Picker And Packer Resume Objective Example

Picker and Packer Resume Objectives

The position of packer is quickly growing across the United States as more and more people make online orders. Packers are responsible for locating and packaging items for a customer order, and may even have the responsibility of loading packages onto trucks or loading equipment. Good resume objectives should highlight your organizational skills, attention to detail, and physical capability to perform your duties.

What the Packer Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

Packers use a lot of physical movement to complete their duties. Items must usually be located and packaged quickly, even if different products come from different ends of the same warehouse. Your resume objective should demonstrate to your potential employer your physical fitness for the position, as well as your experience and relevant skills. When writing your objective, cite your experience and abilities that will help you perform the job better than anyone else.

Sample Packer Resume Objectives

Focusing on your qualifications, skills, experience, and physical ability when writing your objective is a simple way to demonstrate that you are the best choice. Make sure to mention the name of the position and the name of the company, which should show that you are sincerely interested in getting hired. You can use these sample objectives as a starting point to customize your own:

1. Physically fit individual with great attention to detail and 5+ years of retail experience looking for a position as Packer with ABC company.

2. Obtain a position as Packer with ABC company that allows for the development of physical ability, organizational skills, time management, and customer service.

3. Energetic individual seeking a position as a Packer with ABC company to further develop organizational and communication skills, as well as maintain physical fitness and contribute positively to the company environment.

4. Detail-oriented professional with exceptional problem-solving skills, time management, fork-lift operation experience, and the ability to lift and haul 75+ lbs. searching for a position as a Packer with ABC company.

5. Seeking a position as a Packer with ABC company to utilize customer service skills gained from working 4+ years in the retail industry, and to further develop time management and organizational skills.

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