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Accountant Resume Template

From a bird’s eye view, an accountant’s job is to arrange and analyze financial records. But there’s much more to this job. Accountants are responsible for ensuring accuracy and compliance with legal regulations. They also manage clients’ taxes.

If you want to create a strong accountant resume, you must highlight your general ledger accounting experience. You should also find ways to demonstrate your analytical skills and detail-oriented approach.

Also, it’s smart to include any experience you have using major accounting platforms. Address each program by its name, rather than in a general statement.

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Accounting Assistant Resume Template

Accounting assistants support the accounting team by reconciling bank statements, processing payroll, and invoicing clients. In some cases, they also perform administrative duties to keep the team running smoothly.

An accounting resume must demonstrate expertise in clerical work, mathematics, accounting, and good customer service.

But don’t stop there! Include your excellent organizational skills somewhere in your accounting assistant resume. Creating a skills section might be the best way to accomplish this.

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Accounting Clerk Resume Template

Accounting clerks are in charge of reviewing and maintaining accounting records to support the accounting team. This includes issuing checks for accounts payable, recording business transactions, and matching invoices to work orders. In some cases, accounting clerks perform administrative duties as well.

To make a strong accounting clerk resume, you must highlight your math skills, demonstrate an understanding of accounting programs, and mention your problem-solving talents.

Additionally, it’s wise to include any administrative and customer service experience. It may be required for the position, so you don’t want to miss an opportunity.

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Branch Manager Resume Template

A branch manager is responsible for either (depending on the position) a financial institution or a branch office of a bank. This means that they are in charge of everything, from hiring employees to overseeing loan approval.

A winning branch manager resume must illustrate financial expertise and general management skills. Be sure to include the size of your team, the growth of your customer base, and monumental revenue generation.

Don’t forget to stress your HR skills, too. Branch managers often have to act as HR managers as well, so including any HR accomplishments will help get your branch manager resume noticed.

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Financial Analyst Resume Template

Financial analysts analyze and report financial information in order to calculate the economic, business, or industry environment. Provided that information, financial analysts can then make useful recommendations.

A strong financial analyst resume should detail exceptional mathematics skills, a firm grasp of economics, and a working knowledge of sales and marketing.

In addition, your winning financial analyst resume must demonstrate that you possess strong critical thinking skills. Try to incorporate deductive reasoning into your resume as well/.

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Payroll Specialist Resume Template

The primary responsibility of payroll specialists is to manage payroll information for companies. Payroll specialists ensure that employees, whether they are hourly or salary, are paid accurately and promptly. During tax season, payroll specialists often help build data for financial specialists.

If you want to create a payroll specialist resume that gets attention, be sure to include the following information on your resume: excellent math skills, Excel expertise, and a strong understanding of federal and state regulations. Besides that, you should also note your communication and organizational skills, which are also important qualities needed for the job.

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Top Skills To Include in a
Finance & Accounting Resume

  • Expert proficiency with Quickbooks, Excel, SAP, and tax software

  • Solid understanding of applied mathematics and financial modeling

  • Excellent problem-solving and critical thinking

  • Well-versed in accounting and economic best practices

  • Ethical, reliable, and discreet

  • Active CPA license

  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

  • Self-assured and able to make timely decisions

  • Strong grasp of solution-oriented analysis

Resume Writing Tips for Finance
& Accounting Professionals

  • Include sought-after soft skills

    Working as an accountant or financial manager requires several technical hard skills relating to math, economics, and analysis. However, employers in the financial industry want candidates who also exhibit essential soft skills. Make sure your resume shows off your valuable character traits and soft skills, including dependability, integrity, communication, and the ability to work with limited supervision. List these skills as bullet points in your qualifications section, mention them in your summary statement, and provide practical examples throughout your work history.

  • Follow current resume guidelines

    Submitting a resume that looks like you wrote it several years ago is a good way to lose a hiring manager’s interest right off the bat. Even if you’ve been in the financial industry for a long time, it’s vital to create a modern resume whenever you apply for a new job. Ditch the outdated resume objective in favor of a strong, engaging professional summary. Avoid out-of-fashion fonts (like Times New Roman) and obsolete email servers (like Hotmail). Be sure to draw attention to your proficiency with modern financial programs, such as QuickBooks, SAP, and credit management software.

  • Focus on readability

    You want to make your resume memorable for all the right reasons, so take the time to create a clear and readable format that allows all your qualifications to shine. Use short phrases and bullet points to make your information easy to skim. Choose a professional font, and create clear section headers. Curating your information reduces the risk of your accomplishments getting lost in unnecessary details, so focus on your most relevant and impressive achievements, such as completed accounting projects and successful financial management experience.

  • Make your work experience exciting

    While you may love reading about the minute details of financial transactions and accounting projects, a hiring manager is most likely looking for big-picture evidence of your qualifications.

    Describing your past successes with metrics is an excellent way to demonstrate your effectiveness as an employee.

    Start bullet points with strong verbs, such as managed, modeled, calculated, analyzed, evaluated, and directed. Use real data, such as percentages and financial estimates, to describe the value of your contributions.

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