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Jessica Claire
  • , , 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor
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July 1, 2021 Hello Hiring Department: Experienced business professional, who is initiative-taking and eager to share my career goals with a member of your talent acquisition team; to discuss managerial roadmap of experiences which lead to me obtaining of my master’s in Public Administration along with my upcoming Information Systems master’s further. As you will see from the enclosed resume, I have more than 20 years of experience in upper management and have perform a plethora of administrative roles along my journey. While developing as the Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, I had the privilege of directing several administrative initiatives of which I received a Bronze Award of Excellence for Outstanding Advertising and a Gold Action Award for Top Outstanding Customer Service, which resulted in a 33% increase in sales within my first 10 months of employment. To keep the organization productive and profitable, I kept my work area neat and orderly, and created a schedule for appointments, used electronical folders on my computers and compiled a list of tasks and deadlines to review daily. By sharing such, I helped other members of my staff avoid procrastinating circumstances and distractions that prevented their ability of becoming resourceful in the workplace. As a result, I was able to learn from each of my team members individual skills by listening to their constructive feedback of the company, without conflict. As the passion for my career grew so did my ability of working efficiently and effectively at becoming more organized. By prioritizing my workload, organizing information and reports daily; I was able to maximize my daily accomplishments goals. Once I understood the significance of time management, I became a more effective at managing my social capabilities on the job which enabled the cooperativeness of my employees when I went into management. With their help I was able to accomplish more effective ways to communicate, cooperate and collaborate with my co-workers without compromising the integrity of the organization operational goals and tasks. This shift not only increased the organizations productivity but the morale of the employees as well. Being more efficient as a team player made my job duties more proficient in terms of meeting the mandatory workload and demands of my job. And because of such, I became more productive at communicating all of the operational demands of the organization, to my staff which made it easier for my us as a team to successfully complete projects on time. Doing such made me more effective at solving problems, which I initiated by finding the best course of action to take in any given situation. As an influential part of management, I creatively implemented marketing initiatives such as data mining, customer segmentation/profiling, brand creation, print/Web collateral development, lead generation, channel partner cultivation; all while being proficient in CRM, which became the cornerstone of my Regional Marketing mix and Sales Directorial success. In doing so I was able to identify problems without demonstrating strong emotions or opinions, asking for input from others and being open to different solutions. And because of such I became more effective as a team leader; at solving problems positively which better prepared me to proactively care more about any organization I became employed for; all of which would make me an excellent candidate for your organization. If you have any questions, and or would like the opportunity to discuss how I could become an invaluable asset to your organization please contact me at the listed email address above. I look forward to meeting a member of your management team to further discuss my experience and possibly a future career placement within your corporation. Sincerely, JessicaClaireEnclosure: Resume Meticulous Urban Planner with demonstrated success in using [Skill] and [Skill] to complete [Type] projects. Bringing [Number] years of industry experience to a [Job Title] role. Highly skilled in document review and [Task]. Focused Urban Planner bringing [Number] years of planning prowess, including project milestone management, blueprint review and resource allocation expertise. Advanced understanding of local and state code requirements. Strategic Urban Planner adept at creating plans for urban projects. Proficient in AutoCAD, [Software] and [Software]. Enthusiastically seeking a [Job Title] opportunity to leverage [Skill], [Skill] and [Skill]. Organized Urban Planner with [Number] years of urban development expertise. Creative and focused with excellent mastery of [Skill] and [Skill]. Adept at defining and enforcing project deadlines to ensure project quality and client satisfaction. Successful Urban Planner bringing [Number] years' experience overseeing permitting, planning and revitalization strategies. Familiar with available resources and knowledgeable about population statistics and growth trends. Offering excellent communication and decision-making skills. Accomplished [Job Title] offering [Number] years of