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Jessica Claire
, , 100 Montgomery St. 10th Floor (555) 432-1000,
  • Proficient at setting goals, having tunnel vision while being hyper-aware of my environment, to stay focused during that duration of time to break the goals, then having the ability to set new ones shortly after.
  • Gifted at keeping myself highly motivated, to keep the fire alive inside me without any aid, or push from others.
  • Trained to rewire my brain to learn new and hard things.
  • Possessing the ability to consolidate thoughts and ideas, understand if its working or not, then reconsolidate again with a new perspective and plan.
  • The ability to take on constructive criticism and readjust, readapt and acclimate once more with a new mind.
  • Capability to reflect and improve ones self after a failure.
  • Gifted to conform and remold myself in environments to help myself and others succeed towards a goal.
  • Able to ask myself "What kind of value can I provide this person" as soon as I meet them, which in fact I do believe makes and assists me on being a great salesman; because I genuinely care about others.
  • To put ones self in another persons shoes; the ability to be not only sympathetic, but strongly empathic, even if I have not experienced what that person is really going through.
  • Not easily Influenced (by negative factors such as drugs, alcohol or negative life skills that do not aid in positive development) Boils down to self control. Its not a skill, but you can sharpen it into one buy understanding the power of saying "No," to one day have the power to say "Yes." I believe this also translates well into sales skills and understanding how to get the customer to say "Yes," since I too understand how to say "Yes."
  • The ability to have, and believe in a vision, seeing through to it, and making it come alive. A visionary. Again, not a skill, but this can be whet into one and used to create exponential growth in ones life.
  • Exceptional Organization Skills, inside and outside of a work place.
  • High functioning multitasker who understands how to allocate time properly inside the moment, or day, to maximize profits.
  • Having the dexterity of staying focused, being able to pull off that focus and redirect into a new focus to create further gain.
  • Knowing how to generate and convert online business through Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and other platforms - Having that "eye" for marketing, while also understanding how to get "Clicks and Likes" to generate exposure on what is being sold or presented to the audience.
  • Very strategic at planning and organization. The devil lies in the details, once I realized this, the big things then became easy.
  • Able to create marketing strategies for putting product on shelves, allotting and creating thriving and inciting promos, and getting the product back off the shelves to convert into revenue to increase the company daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly profits.
  • Marketing strategies and sales skills for selling person to person, or door to door. I believe this also teaches skills that a person cannot just read in a book, or learn from another individual. Experience is the best teacher.
  • Able to sort through ample and adequate of information. To understand how to accurately cherry pick what is important to maximize time and profits. To sort through unwanted, unneeded information.
  • Immensely fast reader; able to skim and pick out important information while being mindful of a time frame.
  • Advanced Technological Skills (I can tear a CPU apart and rebuild it) which also allows me to be very familiar with computers and other new technology and newly created applications or sites.
  • Excitement to learn new, and challenging things.
  • Troubleshooting Technology.
  • Web Design (designed over 4 websites that are still functioning) Two in which were online Blogs that generated my own personal consistent traffic, and created revenue from as well.
  • Acquiring clients and maintaining relationships through online and in person to keep and continue business for the foreseeable future.
  • Gifted networking skills.
  • Exceptional at customer service and relations, able to connect with others, disconnect and reconnect; understand what they need, and convert the sale, or to use them in leverage.
  • The ability to learn new and important information, then perform on high end requirements and levels shortly after intaking information.
  • Talented at regurgitating new information accurately. (this skill comes from language learning I believe and doing a lot of constant and consistent reading)
  • Excellent at negotiations and interpersonal relations.
  • Very fast and efficient typer. I do not have to look at a keyboard to file, or take down information on computer. This in which allows me to operate on a high level of frequency.
  • Gifted at being able to create my own stepping stones in life in order to continuously allow myself to grow and always move forward, but also being aware of when I need to ask for help.
Professional Summary

A motivated sales professional with history of taking on leadership roles in competitive environments; a strong minded, strong willed, and skilled networker offering remarkable interpersonal, relations and communication skills. Some skills are often self taught while others are often taken from inspirations.

