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The cleanliness and hygiene of shared spaces is very much top of mind for the general public, which has led to more demand than ever for professionals with cleaning and sanitizing know-how. This means that the demand for janitorial services is going to increase and competition for plumb roles is going to be high.

Study our janitor manager resume examples to learn how to write a strong resume that will show employers that you have the experience and training required to be a top candidate for a janitorial manager position.


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What is a Janitor Manager?

A janitor manager handles a team of janitorial and housekeeping staff. Their job includes supervising a team of janitors to ensure that the job is carried out efficiently every day. The janitorial team is responsible for the cleaning and sanitization of different facilities and offices. Based on the size of the team managed, a janitor manager may also have to create schedules to ensure each task has been allotted and executed on time.

Janitorial managers oversee the work of staff who empty trash cans, clean cafeterias, and other places. They may also need to fill in for their team members in case of absence or if a shift is not covered. The median salary for janitorial supervisors in 2019 was $27,430, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Makes This a Great
Janitor Manager Resume Example?

Your resume should showcase your skills and experience to show that you are a solid fit for the job. Our janitor manager resume example shows you all the elements of a strong resume. Here are three ways using our example can help:

  • Job-specific content: Our team of certified professional resume writers craft each of our resume examples using the most sought-after skills and experience for the role. Study them to learn which keywords and phrases to incorporate into your janitor manager resume to get noticed. Or, for more help, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written text suggestions for every section of your resume. Use them as-is or personalize them based on your experience and skills.
  • Most effective resume formats: Choosing the right resume format is critical to putting your most impressive skills and accomplishments front and center. The resume example above uses a chronological format which is perfect for an applicant who wants to show off her skills and impressive career trajectory.
  • Industry-appropriate designs: The resume design — or template — you choose should match the tone of the industry in which you are applying. For a role like janitor manager, which exists across multiple industries, an attractive but versatile resume template, like the one above, is a great choice. For more colorful or conservative resume templates, peruse our library.

3 Janitor Manager Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary sits at the top of your resume and is the first thing recruiters see. As shown in our example above, it should contain two to five sentences packed with your most impressive accomplishments. Below are three additional examples to consider for your janitor manager resume:

  1. Career janitor looking to move into a management position. Strong interpersonal skills and an eye for detail. Strong communicator with excellent conflict resolution skills. Trained in the proper use and storage of hazardous chemicals used in cleaning. Completed 10-hour OSHA General Industry training.
  2. Hardworking janitor manager adept at establishing and implementing regular cleaning schedules. Responsible for monthly review of inventory supply and equipment. Learn and develop new methods and equipment for cleaning. Provide occasional training if needed.
  3. Adept janitor manager with six years of experience handling day-to-day tasks and special assignments. Extensive background in training new janitorial staff in equipment usage, time-management and customer satisfaction. Experienced with creating schedules for a team of up to 12 workers.

3 Janitor Manager Work Experience Examples

Our janitor manager resume example shows you how to write an impactful work experience section that will get the attention of hiring managers. Here are three examples for inspiration:

  1. Proposed an incentive-based working shift model for the staff at the hotel which optimized personnel cost by 10% and led to greater employee satisfaction.
  2. Constructed an easy-to-understand 10-page operating manual to set standards of excellence for a 72-member janitorial team.
  3. Organized in-house training workshops to demonstrate optimum use of tools and chemicals that led to a 15% reduction in the use of cleaning materials at a 520,000 square-foot school campus.

Top Skills for Your Janitor Manager Resume

A resume must list the applicant’s skill set as it allows potential employers to understand an applicant’s strengths.

Here are top janitor manager skills that you may want to include:

Hard Skills

  • Material requisitions
  • Employee scheduling
  • Inventory replenishments
  • OSHA and safety guidelines

Soft Skills

  • Time-management
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills

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Janitor Manager FAQs

What are the knowledge and skills requirements for a janitor manager?

A janitor manager should be a good communicator with strong leadership skills. They should have good interpersonal and problem-solving skills to maintain professionalism and decorum among staff to ensure work is executed on time. They should have knowledge of operating cleaning equipment, safety protocols, and should take responsibility for the team.

How would you define the working conditions of a janitor manager?

A janitor manager whether employed in buildings, schools, offices, industries or malls are usually required to work for extended office hours as per their job specifications. Though the usual time is eight hours a day, sometimes they may require 24-hour cleaning activities as per specific jobs’ assignments specifications. They may also have to work outdoors in places like playgrounds, parks and construction sites.

What preventive measures should a janitor manager take care of?

Liquid spills can cause minor accidents to the janitorial staff or even the employees/individuals of the facility or space. All spills should be immediately responded to, and more so if they are in the walkways or isles. Wet floors should be marked with boards or signs. Any debris should be removed immediately, and other equipment should be put back in its place once the cleaning is done. Mats, rugs or carpets should be arranged and secured to the walking surfaces so that people do not stumble. They also need to ensure that drains are secured with covers immediately after work, and all wiring and electrical cables should be boxed and closed.