experience in organizing and designing planning and development projects. Thorough in conducting in-depth research, performing surveys and coordinating plans and presentations in line with development needs and zoning requirements. Professional in working with city leaders and decision-makers to coordinate project details and gain approvals. Industrious [Type] professional with robust experience in supporting regional development planning and programs. Studious in conducting exhaustive research and information analysis to prepare written reports and professional presentations. Technically astute in preparing graphic reports and designs for clear visual representations of project plans. Candidate seeking entry-level employment with company searching for flexible hard worker ready to learn and contribute to team success. Hardworking and reliable [Job Title] with strong ability in [Task] and [Task]. Offering [Skill], [Skill] and [Skill]. Highly organized, proactive and punctual with team-oriented mentality. [Area of study] student with background in [Area of expertise]. Strong technical proficiency with work history in [Area of expertise]. In-depth knowledge of [Software] coupled with [Task] and [Task] abilities. Proven history of [Skill] and [Skill]. Dedicated employee known for punctuality, pursuing employment options where good customer service and positive attitude will make a difference. Outgoing student pursuing flexible part-time employment with weekend and evening shift options. [Job Title] with demonstrated command of [Area of expertise]. [Type] expert with developed aptitude for [Skill] and [Skill]. Multilingual and fluent in [Language] and [Language], offering solid comprehension of cultural diversity. Results-focused [Industry] professional with strength in [Skill], [Task] and [Task]. Proactive leader with strengths in communication and collaboration. Proficient in leveraging [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise] knowledge to promote [Result]. Adept at managing concurrent objectives to promote efficiency and influence positive outcomes. [Area of study] student pursuing [Degree] seeks internship opportunity to gain hands-on experience. Outgoing and friendly with strong motivation for success. [Job Title] with talent for [Task] and [Task]. Strong knowledge of [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Communicative and team-oriented with proficiency in [Software]. Proven history of fostering [Action] to meet team, individual and management objectives. Motivated professional offering [Degree] in [Area of study]. Adds value to any organization in need of great collaboration, interpersonal, and multitasking abilities. Meets tight deadlines every time. Ambitious student pursuing [Area of study] degree eager to contribute developed knowledge in [Job Title] role. Skilled in [Skill] and [Skill] in [Type] settings. Adaptable and driven with strong work ethic and ability to thrive in team-based or individually motivated settings. Motivated [Area of study] student seeking internship in [Area of expertise] to gain hands-on experience. Outgoing and friendly with strong drive to succeed. Organized and motivated employee eager to apply time management and organizational skills in various environments. Seeking entry-level opportunities to expand skills while facilitating company growth.

  • Project management
  • Research background
  • Information analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems technology
  • Cost estimation
  • Surveying skills
  • Analytical
  • Conflict resolution
  • Supervision
  • Relationship building
  • Team management
  • Data management
  • Work ethic
Urban & Regional Sales Planner , 08/2019 to 12/2019
Raytheon Technologies CorpManchester, NH,
  • Generated reports on completed campaigns and assisted sales agents with performance analysis tasks to facilitate comparison of results vs goals.
  • Attended weekly sales team meetings to review campaigns, address emerging issues and develop new strategies.
  • Compiled sales and marketing materials to prepare sales agents for upcoming client meetings.
  • Leveraged industry trends in marketplaces to shape value-added solutions and approaches for key audiences.
  • Partnered with brands to define brand identity and message to enable successful marketing campaigns.
  • Created targeted media plans to facilitate message distribution while adhering to predetermined budgetary constraints.
  • Tracked campaign expenses against preset targets and modified plans to meet fiscally responsible criteria.
  • Reviewed customer complaints to determine appropriate methods for resolution.
  • Recruited, hired and trained new employees, including monitoring and review of individual performance.
  • Mentored newly hired employees by explaining tactics for building sales pipelines.
  • Motivated sales professionals by delivering positive reinforcement and constructive feedback.
  • Directed schedule of weekly projects and anticipated timelines for milestones and completion dates.
  • Extended existing customer relationships through extensive communication and tried-and-true marketing strategies.
  • Collaborated with other [Job title]s in meetings to brainstorm new ideas and discuss best ways to handle [Type] issues.
