and use metrics of your achievements when possible.

Examples of a Marketing Resume Summary Statement

An applicant with experience from a comprehensive marketing firm might write a summary statement like the one below. The writer highlights their knowledge of pertinent marketing topics while using active language to describe their qualifications.

Experienced marketing and advertising professional with expertise in attribution modeling and search engine optimization. Drive brand management initiatives using a full-circle approach encompassing all company behaviors and communication. Confident, compelling public speaker and presenter. Produce inspiring video and print ads while working toward multiple client deadlines at once. Versed in technical aspects, including coding and graphic design. Strategic approach to combining creative and technical strategies to produce a full-circle marketing experience.

A designer on a marketing team might write the following summary statement, showing their ability to tailor the product specifically for a broad range of clients:

Determine client vision and integrate design elements to create brand identity. Develop logos and slogans based on client product and values and the current market environment. Select palette and materials options for clients using budget parameters. Design layouts for print media campaigns. Coordinate branding elements of marketing campaigns for cohesive, press-ready presentation. Construct presentation templates for multi-client use.

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