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Searching for a new position that will level up your career? The key to a successful job search is the ability to make a strong first impression on paper. With a clear, concise and well-written resume, you can wow your recruiter and stand out among your peers. This guide will walk you through the summary statement, skills section, work history section and education sections of your resume, offering best practices and a model resume template for Word.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement is the top-most section of your resume. Recruiters are often pressed for time, so your summary statement must encourage them to take the time to learn more about you. By demonstrating your skills and experience with a well-written summary statement, you can offer an impressive, enticing and straight-forward introduction to your potential value as an employee. An effective summary statement will include the following elements:

  • Your job title and experience along with your most important skills and accomplishments

  • No more than three sentences or bullet points

  • Information that is directly relevant to the particular job listing

Strengthen your summary statement using our model resume template for Word and the following examples:

Example 1

Professional model with five years of experience collaborating in runway shows and print campaigns. Proven ability to successfully collaborate with photographers, stylists, brand representatives and other models to create unique and compelling results.

Example 2

  • Five years of experience in professional modeling

  • Strong collaboration skills with photographers and clients

  • Valued participant in numerous domestic and international runway shows

Example 3

Award-winning professional model with three years of experience in high fashion. Experience successfully collaborating with representatives from major brands including Gucci, Armani and Nike. Proven ability to deliver in high-stakes, time-sensitive photoshoot and runway contexts.

Example 4

Friendly yet motivated model with three years of experience in junior and young adult casual wear for Target and Walmart catalogues. Have been recognized for time management skills and easy to work with. Won Young Model Award.

Writing Your Skills Section

Your skills section offers additional information about what makes you unique and valuable as a prospective team member. You can use this part of your resume to show your employer that you understand and possess skills that the job requires. Strengthen your skills section by following our model resume template for Word and keeping these three tips in mind:

  • List skills that are relevant to the job listing

  • If possible, back up your skills with quantifiable proof (awards won, certificates earned, hours dedicated, etc.)

  • Put softer skills in context; for example, instead of saying you’re a “team player,” mention that you work well with photographers

The following are some examples of skills that may strengthen your skills section:

  • Client relations

  • Domestic and international travel

  • Time management

  • Proven ability to collaborate with photographers to create compelling final products

  • Over 100 hours of runway experience

  • Reliable performer with consistent ability to deliver in high-pressure situations

Writing Your Work History Section

In your summary statement and skills sections, you described your skills and value to your recruiter. In your work history section, you have the opportunity to prove that you can truly deliver on the skills that you named earlier by anchoring those abilities to tasks and responsibilities that you have already handled successfully. Your work history section should

  • Offer examples of positions that you have held that are relevant to the job listing

  • Include important details such as employers, employment periods and responsibilities

  • Describe your individual role and how you were able to uniquely contribute in a way that is both compelling and to-the-point

You can use the following examples and our model resume template for Word to create a work history section that will wow your future employer:

  • Worked alongside designers, photographers and stylists to deliver polished results at photo shoots and runway events

  • Promoted luxury brand products in domestic and international fashion shows

  • Modeled for various TV advertisements and promotional materials to be disseminated nationwide

  • Collaborated with other models to realize creative visions in advertising campaigns for MAC Cosmetics

Writing Your Education Section

Every resume needs an education section, and with our model resume template for Word, yours can be a clear and professional addition to your first impression with a prospective employer. When writing your education section, you should

  • Begin with your highest level of education

  • Include any certificates, training or courses you have taken that are relevant to the listing

  • Exclude your GPA

Example 1

High School Diploma – 2011

Campolindo High School, Moraga, CA

Example 2

Bachelor of Arts, Fashion and Design – 2015

Parsons: Fashion, Art and Design School – New York, New York

Courses included: Art history, Marketing, and Design in Media

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