  • Delivered consistent one-on-one and group training sessions to help [Job title]s improve skills and selling techniques.
  • Met with each associate to establish realistic monthly sales goals.
  • Automated office operations, managed client correspondence and tracked records.
  • Improved productivity initiatives, coordinating itinerary and scheduling appointments.
  • Ran [Timeframe] reports to assess individual and team performance and note areas requiring improvement.
  • Led staff meetings for team of [Number] to communicate [Type] directives.
  • Interacted with prospects and customers at various events, including trade shows, seminars and workshops.
  • Conducted in-depth research on competitor trends, products and services.
  • Identified new markets for penetration by carefully researching potential customers' buying habits.
  • Assisted [Job title]s by listening in on customer calls and suggesting techniques to close sales.
  • Strengthened operational efficiencies and traceability, developing organizational filing systems for confidential client records and reports.
  • Recruited, hired and trained [Number] employees for marketing and sales department.
  • Mitigated risk by ensuring regulatory compliance for required licensing.
  • Eliminated process discrepancies, implementing continuous improvements for scheduling procedures across multiple client calendars.
  • Used video conferencing solutions to communicate and train personnel in remote offices.
  • Strengthened product branding initiatives and coordinated effective marketing campaigns.
  • Enhanced data collection accuracy by preparing, authoring and updating communications and policy memorandums.
  • Collaborated cross-functionally on [Action] which led to [Result].
Community Service Liaison Director, 09/2013 to 04/2016
MergeChicago, IL,
  • Urban and Regional Sales Planner ~Bluegreen Vacations~ 372 E Tropicana Ave Las Vegas, NV 89169.
  • (702) 997-4922 1/16 – 3/20.
  • Built a successful implementation process; by increasing the relationship dynamics between the org and community.
  • Develop projective and developmental strategies & tactics; to increase the potential of implementable policy programs.
  • Drafted and analyzed government and public policies; to implement and oversee regulatory expenses for company expenditures.
  • Managed project resources; by conducting safety investigation inspections; for company and staff.
  • Ensured compliance to operational laws and regulations; by enforcing civil rights, municipal budgets and health and safety code laws.
  • Researched, planned and recommended policies and program modifications; to maintain the budgetary requirements of the company.
  • Coordinated with management; to ensure the evaluation of compliance policies with others; by adopting and implementing new action plans; for each created policy and program initiative.
  • Analyze collected qualitative data such as public records, budget reports, surveys, and historical data; to make modifications recommendations; to improve org.
  • Operational process.
  • Communicated the capabilities of each policy and program effectiveness with other employees, constituents and stakeholder groups.
  • Measured reported operational performances between the org.
  • And community; to create, meet and exceed weekly, monthly, and quarterly budgetary requirements., Coordinated new programs initiatives, for organization and employees; by managing workday between offices and traveling to each site; by strategically meeting with individual clients in local community by serving as Point of Contact for the org’s clients and customers.
  • Catered to the organization community’s specific population; by creating issue and concern discovery (Financial and budgetary) curriculum reports.
  • Promoting grassroot marketing initiatives; by organizing marketing and sales- related leveraging techniques such as making marketing and sales presentations; to implement communicative and supportive community programs.
  • Encouraged a variety of systematic modifications to increase the accuracies of operational and communicative processes; for local politicians, businesspeople, police departments, doctors and other key neighborhood influencers in Orange, Lake, and Arapahoe County; to build stronger relationships between the organization and the community they served.
  • Took charge of planning, preparing, and distributing written press release; to increase public awareness of their organization’s activities in a favorable way; to interface with communities openly about upcoming events for public officials, businesses, other agencies, news outlets and the public.
  • Cultivated and developed relationships with existing and potential referral sources, identified new partners, uncovered untapped opportunities and raised brand awareness.
  • Answered calls and interacted with community members to provide information on advocacy services.
  • Liaised with community members, business owners and officials to address current issues and find appropriate solutions.
  • Established relationships with all stakeholders, including management, local leaders and community members through active listening, positive engagement and [Skill].
