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Resume Templates: Customer Service

Use this eye-catching customer service resume template set to attract attention from employers who understand the nuances of persuasion and communication. Customer service reps need to understand the world from another person’s point of view, so you’ll need to create your resume with your reader in mind. These templates can help your reviewers quickly locate the information they require, and in the process, they can help you make your case and set yourself apart from the crowd. Employers in this field like to see evidence of software skills, relevant past positions, and in-depth knowledge of critical subject areas.

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Company: US BANK
Date Range: September 2006 to Current

Researched banking guidelines and statutory requirements to stay updated on new laws and applications and use this information to educate branch employees for compliance and audits. Branch received passing audit score every year, since employment. Actively oversaw training for all new branch tellers. Monitoring and tracking for potential money laundering or structuring. Educating customers on the variety of loan products and available credit options, to help them in their daily lives. Resolving customer complaints and/or problems. Performed daily currency transactions and maintenance on customers accounts. Maintained detailed administrative and procedural processes to improve accuracy and efficiency. Handled and processed confidential customer information. Maintaining and filing customer/business account records and reports.

Customer Service Representative Resume Template

Company: America California Bank
Date Range: 04/2011 to Current

Handle transactions and answer customer questions
Assist customers with routine account-related requests
Research and resolve customer problems
Maintain the Bank's files for Currency Transaction Reports
OFAC Check
Prepare and review correspondence and forms for accuracy
Research and reconcile account discrepancies
Handle court orders, levies, miscellaneous deposit documentations, and etc
Opening Check, Savings, Money Market and IRA accounts

Customer Service Representative Resume Template

Company: BVLGARI
Date Range: Oct 2009 - Current

I currently take care of all the incoming jewelry and timepieces.
Increased our goal by 60% in this department as well as improved the communication with our elit customers.
Work closely with our technicians in order to ensure all repairs are done on a timely manner.
Stay in constant communication with our elite consumers during the repair process to inform them of the necessary repair to their jewel or timepiece.
Do monthly reports on the jewelry repaired by our local jeweler.
Trained fellow colleagues from Panama via phone to use our SAP system, due to this they can process their repairs under company policy.
Ensure that we have an ample supply of fine watch materials in stock in order to efficiently assist our customers.
I Assist on the sales floor on a daily bases to ensure adequate coverage.
Provide feedback to the Director of Customer Service to improve our service.
Handled all customer relations issues in a gracious manner and in accordance with company policies.

Customer Service Representative Resume Template

Company: State Farm

Responded to all customer inquiries thoroughly and professionally.
Use scripted responses to assist customers, agents, and State Farm employees by phone
Manage a variety of customer service stationmaster insurance-related questions from callers
Take initial loss reports and provide claim personnel contact information
Take payments and answer bill related questions and send detailed messages to agents/claims personnel
Used NECHO system to take payments and read polices.
Followed up with customers on unresolved issues.
Addressed an average of 50 or morecustomer inquiries and complaints each week.
Contributed ideas and offered constructive feedback at weekly sales and training meetings.
Collected all premiums on or before effective date of coverage.
Evaluated leads obtained through direct referrals, lead databases and cold calling.
Tracked the progress of all outstanding insurance claims.

Customer Service Resume Template

Company: Target
Date Range: 09/2011 to 10/2012

Organized store merchandise racks by size, style and color to promote visually appealing environment.
Routinely answered customer questions regarding merchandise and pricing.
Asked open-ended questions to assess customer needs.
Learned, referenced and applied product knowledge information.
Folded and arranged garments in attractive displays.
Communicated all store initiatives and promotions to customers to generate return business.
Recommended alternative items if product was out of stock.