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Jessica Claire
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK
Home: (555) 432-1000 - Cell: - - -
SUN Certified Sr. Unix Solaris Netbackup Storage cloud Administrator with 10 years of experience working primarily on SUN Enterprise Servers, Working on Redhat Linux Also From Last 5 to 6 years ,Having expertise as a Brocade Certified SAN Designer, Sun Certified Engineer For LDAP Directory Server , Netapp Certified Implementation Engineer For SAN ,puppet, chef, Netapp storage FAS2200, FAS6200, 7-Mode and C-Dot cluster  Mode.Extensive experience with VERITAS Volume Manager ,VERITAS File System , VERITAS Cluster Software1.3,2.0 for High Availability Clustering, , EMC Storage Arrays,LDAP, NIS, DNS, NFS, Jumpstart, Auto mounting, Kernel tuning, recovery of file system, Upgrade of SUN Solaris operating systems, VMware Installations and Vmotion HA setup.Netapp Storage capacity planning and performance analysis .Working Directly with Sr VP and Directors for the storage analysis and recommendation .Making storage reports every month for the customers Expertise in FCP,ISCSI,NFS and NDMP .Worked on Snapmirror and Snap Vault .Extensive experience with installation of SUN Enterprise 3000 Servers ,Knowledge of E10K, Working experience on Fujitsu Prime-Power-1000 similar to E10K. And Sun T3 (SAN_ Storage). Worked 5 Yrs as a Sr. Customer support Engr for storage, SUN and Veritas Products.Working 24x7 in On-call as First and 2nd Level , Supporting FAI , FMA for Unix and RedHat Linux installations.Allocating Storage to Netbackup Enterprise Vault, Microsoft Exchange Servers in Cluster and File server cluster and Other windows servers also . Excellent customer Support and Troubleshooting Skills.Using Microsoft product office, visio and Project management for the IT design .
  • Hardware: SUN Enterprise Servers, EMC Disk Arrays, Storage STK-SL8500 Tape Library, Sun New Hardware Series Mx000, T5xx0, Vx80/Vx90s, Dynamic Reconfiguration. Fujitsu Enterprise Servers 1000,2000,1500,600,650,400 and 200.
  • Storage: Netapp FAS270, 3540C, cluster config,EMC clarrion CX500 series and cx300, Sun Storage, Fujitsu Storage Eternus 6k ,3k , 4K and 8K, Fujitsu VTL,Vfiler.
  • Operating System: SUNOS, SUN Solaris 2.2, 2.4, 2.5.1, 2.6, 2.7, 2.8,2.9,2.10 SCO UNIX, Windows 95/98, UNIX SVR4.2, UNIX ware, SCO-UNIX 5.0.1/3.2v4.2, DOS, Novell Netware 3.11/3.12/4.11, Novell Netware SFT-3, Windows-NT,Vmware ESX3.X, ESX4.X, REDHAT 4.x & REDHAT 5.x.
  • Networking: TCP/IP, NFS, NIS, DNS, SUN Net Manager, OSPF, RIP, UDP, Jumpstart SMTP, HTTP, SSL, DNS, NFS,Apach,Big Brother Monitoring .
  • Internet: Netscape Enterprise Server 3.2,TIBCO, BEA's Weblogic, clarify, Psoft.
  • Language: UNIX Shell Script
  • Special Software: VERITAS Volume Manager, VERTAS File System, VERITAS Cluster Software,Veritas Netbackup 3.4,4.5, RAID, Clarion-Raid, SUN Solstice products such as Disk suite, Backup, CDE, OpenWindows, Sendmail, Berkeley Database, pine, popper Qualix-HA Software, Radius-3.6B, XTACACS, MD5, Netscape Communicator 4.0/Array Manager/DASSMGR, RAID Manager, TOP, BSM/ASET -C2-Level Security, TCP-Wrapper and LSOF- for security check, SUN Solstice Backup, SUN Solstice Backup, High Availability Software, SSH ,A LVS, Raid Devices,Legato backup software. Sun Component Manager,ACLSL-6.0 and 7.0STK software.
01/2011 to
Technical Support Lead Hcl Technologies Ltd. Caldwell, KY,
  • SME for Networking/ DDboost Supporting Data domain Deduplication product integration with Different backup softwares.
  • Making a Test Lab Setup using Data Domain with Diff operating systems like , solaris , linux, windows , vmware and others , installing backup applications like Netbackup , Networker , backup exec and creating customer Env to test customer issues.
  • Supporting EMC external customers.
  • Part of Oncall Rotation for the Data Domain support on weekends.
  • Testing for customer Data Domain integration with redhat , solaris , netbackup , Networker and other backup products.
  • Supporting the Data Domain replication and disaster recovery for external customer.
11/2000 to 02/2011
Sr. Unix/Linux/SAN/Storage/Netbackup/VMware Administrator Apex Systems Norcross, GA,
  • On call for All Fujitsu Unix and Linux production servers.