  • Promoted community events and news through monthly newsletters, which were distributed to local families and community leaders.
  • Provided community education about local medical facilities, hospice care and resources to enlighten and inform.
  • Worked closely with [Job Title] during [Type] situations, handling such tasks as conducting research, fielding phone calls and using [Skill].
  • Developed and coordinated [Type] program, including meeting schedules and volunteer recruitment.
  • Created and delivered community [Type] presentations to deliver at local events, including workshops, seminars and [Type] fairs.
  • Identified new resources within community and met with [Job Title] to discuss ways to blend such capabilities with current programs.
  • Assisted [Job title] during [Type] situations by handling administrative tasks, conducting research and using [Skill].
  • Promoted fun, safe and inclusive environment by monitoring activity of campers to identify and address behavioral issues.
  • Helped participants enjoy activities while ensuring adherence to protocol.
  • Gathered, prepared, operated and maintained all equipment and supplies necessary for planned activities.
  • Planned, organized, facilitated and promoted diverse recreational programs.
  • Coordinated daily schedule of activities to assigned campers and managed transitions to ensure timely arrival.
  • Assisted with transporting and escorting program participants to, from and within program activity locations and on external trips.
  • Maintained facilities, grounds and equipment to ensure community safety and attract attention.
  • Developed events and programs in consideration of needs, abilities and interests of participants.
  • Organized and lead variety of small and large group activities, including [Type], [Type] and [Type] activities.
  • Advertised for upcoming events to promote engagement and involvement.
  • Remained cognizant of camper dietary restrictions and allergies, confirming proper snacks and meals were distributed to each camper.
  • Managed cabin of [Number] children at [Number]-day [Type] camp.
  • Mediated conflicts between campers by [Action].
  • Established, identified and assessed event goals and intended outcomes.
  • Created and led safety training workshops for employees.
  • Oversaw event calendar and planning for [Location]-area projects.
  • Attained facility targets, including revenue goals and member retention rates.
  • Developed and implemented [Type], [Type] and [Type] activities for members.
Executive Director of Regional Sales, 04/2006 to 11/2012
Phone Star IncCity, STATE,
  • Administered targeted sales goals for company representative's; by tracking each representative set sales quotas.
  • Administered verifiable improvements in the sales department; to aid with the organization and implementation of several marketing projects.
  • Approved monthly, quarterly & annual reports on forecasted sales metrics; to monitor and track the improvement of each sales product.
  • Addressed communication prioritization techniques; by researching & discovering methods to increase customer satisfaction metrics for each marketing initiatives.
  • Coordinated with marketing & product development departments quarterly; to ensure the sales recognition of branding consistency & to increase sales.
  • Suggested new products that later increased earnings by 17%.
  • Facilitated improvement in sales outcomes by holding performance evaluations to assess team members' strengths and weaknesses and counsel on improvement strategies.
  • Maintained active sales contacts with assigned accounts to keep communication open and capture consistent revenue.
  • Improved training to reduce knowledge gaps and eliminate performance roadblocks.
  • Pursued sales deals by qualifying clients, building individualized proposals and preparing final contracts.
  • Strategically managed revenue streams by establishing sales targets, deployment strategies and go-to-market initiatives.
  • Researched competitors and stayed on top of current market conditions to survey landscape and anticipate roadblocks.
  • Promoted products at trade shows across region, connecting with prospects and improving market penetration.
  • Increased business revenue through proactive management of relationships and sales strategies.
  • Developed and presented creative ideas to internal stakeholders and customers to initiate new programs and successful sales initiatives.
  • Conducted community tours to prospective residents and families and followed up to support decision process.
  • Hired and motivated high-performing sales team achieving over $[Amount] in new sales per year.
  • Projected more than $[Amount] in sales and achieved [Number]% of target.
  • Supported all sales team members to drive growth and development.
  • Increased repeat customer base by maintaining relationships with high-profile clients and effectively managing service issues.
  • Contacted customers via phone and email to explore connections, offer services and cement relationships.