I am a young, consistent, daily enthusiast, understanding how to utilize my health to translate and transfer it over into energy to reflect positive into the world, to not only grow myself, but others around me. Living this lifestyle provides accountability, and leaves its mark of regimen in my life in more ways than one.

I am a very high energy person with big dreams, big aspirations and big goals; goals so big it effects my sleep at night, but I also stay cogent inside the mind and the moment and direct my energy of what needs to be focused on.

I'm up countless hours of the night educating myself further because I am a fearful to ever retract in any facet of my life, therefore by nature I cannot stop improving myself; always moving forward. Im an individual who always pushes the mind to be greater as I have my health. In return, it has allowed me to learn anything very quickly, specifically anything that I set my mind to, or any little thing that feels the need to stand in my way of progression.

A great example of previously mentioned would be learning the Russian language. I pushed myself to expand my mind. To force myself to learn hard, and challenging things. I have assiduously taught myself, and designed study programs and content for others to understand and start their the language journey as well. If examples of the programs I have designed need to be brought to light, I would be more than happy to show, as I am very proud. The next language I plan on pursuing will be Mandarin, followed by Spanish. I chose Russian first because I realized if I can learn one of the hardest language initially, Spanish will be a breeze. Life is all perspective and how you allow yourself to allocate. I plan to be a polyglot by 30 years of age.

One unique thing about me that I do believe allows me to stand out over others is being a complete and all around empath. This allows and assists me to understand what a customer is actually feeling inside the moment, verses what they are showing, or trying to project, even if it is over the phone.

When it comes to selling, including what was said previously, I say confidently that I take salesmanship to an entirely new, creative and unique level; I do believe this is why I was able to sell so well in college and generate a certain amount of money from scratch. Being able to connect is a powerful thing. Aside from the many other sales skills and abilities I possess from studying and reading books from admired icons and mentors; I do believe others can make sense of these same mind and skill sets as well, but it is something that has to be worked on religiously, developed and put into orbit around regimen, and finally honed into a powerful dexterity. By living with this mindset as if its code, this is what makes me a confident, yet humble leader.

By mastering this over the long and hard fought years, I am able to influence using vision, to see further growth in others that they themselves cannot see. This skill has allowed me to show others how to get from point A to point B with the example I set, and the aid I can and certainly will provide. Everyone in the grand scheme of things is important, a goal can only be reached with a strong backing and community. One cannot do anything on their own. Together, you are stronger. We are stronger.

Once more, I am up countless hours of the night looking for the right opportunity to shine, as I know this can only happen when opportunity meets my preparation; I think about greater every second of that search feeling deprived of the fulfillment I know I deserve. This is what keeps me hungry, knowing what I can be as "chills" of reassurance flows through my bones, telling myself to never quit, to always be strong, and to never lose sight on greater.

Work History
08/2018 to 08/2019 Sales Representative Brenntag | Amarillo, TX,
  • Adapted sales techniques to specific clients and promoted products based on individualized client needs.
  • Reached out to customers after completed sales to evaluate satisfaction and determine immediate service requirements.
  • Evaluated inventory and delivery needs, optimizing strategies to meet customer demands.
  • Demonstrated products and specific features at customer locations and special events such as large 18 wheelers or a NASCAR.
  • Utilized various sales techniques to develop relationships with customers and drive sales.
  • Boosted brand awareness on Instagram, implemented promotional campaigns through people in X Games and employed sales tactics for oil stabilizers and Nano coolant products.
  • Performed cold-calling and follow-ups with leads to secure new revenue like Coca-Cola.
01/2017 to 08/2018 Online Sales & Marketing REI Global LLC (A COMPANY I CREATED) | City, STATE,

While running an online store, it involves many skill sets in order to make a sale such as: Marketing strategies, understanding and competing with competition as well as field research to understand consumer demands and price points.

