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After earning your degree, you want a resume that highlights all you have to offer. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or entry-level candidate, it’s possible to craft something that will impress hiring managers and land you an interview. Adding well-placed qualifications and accomplishments can show companies you’re a golden candidate. Our engineering resume template for Word can teach you how to take your resume to the next level and make it similar to the one below. It details everything you need to know for the summary statement, skills, work history, and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Think of your summary statement as an enticing yet concise introduction of your skills and qualifications. Your aim should be to compel hiring managers to look through the rest of your resume. Our engineering resume template for Word easily outlines the process for you.

Limit your statement to three sentences or bullet points. If you’re wondering what information to include, think about these attributes:

  • Your top two or three skills

  • Specific tasks you did in previous positions

  • Specific personality traits that make you a good fit

Reference these examples for guidance:

Example 1

Certified engineer with over 10 years’ experience compiling drawing specifications for water and pumping systems. Experienced manager capable of delegating tasks to a team of professionals. Avid problem-solver passionate about completing complex mathematical calculations and performing analysis.

Example 2

LEED-AP accredited professional with interest in sustainable technology. Leader capable of guiding teams through the design process by performing quality analysis on blueprints and diagrams. Troubleshooting field experience to identify and resolve problems throughout the construction process.

Example 3

  • Licensed engineer with 5 years’ experience developing designs for a wide variety of automobile engineering projects

  • Excellent communicator with front-facing client experience

  • Knowledge of federal guidelines and mechanical engineering principles to construct innovative designs

Example 4

  • Analytical problem-solver with passion for residential electrical system design

  • Team player with solid knowledge of energy analysis and conservation measurement

  • Extensive troubleshooting experience

Writing Your Skills Section

Listing your top skills in an easy-to-read format lets employers know you have what it takes to do well on the job. It’s easy to rush through this section, but it is, in fact, an important component of your resume and your overall candidacy. Our engineering resume template for Word outlines how to write and organize a winning skills list:

  • Keep your bullet list between six and eight points

  • Include skills that are directly related to the job posting; you can scan the job description for tips if needed

  • Start with your most relevant skill and work your way down

There are many skills that are crucial for a career as an engineer. Consider including those relevant to you of the following:

  • Highly developed problem-solving and analytical skills

  • Critical thinking troubleshooting skills

  • Software: AutoCAD, Revit, and MEP

  • LEED-AP certified

  • Extensive knowledge of state and federal regulations

  • Excellent communication, leadership, and team building capabilities

  • Front-facing client experience

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section is one of the most important parts of your resume and should take up the most space on the page. It should be a detailed and compelling account of your past positions so employers can get a good idea of your skills and goals. Our engineering resume template for Word can help you polish this section to make it the best it can be.

  • Start with your most recent position and work your way backward

  • Include the official title of your job, the name of the company, and the dates you were employed

  • Include five to eight bullet points for each position.

  • Start each bullet point with an action verb

  • Include metrics such as the number of employees you managed, how many projects you completed, how many awards you were given, etc.

While engineering positions vary widely, here are a few examples that might appear in a well-crafted work section:

  • Designed a total of 30 water lines for residential homes

  • Completed drawing specifications to develop new system designs that were functional and cost-effective

  • Performed quality checks on blueprints from a team of 7 engineers

  • Awarded “Most Valuable Employee” in 2015

Writing Your Education Section

The education section should be the icing on the cake of an already impressive document. While some careers emphasize this section more than others, you should still take the time to include any relevant training you had for the position you’re interested in. Our engineering resume template for Word can assist you in formatting a simple and effective layout.

  • Start with your most recent qualification

  • Don’t include GPA unless you recently graduated

  • Include post-secondary certifications, licenses, courses, and professional affiliations

Here are two examples of how your information can be organized:

Example 1

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering – 2015

University of Illinois Chicago

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics – 2012

Loyola University – Chicago

PE Certified in Illinois

Member of Professional Society of Engineers

Example 2

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – 2015

University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign, IL

Courses: Engineering Statistics and Quality Control, Manufacturing Sciences, Mechanical Systems Experimentation

LEED-AP Accredited through STEM Association of Illinois – 2016

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