  • Established sales goals and strategies that contributed to increased growth in sales and profitability.
  • Cultivated strong professional relationships with suppliers and key clients to drive long-term business development.
  • Implemented creative sales and marketing strategies to assist sales team with reaching targets.
  • Created presentation materials for sales, customer relations, and management purposes.
  • Employed techniques such as cold calling, prospecting and networking to land new customers and penetrate new markets.
  • Created and delivered in-depth sales presentations to potential customers.
  • Evaluated employee progress and compliance while identifying areas for additional coaching by monitoring daily performance.
  • Elevated team performance via strategic planning and coaching in areas of prospecting, sales and value-added presentations.
  • Supervised and trained [Number] employees on successful selling techniques.
  • Managed employee payroll, hiring, termination, and training to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Built sales forecasts and schedules to reflect desired productivity targets.
  • Secured sales targets by building successful sales teams, preparing yearly sales and marketing budgets and implementing strategic action plans.
  • Conducted market research and reported on competitors.
  • Boosted profit margins by effectively managing expenses, budget and overhead, increasing closings and optimizing product turns.
  • Optimized sales and marketing directives by closely monitoring employee progress, reviewing regional and local markets and effectively managing inventories.
  • Enhanced sales volume through skilled support to both new and inactive customers.
  • Mentored and internally promoted successful company sales and account management staff into leadership positions to drive company growth.
  • Exceeded sales goals by [Number]% using consultative and value-driven approach.
  • Leveraged rapport with key retail account leadership to up-sell vendor partnerships.
  • Led sales planning, development and account management for [Type] territory.
  • Leveraged trends in customer trends and marketplace verticals to shape solutions and approaches.
  • Maximized sales by efficiently managing [Number] sales representatives.
  • Spearheaded sales meetings with staff, division president, closing coordinator and construction manager to share best practices for process improvements.
  • Increased sales from various channels.
  • Actualized strategies to continuously improve customer service, company or brand visibility and [Product or Service] provided.
  • Met with sales and design departments to determine project road maps and create unique products to drive profitability and champion brand.
  • Sold [Product] and service line across [Type] region.
  • Gained market share in new sales performance through aggressive team training.
  • Developed and significantly grew [Type] territory over [Timeframe].
  • Updated procedures for [Task] to increase productivity and maximize [Type] sales.
  • Used change methodologies to increase sales and led projects for increased productivity.
  • Coordinated Daily Field Reports (DFRs) and sent to clients every [Timeframe].
  • Designed protocols for [Number] employees to sell [Type] products and services worth over $[Amount].
Market Research Analyst, 09/2006 to 08/2009
MetroPCS IncCity, STATE,
  • Collected data on consumer’s competitors and their marketplace platforms; to forecast the possibility of leveraging information into actionable presentations, reports & communication forums; for each project initiatives.
  • Performed valid & reliable competitive market research (SWOTT); by critiquing the strategic analyzation of different market offerings, identifiable market trends, pricing/business models, sales & methods of operation on a series of marketing profiles and sales variations; of several companies.
  • Remained fully informed on market trends and other corporate research; to implement best operational practices.
  • Collaborate with various department leads including but not limited to Acquisition, Content, Design, Product & Sales; to evaluate marketing product features, releases & ad copy; to create and implement sales strategies for the organization’s shareholders and staff.
  • Community Service Liaison Director for Marketing & Sales ~StarTek~ 2432 S Federal Blvd.
  • Provided and presented real-time reports on current market conditions.
  • Managed client marketing strategies and product promotion campaigns.
  • Collected and analyzed consumer data, including demographics, preferences and purchasing trends.
  • Gathered competitor data, analyzing pricing, product sales and marketing strategies.
  • Worked effectively in cross-functional, fast-paced environment to complete [Type] tasks.
  • Executed successful product introductions by coordinating actions with social media, public relations and other internal teams.
  • Measured marketing, advertising, and communications program performance and developed strategy.
  • Drafted reports and presentations to illustrate research findings.