Throughout my time at REI Global, I

  • Developed successful online sales operations from scratch by establishing and following strategic vision, mission and operational plans.
  • Generated more than 6K in monthly sales with successful marketing, sales and customer relations approaches.
  • Tracked inventory and reviewed retail trends with excel spreadsheets in order to make timely and proactive business decisions.
  • Collaborated with a friend who is also a vendor and distributor to purchase supplies in bulk overseas to increase profit margins.
  • Used Instagram and as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook to understand current industry trends.
10/2019 to Current Lead/Manager's Assistant Carmax | City, STATE,
  • Monitored employee performance and developed improvement plans to increase store volume and production.
  • Increased car sales revenues by over 40% in just 4 months, as well as overall performance of the store. This was done by coming into work everyday, setting the example of how things should be done, and appling new ways and tactics to handle the inventory side of the store that the rest of the employees adapted to and use, and still use to this day.
  • Made sure cars were brought or delivered safely across town, or out of state.
  • Managed inventory control processes to restore back stock or keep it low so new cars could be received. This kept Carmax running smoothly and efficiently.
  • FQC (Final Quality Check) were done each day on every car received into the store to make sure all standards were met so the car could be sold, and if it was, this was to insure little to no flaws were on the car when sold so less returns were dealt with so the store could continue to focus on volume.
  • Made hiring recommendations
  • Trained team members in successful strategies to meet operational needs.
  • Aided and assisted some of the sales team and managers on closing deals.
  • Generated repeat business through exceptional customer service and responded to customer concerns with friendly and knowledgeable service.
  • Created relationships inside and outside of the store.
  • Inspired everyone inside of Carmax to take better care of their health from setting and showing the example each day.
Expected in 06/2013 High School Diploma | Central Cabarrus High School, Concord, GPA:
Expected in | Major: Exercise Science | Minor: Sales And Marketing Appalachian State University, Boone, NC GPA:


  • Continuing education in SELF DEVELOPMENT.
  • Networking and Connecting with YouTube and Instagram Celebrities as well as collaborating with them. I have an outlet now of at least between 4 Influencers of 5M people I can reach.
  • Creating a business in college, generating over 65k in just one semester and a summer at Appalachian State University while playing (football) and being a part of (cheer) two collegiate sports/activities.
  • Playing a Division One Sport for Appalachian State University.
  • Earning TWO NCAA Official Bowl Rings through Appalachian State University.
  • Making the Cheer team while I played a D1 Sport. (I was able to manage two sports at once and perform extremely well)
  • Going to Cheer Finals in Daytona.
  • Best Body Awards 2015 and 2016, also did my own nutrition to get ready for these shows. Had opportunities to also go Pro in IFBB. (Natural lifestyle and training, did not use drugs to get in shape as others would)
  • Setting multiple National Power Lifting Records on a National and State level. (this also taught me regimen) National IBPL
  • Helping over 125+ people with their nutritional and training needs in the last 5 years. Portfolio saved. (still counting today, that number is increasing - Not a hobby, its a lifestyle)
  • Transforming other co workers at carmax to help get the overall company's health insurance for the store down by a massive percentage.
  • Increased productivity at Carmax by 40% in JUST FOUR MONTHS as Inventory manager by finding ways to cut money and time from the process to in-order to find faster ways to do things for the betterment of the company. (I had to take an entry level job at first coming into Carmax to get into sales so I worked hard to leave a footprint in Inventory)
  • Offered a sales management position within the first 6 months at Carmax before COVID 19 to run and aid the sales floor.
  • Goals that I set in 2018, I broke all in 2021, 1 week before I said I was going to break them. (New goals have been set once again)
  • Starting my own company (REI Global LLC - Still active today)
  • Aiding and assisting growing multiple companies in many facets using my own sales skills and abilities.
  • Motivating others around myself to push themselves into a healthier lifestyle everywhere I go by letting my results and actions speak for me.
  • Dropping 28lbs off my roommate in just 5.5 weeks. (I also try to silently influence others to dive into fitness, not by word but by actions - I also do this in many other areas of my life. Actions speak louder than words.)

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School Attended
  • Central Cabarrus High School
  • Appalachian State University
Job Titles Held:
  • Sales Representative
  • Online Sales & Marketing
  • Lead/Manager's Assistant
  • High School Diploma

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