Format Tips: Writing An Account Manager Resume Summary Statement

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Seeing a generic objective on a resume is a red flag for potential employers. Most recruiters look at resume summary statements instead. Read on to learn how to go about writing a resume summary statement to impress potential employers.

What to Include in an Account Manager Resume Summary Statement

Bring all transferable skills and industry-specific strengths to the table when you’re writing a resume summary statement as well as a few desirable personality traits/soft skills. For an account manager, this means having communication skills, working with budgets, management experience and a strong sense of leadership and responsibility. Think back to the management positions that you’ve had in the past and consider the account manager position you’re trying to obtain now. Ask yourself, “What did I learn from your previous management position that I’ll be able to apply to this one? What are some of my skills that would be beneficial to this potential employer?”

How to Format an Account Manager Resume Summary Statement

Using knowledge that you gained as an account manager, refine your key selling points into four to six statements written in paragraph form. Selling points as an account manager include anything from strong interpersonal and negotiation skills to prioritizing various tasks and de-escalating high-stress scenarios. When you’re writing a resume summary statement, write an overview of who you are and why you would be good as an account manager while also keeping it short and to the point.

Tips for Writing an Account Manager Resume Summary Statement

Write down no more than six statements that list your key selling points. The first tip for writing a resume summary statement is to ensure that you’re not simply regurgitating information from the rest of your resume. While it is a summary of you and your resume, it shouldn’t list the same skills or strengths; it should only have similarities.

When writing a resume summary statement, make sure that you tailor it to the job you’re applying for. As an account manager, you should know about the position, the company and a few details about the broader industry. Use all of this to your advantage by incorporating relevant information to the specific position or company you’re applying to. For example, if you’re applying as an account manager at a major sales company, ensure that you’ve written down the skills you have within the sales and marketing categories. Writing an excellent resume summary statement as an account manager means showing the potential employer that you’re the best person for the job.

Examples of an Account Manager Resume Summary Statement

Proven skill at managing multiple projects at one time. Confident public speaking and communication skills. Strong sense of responsibility and an urge to lead a team. Driven to success and demonstrated ability in providing results.

Detail-oriented and dependable leader with extensive management experience and interpersonal skills. Committed and focused. History of improving employee satisfaction and reducing turnover rate. Ability to prioritize different tasks by urgency.

Proven account management professional with demonstrated communication skills. Analytical, strategic planner and accomplished team leader. Detail- and goal-oriented with 10+ years of experience in the industry. Able to handle and deescalate high-stress situations.

Writing a resume summary statement is an important skill that you need to acquire if you want to impress your recruiter with a flawless account manager resume.

When you’re trying to write a resume summary statement, LiveCareer may help provide templates and ideas for making sure that you show your best qualities.

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