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Oftentimes, employers in all industries simply need professionals who possess advanced computer skills. With so many people possessing such tools, the key to ensuring you earn serious consideration for a position is having a strong resume to support your candidacy. Such a document should convey your skill set to employers in a manner brief enough to allow recruiters to quickly read through it yet detailed enough for them to remember you. The format shown in the computer skills resume template for Word allows that, presenting your information through a summary statement and detailed skills, work experience and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement may just be the most important section of your resume in that it must convince recruiters it is worth their time to continue reading. Notice how it is presented in a brief, quasi-sales pitch fashion in the computer skills resume template for Word. Your statement should follow the same format, introducing yourself and your skills in a general manner that prompts readers to want to know more about you. Keep the following points in mind when writing your statement:

* Do not provide in-depth details regarding the skills and experience you list

* Consider what points a recruiter will want to see here to earn his or her interest

* Be concise and succinct; do not exceed three sentences or bullet points

Here are some examples for you to look over:

Example 1

Certified IT professional with six years of experience working in computer support. Understand hardware setup and software application design. Adept at communicating complex terms to non-technical personnel.

Example 2

* Office professional with advanced computer skills

* Expert-level understanding of all the applications included in the Microsoft Office suite

* Familiar with network setup and remote connectivity processes and security protocols

Example 3

Experienced executive assistant with strong computer skills. Familiar with timekeeping, payroll and data mining applications. Understand database management and how to securely transmit business-critical data across digital channels.

Example 4

* Computer professional with 11 years in supporting business operations

* Bachelor’s degree in computer science

* Strong understanding of coding and querying languages

Writing Your Skills Section

Details you omitted from the skills you listed in your summary statement are included in your skills section. Here, you will list whatever technical expertise you have to offer, yet note how the computer skills resume template for Word also includes a number of soft skills. If you possess such attributes and find that they do indeed have applications to the job you are applying for, include them here, as well.

When considering in what order to list your skills, remember the following:

* Your skills should be ranked to how relevant they are to the position being sought

* Even when applying for a position asking for computer skills, do not list things considered to be general knowledge (e.g. knowing how to use email) as a skill

* Avoid being too technical when describing your expertise

Here are some examples to reference when writing your skills section:

* Expert understanding of coding languages such as JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and SQL

* Familiar with business network setup and server maintenance

* Experience in troubleshooting hardware problems and network connectivity issues

* Well-versed in cybersecurity and data validation and screening protocols

* Understand how to organize and run recovery following network outages

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work experience section provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate how you have been able to put your skill set into action. Think back over your employment history and choose a couple of jobs that are most applicable to the position you are applying for. Then, just as you see has been done in the computer skills resume template for Word, detail the responsibilities each of those jobs entailed. Consider the following best practices when completing this section:

* Detail your professional accomplishments alongside your previous job duties

* List internships if the roles that came with them were more relevant to the position you seek than those of a paid position

* Do not provide details as to why you left a company

The following are examples detailing work experience you might expect to see in a computer skills resume:

* Performed various data management and retrieval tasks for operations director

* Supported the frontline operations of a sales team consisting of 14 employees

* Responded to service calls regarding network connectivity issues

* Spearheaded the rollout and implementation of a new corporate production dashboard in 2014

* Recognized for having contributed to 98 percent network reliability rating during tenure

Writing Your Education Section

Certain positions may require that you possess a degree or certification. Any professional licenses or degrees you hold should be included in your education section. Read through a job listing to determine what level of education a prospective employer is looking for. Follow the format shown in the computer skills resume template for Word when detailing this information while also being mindful of the following advice:

* Professional training and certifications should be listed before detailing your educational history

* List the highest level of degree program you have completed first

* Only offer details regarding your high school education if asked for them

These examples show how to best share the details of your education and training in your resume:

Example 1

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – 2013

Florida International University, Miami, FL

Courses studied included: Fundamentals of Computer Systems, Advanced Windows Programming, Introduction to Cloud Computing

Example 2

Information Technology Specialist Certification – 2010

Inland Empire Technical College, San Bernardino, CA

High School Diploma – 2006

Los Osos High School, Rancho Cucamonga, CA


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