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SQL developers are in demand as the technology and data industries continue to expand. The average base pay for SQL developers in 2020 is $81,600, making this a lucrative, and therefore competitive, field. To write a resume that will get you noticed, use LiveCareer’s SQL developer resumes examples. By studying these, you learn how to craft an interview-worthy resume.


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What Is a SQL Developer?

A SQL developer is a type of software developer who works with databases and other data systems using Structured Query Language. They design, develop and test backend software solutions. Typically, these tasks fit into a larger project such as web application or enterprise software.

What Makes This a Great
SQL Developer Resume Example?

SQL developers often find fulfillment in the problem-solving and architecture parts of their careers. If you want to find a job that will be personally and professionally meaningful, you need a resume that will catch the attention of hiring managers. LiveCareer’s resume examples show you how to create a resume that will get you noticed. Each example is written by a certified resume writer who knows what recruiters look for when hiring for these roles.

Here are three ways our SQL developer resume examples can help you:

  • Choose the right language: Finding the best way to describe your skills and experience is a pain point for many job seekers. Using LiveCareer’s SQL developer resume examples allows you to see the types of resumes that get attention. Each resume example is written using our resume builder, which suggests pre-written content throughout the process. Use them for inspiration or use the builder to write your own resume..
  • Decide on a resume format: There are three main resume formats: chronological, combination and functional. The job seeker in the resume example above chose a combination format, which allows him to detail his work experience and his impressive skill set. If you are an entry-level worker or are seeking a senior-level software engineer role, another resume format might be better suited for you. The job seeker in our example has chosen a chronological resume format. This includes a dated work history as the focal point of the resume.
  • Pick an appropriate template: The most effective resumes use a design matched to the culture of the organization where the job seeker is applying. In our example, the applicant selected a relatively traditional layout. However, he chose an orange header that adds an eye-catching splash of color to the resume. If you are applying in a very conservative industry, like law, you might choose a more subdued design. Our builder will make recommendations on resume templates as you build your document.

3 SQL Developer Professional Summaries Examples

Using LiveCareer’s resume examples as inspiration, you can create an attention-grabbing professional summary. This section of your resume is your first chance to highlight your SQL development skills and qualifications for hiring managers. Here are three examples of the professional summaries that our builder may recommend for your SQL developer resume:

  1. Multi-talented SQL developer with four years of experience with MySQL and SQLServer. In-depth knowledge of query writing, SQL analytics and data optimization. Capable of handling all stages of the development lifecycle. Team-oriented collaborator comfortable with large-scale projects.
  2. Enthusiastic SQL developer ready to apply classroom theory to professional projects. Proficient in SQL programming, Oracle PL/SQL Developer and SQL reporting. Hard-working team player excited to contribute to innovative projects.
  3. SQL developer experienced with MSSQL deployed on Amazon AWS instances. Knowledgeable about every stage of the agile software development lifecycle and scrum. Team-focused professional with extensive practice working with cross-functional groups.

3 SQL Developer Work Experience Section Examples

Hiring managers for SQL developer jobs are seeking applicants with relevant work experience. Studying LiveCareer’s resume examples allows you to see how to best build a work experience section that will get you noticed. If you need more help, our builder will make pre-written text suggestions along the way. Use them as-in or customize them with your unique metrics. Here are a few examples of work history bullet points our builder may recommend for your SQL developer resume:

  1. Maintained web application backend including identifying and troubleshooting query bugs.
  2. Designed and developed SQL lookup system for enterprise SaaS solution.
  3. Analyzed project requirements to help architect effective database structure and queries.


Top Skills for Your SQL Developer Resume

Your SQL developer resume will be more impactful with relevant and sought-after skills listed. LiveCareer can help you identify which of your skills will be most impactful on your resume through our examples and Resume Builder. You can add your own, use our recommendations or combine the two. These are some examples of the hard and soft skills our builder may recommend for your SQL developer resume:

Hard Skills

  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Oracle PL/SQL Developer

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Customer service experience

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SQL Developer FAQs

What do I need to know for an SQL interview?

SQL developer interviews may include skills tests, technical questions and questions on soft skills. Expect to need to be able to explain SQL, describe the structure of SQL and other technical questions the hiring managers may have. Some in-depth interviews may delve into the different types of joins, keys and normalization in SQL.

How much do SQL developers make?

According to Glassdoor, SQL developers in the U.S. make an average base pay of $81,622 per year. They also make an average of $2,831 per year in additional cash compensation. The highest salaries are around $130,000 and the lowest are around $61,000. This compares favorably to the median compensation for web developers, which is $69,430, according to BLS.

What are the roles and responsibilities of SQL developers?

The roles and responsibilities of SQL developers include creating databases and planning their structures, writing queries and views, maintaining data integrity and optimizing the network performance of databases. SQL developers also frequently have to understand big data, NoSQL databases and business reporting tools. Responsibilities vary depending on the needs of the project and organization.