  • Assessed consumer needs and buying habits to identify potential markets and product demand variables.
  • Forecasted and tracked marketing and sales trends.
  • Developed innovative product solutions grounded in clear understanding of customer needs.
  • Measured and evaluated customer and employee satisfaction to identify areas in need of improvement.
  • Researched consumer opinions and marketing strategies in collaboration with marketing team personnel.
  • Devised data collection processes and procedures, including surveys, polls and questionnaires.
  • Outlined research findings in detailed documentation to support decision making by project managers, clients and other marketing team members.
  • Produced marketing graphics that were attractive and high-quality using Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Worked as part of [Number]-person team to develop innovative branded marketing collateral for use by sales team.
  • Assisted clients in determining and elevating marketplace positioning.
  • Supervised external branding strategies for purpose of single message output.
  • Developed direct mass mailings which resulted in [Number]% growth of customer base.
  • Wrote and developed media kits for [Type] initiatives and [Type] projects.
Talent Acquisition Manager, 11/2003 to 12/2005
Sprint PCSCity, STATE,
  • Lead employment branding initiatives by developing talent acquisition strategies & hiring plans.
  • Forecasted organizations projective program; by planning, conducting, selective recruitment processes (interviewing, screening calls, etc…).
  • Organized & attended career, job fairs, intake assessment and other quarterly acquisition events.
  • Used metrics to create reports & identify areas of improvement.
  • Located and vetted vendors, established good relationships and negotiated contracts.
  • Monitored weekly, monthly and quarterly achievement goals.
  • Negotiated and managed vendor contracts.
  • Organized and prioritized projects.
  • Managed purchases, receipts and documentation of finished goods, materials, packaging and ingredients for submission in [Timeframe] reports.
  • Maintained compliance with internal financial controls and protocols.
  • Managed vendor contract negotiation to foster optimal terms and conditions.
  • Identified talent management priorities and goals and collaborated closely with human resource personnel.
  • Spearheaded and deployed large-scale projects to launch career website, integrate recruitment tools, create employee training programs and devise targeted business plans.
  • Encouraged internal employee growth by focusing on talent within organization.
  • Analyzed talent assessment data, determining best fit for open positions.
  • Negotiated between talent and various agencies for contractual arrangements.
  • Managed development, assessment and succession of employees in critical roles through engagement, positive collaboration and [Skill].
  • Gained competitive edge in market by collaborating with company leaders in change management activities.
  • Created tailored solutions for new hire onboarding procedures for [Number] regions.
  • Supported best practices for interactions by creating interactive portal with comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Constructed and implemented [Program].
  • Streamlined processes dealing with development and succession language and methodology.
  • Educated leaders on benefits of employee development by presenting statistics at workshops.
  • Encouraged HR teams to facilitate talent discussions through [Task] and [Task].
  • Controlled $[Number] budget while overseeing execution of strategic plan, business procedures and operational processes.
  • Managed talent booking contracts.
  • Developed strategies and methods to clarify [Type] philosophies and desired behaviors.
  • Combined and organized global library of online business courses accessible through learning portal.
  • Acquired client bookings on [Media] and [Media].
  • Drove $[Number] in revenue increases year over year.
  • Managed $[Amount] in annual sales for numerous touring artists.
  • Actively increased participation by [Number]% by implementing effective talent retention methods.
Education and Training
Bachelor of Science: Business Management, Expected in 2013
University of Phoenix Business - ,
Master of Arts: Public Administration, Expected in 2019
Strayer University - ,
Master of Arts: Information Systems, Expected in 2021
Strayer University - ,
Ph.D.: Peace And Conflict Resolution Studies, Expected in 2025
Nova Southeastern University - Davie, FL

GPA: 4.0

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • University of Phoenix Business
  • Strayer University
  • Strayer University
  • Nova Southeastern University

Job Titles Held:

  • Urban & Regional Sales Planner
  • Community Service Liaison Director
  • Executive Director of Regional Sales
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Talent Acquisition Manager


  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Arts
  • Ph.D.

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