  • Handing big project of SAN, Storage and backup Migration.
  • Install and configure Netapp storage FAS270 and 3040c Os install on Netapp Filer FAS270 Capacity planning and performance analysis of storage.
  • Working on NDMP,NFS,iSCSI,CIFS and FCP configuration.
  • Load balancing for the storage Netapp filer.
  • Working Directly with Sr VP and Directors for the Storage planning for the IT.
  • Upgrades, Install and Design the Existing SAN with New brocade 5100.
  • Data migration from Fujitsu Old SAN and SCSI storage to New SAN Eternus Storage.
  • Design and Implemented Netbackup upgrade from 3.4 to 4.5, 4.5 to 5.1 , 5.1 to 6.5.
  • setup is consist of 2 windows media servers , 1 Linux server and 3 Solaris servers with ACSLS 7.1 and SL8500 SAN using Brocade switches 4200 and 5100.
  • Troubleshooting Every Day Netbackup 6.5 Problems.
  • Worked on data Migration from EMC cx300 and FC4700 to CX 500 and Cx500 to NS120 EMC Celerra using brocade switches.
  • Build, Install and Configure 100 to 200 Redhat 4 and 5 servers for Fujitsu Production Environment connecting them with brocade switch and SAN storage from last 5 to 6 years.
  • Configuring Linux servers for oracle database and other application.
  • Configure LVM in Linux and device mapper for multipath.
  • Connecting Linux servers to SAN.
  • Allocating Storage and LUNS Hot to Linux servers without reboot.
  • Performance tuning to the Redhat servers.
  • Configuring Software and Hardware Raid in Linux servers.
  • Securing All the Linux server for DMZ configuration.
  • Responsible for Solaris upgrades from Solaris 7,8 and 9 to Solaris 10 using Live and Flash Archive.
  • Connecting Solaris 10 Prod and Test servers to SAN and storage.
  • Responsible for problem related to solaris 10.
  • Performance Tuning and securing the Solaris 10 servers.
  • Configure ZFS file systems and Zpool in Solaris 10.
  • Configure and Install LDOMS and Solaris 10 Zones.
  • Documenting the troubleshooting Process for Team.
  • Participate in the Architecture Design.
  • Monitoring Solaris 10 systems for performance and stability.
  • Working closely with NOC in Implementing the Monitoring tool.
  • Supporting 24x7x365 days operation.
  • Assign storage to Windows server, exchange cluster, File server cluster and other Windows Servers using iscsi, NFS and cifs.
  • Developing technical documentation and creating knowledge base articles.
  • Working independently as well as part of a team.
  • Deep Working knowledge of VERITAS Products, including VERITAS Volume Manager, File System, Cluster Servers, Clustered Volume Manager.
  • Worked on VMware from Last 4 to 5 Years, configuring all the ESX3.x and 4.x server.
  • Installation of Virtual Center for VMware management and for Vmotion configuration.
  • Helping windows team in converting the desktop by using P2V in VMware ESX.
  • Connecting ESX hosts to SAN using brocade Switches.
  • Configure Hot Luns to ESX hosts and assign it for application.
  • VMware ESX3.x and 4.x Vmotion setup for cluster failover for production servers.
  • Building Linux VMs also in the VMware servers.
  • Assign Different Nic for Different VMs for Load balance.
  • VMware 4.x using Nic teaming for network redundancy.
  • Troubleshooting Everyday VMware issues.
  • Migrating VMs from 1 machine to another server.
  • Connecting ESX hosts using iscsi and NFS using fiber and network.
  • Securing the VMware Servers.
02/1996 to 11/2000
Sr. Unix/Technical Customer Support Specialist Wipro Ltd, India And USA , ,
  • On Call 24X7 For All production Critical Systems.
  • Installation and configuration of SUN servers for Internet Service Group, Upgrading of SUN Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6 to 2.7 on SUN servers.
  • Resolving day-to-day issues relating to Production Servers such as NFS mount, Netscape and user related problems.
  • Configuration of systems for High Availability purposes with VERITAS Cluster Software.
  • Configuration of RAID and Striped disk file systems shared across two systems.
  • Backup of SUN servers using SUN Solstice Networker.
  • Installation and maintenance of Web Server Security.
  • Co-ordination with developers and DBAs to solve their problems.
  • Installation and configuration Sendmail 8.9.3 with the Berkeley Database &Troubleshooting.
  • Setting the Internet Account for the new users, taking care of all billing Activity Monitoring all logs and error files.
  • Installation of SUN E 3000 machines with Clarion Raid and High Availability Clustering Software, so that if ever the Master Server went down, all the services from there would be shifted over to the Slave Server and that by default would become the Master Server till the time the services of the original Master Server could be restored.
  • Installation of all SUN Servers as Secure Web Servers, monitoring all the available ports.
