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A travel agent is responsible for creating travel plans for business clients as well as vacation customers. An agent must be able to determine a client's needs based on budgets, schedules and desired activities; plan relevant tour packages; and book reservations for transportation, accommodations and special events. Applicants should have the ability to accurately research local customs and documentation laws and provide that information to clients.

Your travel agent job description must include information about your company's desired education, including whether applicants should have taken special travel-related courses, as well as information about which computer programs your company uses.

The job description should detail the skills required of an applicant, such as the ability to communicate effectively with people of all backgrounds, strong organizational skills and the ability to sell travel packages.

Travel Agent Job Description Template

Job Summary

If you are searching for your next adventure in your professional life, we may have the perfect position for you as a travel agent on our team. Our travel agents help make our customers’ dream trips and destinations become a reality. As a travel agent, you will learn about the inner workings of the travel and vacation industry, and you could even access exclusive discounts when you make travel plans for yourself. Your primary goal will be to deliver outstanding service to our customers and use your top sales techniques to help them discover incredible vacation opportunities and experiences. You will learn about the hottest destinations, the most amazing resorts and the greatest vacation excursions when working in this position.

Job Responsibilities

  • Discuss possible vacation options with clients and suggest destinations, transportation methods and lodging possibilities, depending on customer interests.
  • Make reservations for clients for air travel, car rentals, train travel, hotel lodging and resort bookings while ensuring the client’s preferences for the type of transport or hotel room are met.
  • Help customers learn about new destinations, resorts and vacation options by giving details about features, benefits and experiences available to guests.
  • Ensure top earning potential by selling various packages that include hotel, car and airline tickets or other combinations to help the company meet quarterly or monthly sales goals.
  • Coordinate payment schedules for vacation packages or other trip components with clients and process payments via credit card, check or cash.
  • Offer potential customers a comprehensive price quote for any type of destination package, airline ticket or hotel stay.
  • Organize itinerary materials for clients by printing out information related to plane tickets, hotel booking confirmations or other necessary paperwork.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • High school diploma or an equivalency
  • Two or more years of experience in customer service or the travel industry
  • Strong ability to communicate in writing and speaking
  • Excellent and quick decision-making skills
  • A solid understanding of Sabre and reservation systems
  • A commitment to meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations

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