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Hotel and hospitality employers often receive a huge influx of resumes for a single open position, so if you simplify the review process and make things easy for them, you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd. Take a look at this hotel hospitality resume template set and use these models to draft a resume that’s easy to scan, easy to upload, and easy to remember. Organize your document according to this established format and you’ll shine a bright light on the accomplishments and credentials that your employers value the most. You’ll also save time during your job search.

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Hotel And Hospitality Advice

Benefits Analysts

The hierarchy in human resources consists of management, administration, record keepers and more. Before applying for any position, take a look at some human resources resume templates. They will provide you with content and formatting, helping you create the perfect resume for getting the interview.

Front Desk Receptionist Example Resume

Resume Tips for Hotel And Hospitality

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sourcing jobs in hotel and hospitality is a lot easier if you know where to look and how to use your available resources. Here are some tips to help you develop an effective strategy.

  1. Network with everyone. Talk to not only friends and family members, but also to people in your field through professional associations, local career fairs and online networking sites.
  2. Avoid applying right away. You’ve got to do your research before sending in the application. How else will you know if you even like the organization? Read up on mission statements and company culture, and be sure you know the job description inside and out.
  3. Show some gumption. While it’s important to remain professional, articulate and polished, don’t be afraid to be unique in person and on your resume. Most recruiters find transparency refreshing, and they don’t always choose the cookie-cut candidates with the most impressive credentials.
  4. Be open to contract work. Many temporary jobs in hotel and hospitality have the potential to turn full-time. Companies are usually quicker about bringing on temps than permanent employees, and if you prove yourself an asset, you just might get an offer to stay.
  5. Be present online. This is especially important if you want to be seen by recruiters. Either way, social networking is a great way to expand your professional circle.
Concierge Example Resume

Hotel And Hospitality Job Seeking Tips

Onboarding Specialist

Be sure to have a solid resume prepared before you apply to any jobs in hotel and hospitality. Here are some guidelines to help you with style, format and content.

  1. Use numbers. Employers like to have a way of quantifying your skillset. Detail any sales goals you achieved or the number of employees you supervised. Show exactly how much you benefited your previous company.
  2. Leave out personal pronouns. When you list your skills and job duties, no one will wonder to whom you are referring. Words like “I” and “my” simply take up space.
  3. Make it uniform and consistent. It’s best to avoid fancy fonts and wild formats. Whatever you decide, just keep it consistent. Align your margins to the left and avoid justified text blocks. Be sure to use the same bullet style and bolding method for each job you list.
  4. Base off of a template. There’s nothing wrong with getting some help with the legwork. The Internet is full of resume examples and specific templates for your occupation or industry. You can tailor it how you want based on your information and each job you apply to.
  5. Choose a summary over an objective. Your resume doesn’t need to state why you are applying for jobs in hotel and hospitality. This is already clear. If you want to add something to grab attention, include a brief summary of your qualifications.
Porter Example Resume
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