Oral Surgery Assistant Resume Examples

The number of oral surgeons in the United States continues to rise each year and the job outlook through 2028 remains positive. This is great news for oral surgery assistants, whose employment is tied directly to these numbers. To get a job in this competitive field, you’ll need a resume recruiters can sink their teeth into. Our oral surgery assistant resume examples can show you how to get started. Use them for inspiration as you build your own resume.


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What is a Oral Surgery Assistant?

An oral surgery assistant is a dental assistant who specializes in working with an oral surgeon. These dental professionals provide assistance before, during and after oral surgery procedures. Before surgery, they may take X-rays and record the patient’s dental and medical history. They also ready the patient before the surgeon starts working by sanitizing and setting out equipment, providing the patient with protective gear and bringing up the chart. During the actual surgery, they must assist with different steps of the procedure. At the conclusion of the visit, they may provide post-operative instructions to the patient and clean up.

What Makes This a Great
Oral Surgery Assistant Resume Example?

Hiring managers look for applicants who can show their training, skills and experience on their resumes. LiveCareer’s oral surgery assistant resume examples show job seekers exactly how to write a resume that will get noticed. Here are three ways our resume examples can help:

  • Professionally-written, job-specific content: Even an attractive, well-organized resume won’t succeed if it doesn’t contain the right information. Our resume examples, written by certified resume writers, provide sample text, such as “assist in procedures including biopsies, root canals, implants and extractions” and “monitor vital signs and help administer anesthesia.” If you need more help articulating your training and experience, our Resume Builder will make pre-written content suggestions for each section of your oral surgery resume.
  • Guidance on resume formats: Applicants should choose the resume format that will best highlight their qualifications. Typically, the format you choose relates directly to your level of experience. In this resume example, a combination format helps this applicant show off both her four years of work experience and her strong skill set. For job seekers with more or less work experience, consider a different resume format.
  • Demonstrates appropriate design element: A resume template refers to the design of your resume. This should be chosen based on the employer. The example above is buttoned up but with a pop of purple, making it a versatile template. For very conservative environments, you might choose a plain black and white resume template.

3 Oral Surgery Assistant Professional Summary Examples

A resume should start with a powerful professional summary. Our oral surgery assistant resume examples give you an idea how to execute this on your own resume. Or, use our builder to generate even more ideas. Here are three oral surgery assistant professional summary statements you could craft using our Resume Builder:

  1. Detail-oriented oral surgery assistant with 13 years of dental assistant experience. Committed to delivering quality care to dental patients and helping them feel at ease. Exceptional accuracy and efficiency when collecting information about patients and preparing surgical areas.
  2. Efficient oral surgery assistant with six years of experience in tooth extractions and root canal work. Motivated to provide patients with a comfortable and safe experience during surgery. Skilled with readying the area for surgery, assisting and explaining clear post-op directions.
  3. Dedicated oral surgery assistant with prior background in chairside assisting. Clinical experience in a large practice of 15 dental providers and oral surgeons. Focused on giving patients top customer service and educating them about best dental practices at home.

3 Oral Surgery Assistant Work Experience Examples

In the dental industry, it is imperative that applicants have the right kind of experience. Our oral surgery assistant resume examples show examples of bullet points written by our certified resume writers. Here are three examples of content your might consider personalizing for your oral surgery assistant resume:

  1. Set up a dental surgery area for each patient and procedure 30 minutes before scheduled time.
  2. Monitored vital signs of patients before and during surgical procedures.
  3. Provided assistance to the oral surgeon during dental implant surgeries.

Top Skills for Your Oral Surgery Assistant Resume

Dental hiring managers typically have sets of proficiencies they expect to see in a new hire. To qualify for these jobs, applicants should write a list of relevant skills based on the job ad. Here are eight oral surgery assistant hard and soft skills to consider adding to your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Certified dental assistant
  • Dentrix software experience
  • IV certified
  • CPR certified

Soft Skills

  • Team player
  • Compassionate
  • Goal-oriented
  • Organized

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Oral Surgery Assistant FAQs

How much does an oral surgery assistant make?

Oral surgery assistants typically fall under the salary range of dental assistants. The median annual salary for a dental assistant in 2019 was $40,080. The actual pay scale for a particular oral surgery assistant position varies depending on the cost of living in an area, the number of years of experience and the size of the dental practice. Larger practices in expensive areas may offer bigger salaries and more perks to their employees.

How do you become a certified oral surgeon assistant?

To get a certification in assisting oral surgery, job seekers need to attend a post-secondary program in this field. There are programs for dental assistants in some community colleges, vocational schools and technical schools. These programs typically take around one year to complete. Students must then pass an exam to earn their full certification.

What are the duties of an oral surgery assistant?

An oral surgery assistant provides clinical support to oral surgeons or other dental practitioners. They may help with the prep for surgeries like tooth extractions, root canals, gum treatments and implant procedures. Before a surgery, they help set things up and get the patient ready for the procedure. Throughout the process they provide assistance to the provider and support the patient.