  • Writing UNIX Shell Scripts for billing purposes.
  • Installation of Quad Ethernet Software for Clustering.
  • Installation and maintenance of gcc, gzip, lsof, Trpwire, radius, popper Pine lynx on SUN servers.
  • Setting the Primary, Secondary DNS Servers as well as connecting clients through DNS.
  • Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of all SUN servers and solving issues arising with in 24hrs.
  • Coordinating with all other branches, if any Problems with the Servers.
  • Installation of Qualix-High Availability clustering software with Clarion RAID and Sendmail in their 10 Branches.
  • Configuration of RAID-5, RAID 0 1, RAID 1 using Meta devices (ODS) RAID Manager 6.1.
  • VERITAS Cluster Software 1.1 configuration on E3000 and A1000 RAID.
  • Installation and testing of all servers for Y2k.
  • Configuring VERITAS Volume Manager on SUN Servers for Customers.
  • Install, configure and Managing NIS, DNS and NFS with Automounters, which includes maintaining NIS maps for Master, Slave and Nis Clients.
  • Configuring Jumpstart in a SUN Solaris environment for automating workstation Operating System installation.
  • Performance tuning of all SUN servers.
  • RAID Volume Manager Configuration.
  • Performance tuning of all SUN servers Installation and configuration of Acer Altos 7000v/9000/700es with SCO UNIX, UNIX ware and SVR4 Configuration of special card for the VT-100 TRLS, X.25 card configuration for remote connectivity.
  • Installation and configuration of SUN Servers, Ultra10, SUN Sparc 20 on SUN Solaris 2.5.1 and Connectivity of their remote sites using Line driver and Modem Internet.
  • Resolving day-to-day issues relating to Production Servers such as Mailing Servers.
  • Configuration of systems for High Availability purposes with VERITAS Cluster Software.
  • Configuration of RAID and Striped disk file systems using DPT RAID.
  • Backup of SUN Servers using SUN Solstice Networker.
  • Backup of Acer servers using tape with TMC card.
  • Co-ordination with developers and DBAs to resolve issues on a regular basis.
  • Installation of Wipro BT VSAT.
  • Windows NT 4.0 installation on Acer Server 700es.
  • Install and Configure Email configuration on MS Exchange Server.
  • Connectivity of NT Server with Novell and SCO UNIX.
  • Installation of SCO-Open Server UNIX 5.0 on Acer 7000V hardware.
  • DTP RAID card configuration for RAID-5 with SCSI-disks &16 port SpecialEx card configuration for 16 VT100 terminals, configure SCSI tape drive and default line printer configuration.
  • Installation of SUN Sparc 20 on SUN Solaris 2.5 & Printer configuration through LP Admin.
  • Installation of Novell NetWare 3.11 and 4.0 with SFT-3.
  • LAN setup and head office remote connectivity through modem and router.
  • CISCO Router Installation and Configuration.
  • Installation of SVR 4.0 on LM-EISA ,Configuration of WIPCOM-TRLS card for VT100 terminals.
  • Configuration of two parallel port cards for printers, Local and Line printer configuration.
  • Raw partition made for Sybase installation in some locations, Configuration of SUN Sparc 20 machines with LAN Terminal Server and modem for remote connectivity.
05/1994 to 01/1996
System Engineer HCL Ltd India , ,
  • I was responsible for the repair and upkeep of all hardware, which came in from the field as well.
  • as from within the company.
  • I was responsible for Component level repairing of 386, 486 motherboards and Pentium PC.
  • Component level repairing of add-on cards, such as Display card, LAN Card.
Expected in 1994
Bachelors: Electronics
- ,
SUN Certified Solaris Administrator Solaris 2.6, Solaris 8 & Solaris 10.
SUN Certified Network Administrator For Solaris 8
Brocade Certified SAN Designer for SAN 3.0
SUN Certified Directory Server for LDAP.
Netapp Certified  Implementation Engineer For SAN(NCIE-SAN).
VMware ESX Certification for 3.X /5.x &CCNA.
EMC Certified Data Domain Implementation and Administration Engineer.
EMC Avamar 5.x and 6.x, 5 Days Training completed.
Sun & Fujitsu Enterprise Servers, Netapp Filers, EMC storage, Fujitsu Storage, VMware, EMC VMAX Networker, Avamar, iscsi, Data Center, Datadomain,Tape Library Sl8500,Amazon cloud EC2, TCPIP Networking, Veritas NetBackup, Veritas Volume Manager & Backup Exec, Troubleshooting, Customer Support On call 24 hrs, Rotation, puppet, chef, Netapp storage FAS2200, FAS6200, 7-Mode and C-Dot cluster Mode.  

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  • Technical Support Lead
  • Sr. Unix/Linux/SAN/Storage/Netbackup/VMware Administrator
  • Sr. Unix/Technical Customer Support Specialist
  • System Engineer


  • Bachelors

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