Real Estate Agent Resume Examples

If you are searching for a flexible employment opportunity that does not require a degree and allows you to set your own hours, a real estate agent role may be for you. Our real estate agent resume examples can help you create a professional, appealing resume to catch the attention of potential employers. Use them as a guide as you learn how to write, design and format your resume.


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What is a Real Estate Agent?

Real estate agents assist clients in buying, renting and selling properties. Specific duties include advertising available properties, advising clients on prices, identifying prospective buyers, building relationships with clients and real estate brokers and mediating negotiations. Some real estate agents are self-employed while others work for real estate firms. Real estate agents do not need a degree, but every state requires agents to maintain a valid license and complete a certain number of real estate courses. Specific requirements vary by state.

What Makes This a Great
Real Estate Agent Resume Example?

Real estate agents work directly with clients regularly, so your resume should present your work experience as well as your interpersonal and customer service skills. Our real estate agent resume examples can help. Here’s how:

  • Professionally-written content: It is important to present a well-written resume that contains the right keywords. Our resume examples, written by certified resume writers, effectively use industry-specific content and keywords, such as “property inspections” and “comparative market analysis” to catch the eye of recruiters. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will suggest pre-written content for every section of your resume.
  • Format guidance: The job seeker in this example chose a chronological format for her real estate agent resume. The format is effective because it highlights her substantial work history as a real estate agent. Study our resume examples to choose the best resume format to present your experience and skills.
  • Recommend appropriate templates: The real estate industry is typically quite conservative. This resume example, therefore, uses a traditional template to match the culture of the industry. Those applying in less traditional fields might choose a more colorful or modern design for their real estate agent resume.

3 Real Estate Agent Professional Summary Examples

Your resume’s professional summary should highlight your most relevant skills, education and experience succinctly. Reference our real estate agent resume examples to see how an effective professional summary is written. Below are three additional examples of professional summaries for a real estate agent resume:

  1. Accomplished real estate agent with five years of experience and a proven sales track record. Aptitude for generating business through marketing and networking efforts. Successful in working with real estate brokers, closing sales and developing long-term relationships with clients.
  2. Colorado-licensed real estate agent with 10+ years of experience brokering residential and commercial properties. Aptitude for increasing agency revenue, acquiring clients and executing contracts. Thorough knowledge of market trends and interior design.
  3. Entry-level real estate agent licensed to conduct business in California. Strong customer service and interpersonal skills. Knowledge of two client management software systems and proficiency in SalesForce and Microsoft Office Suite.

3 Real Estate Agent Work Experience Examples

Use our real estate agent resume examples to see how to present your work experience and incorporate eye-catching metrics. Or, study these three additional examples of work history content that may work for your resume:

  1. Increased agency revenue from rented properties by 20% in one year by increasing marketing and networking efforts.
  2. Generated extensive, consistent client base servicing approximately 150 clients annually through aggressive marketing, advertising and networking efforts.
  3. Priced homes using market comparisons and managed price negotiations between buyers and sellers.

Top Skills for Your Real Estate Agent Resume

When you submit an application to a real estate firm, it’s critical that your resume contains the most relevant skills. To accomplish this, study the job ad and use our real estate agent resume examples to build a strong skills section

Here are some additional hard and soft skills that might enhance your resume:

Hard Skills

  • SalesForce proficiency 
  • Series 7 license 
  • Market trend knowledge 
  • Project Management Professional

Soft Skills

  • Customer service 
  • Strategic planning
  • Oral communication
  • Marketing

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Real Estate Agent FAQs

How do I get into real estate?

There are a few steps you need to follow to begin a career in real estate. First, you need to obtain a real estate license and find a broker to work with. You then need to decide whether to seek employment at a firm or pursue self-employment. Regardless of where you find employment, you need to join the National Association of Realtors, develop a marketing plan and build your online presence.

What makes a real estate agent stand out?

There are a few things you can do to stand out amongst other real estate agents. First, find your specialty and become an expert in that field. It doesn’t matter if you specialize in commercial or residential properties; you just need to build a solid foundation of knowledge. You also need to make yourself available to clients, build a professional website, market yourself effectively and always dress and act professionally.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and a realtor?

Real estate agents and realtors perform the same job duties, but there are a few differences to note. A real estate agent is an individual who maintains a valid license. Realtors are active members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Any real estate agent who joins the NAR can become a realtor.