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Working as an account manager can be a satisfying and rewarding career. Account manager positions are well-suited to people who value achievement and independence. LiveCareer’s account manager resume examples teach you how to make a more compelling resume. From content to format to design, our examples, written by certified resume writers show you how to make an impression on recruiters and hiring managers.


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What is a Account Manager ?

Account managers in marketing teams are the people who manage client relationships. They are a cross between a salesperson and a customer service representative. These roles gather requirements from clients and communicate with them to ensure the satisfaction of their needs. Additionally, account managers coordinate with other team members to deliver the necessary services to the clients. Fifty-six percent of marketing manager jobs such as account managers require a bachelor’s degree. Another 24% require at least a master’s degree.

What Makes This a Great
Account Manager Resume Example?

If you enjoy helping others achieve their marketing goals, a career as an account manager may be for you. Finding the right job is easier with a great resume. LiveCareer can help you get more interviews with our account manager resume examples. Use them as a guide for crafting a more persuasive resume. Here are a few ways our examples can help:

  • Professionally-written content: Creating a persuasive resume is easier with professionally written sample text. Copy content directly from our examples or use them as a model for creating your own. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which suggests pre-written content for every section of your resume.
  • Format options: Prominently position your more noteworthy qualifications by choosing the right resume format. In our example, the job seeker selected a combination format to highlight both his work experience and his skills, such as client development and new account creation, near the top. LiveCareer also has chronological and functional formats to use for senior- and entry-level candidates.
  • Template selection: Choose a resume design that fits the job and organization to which you are applying. The example job seeker chose a two-column template with an attractive blue header, which is both professional and creative – perfect for the marketing world. LiveCareer has a large catalog of templates suitable for any industry or employer.


3 Account Manager Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is your first chance to impress hiring managers. As an account manager, you could include your years of experience, client portfolio and notable projects. Here are three examples of account manager professional summaries:

  1. Capable account manager focused on a client-centric approach to portfolio management. Strong understanding of client relationship management techniques developed over five years of experience. Organized and reliable professional with keen abilities for maximizing customer lifetime value.
  2. Multitalented account manager with over seven years of experience in the marketing field. Goal-driven professional with a proven track record of effective client management. Dedicated team member with strong coordination and communication skills.
  3. Eager account manager with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. Strong customer service skills and extensive experience working with teams as large as 12 to satisfy project requirements. Fast learner with an emphasis on consistency and client satisfaction.

3 Account Manager Work Experience Examples

Your work history is a chance to delve into the details of your prior experience and achievements. On your account manager resume, consider including the number of clients in your portfolio and information on their needs. Here are a few examples of work history bullet points:

  1. Negotiated project details for marketing campaigns with clients and other stakeholders.
  2. Coordinated with other marketing team members to successfully meet client needs.
  3. Managed portfolio of over 15 clients with a cumulative marketing budget of more than $10 million.

Top Skills for Your Account Manager Resume

Show employers that you have the skills for the job by including your most desirable in your skills section. Our resume examples help you identify your best hard and soft account manager skills. Or, choose from these industry-specific skills that are currently in demand for this role:

Hard Skills

  • Client management
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Cold calling and lead generation

Soft Skills

  • Time management
  • Client communication
  • Problem sensitivity
  • Task ordering

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Account Manager FAQs

What are the roles and responsibilities of account managers?

Account managers foster relationships with clients of the marketing organization. This includes coordinating with clients to gather and document requirements. They also prepare campaign pitches to present to clients. Account managers are the main point of contact for clients, including communicating reports to them. They frequently also convey client needs and expectations to other team members.

What qualities and skills make an account manager successful?

Successful account managers tend to be very people-oriented. They are empathetic listeners and good at understanding what others want and need. Additionally, good account managers have strong organizational and cross-functional coordination skills. They excel at building trust and advocating for the clients in their portfolios. Effective account managers also tend to be proficient at asking probing questions.

Why is account management important?

Account managers are important because they help coordinate the relationship between a marketing team and its clients. They are the primary point of contact and help to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Accounts managers both pitch ideas and proposals to their clients and help advocate for customer needs. Their primary goal is to ensure that the team is satisfying its customers.