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Use this professional created Sales Representative job description example to gain some inspiration on how to best craft your job description.

Sales representatives are needed at numerous companies to contact potential customers and explain the benefits of a certain product or service. They also contact existing customers to renegotiate prices or the terms of a service agreement. Representatives follow up with customers to ensure their total satisfaction with a transaction.

A high school diploma is generally sufficient. However, if the representative will be involved with specialized materials, such as medical equipment or pharmaceuticals, then a corresponding degree in that field could be helpful.

Finally, your sales representative job description needs to have key personality traits you want in an employee. Sales representatives need to be confident to make cold calls and possess interpersonal skills in order to develop good relationships with clientele.

Sales Representative Job Description Template

Job Summary

Are you ready for a new challenge that brings you lucrative rewards? Our company is currently recruiting for our sales representative team. We are looking for outgoing and personable individuals who have a strong persuasive technique. If you are looking to take your career in a new direction or continue your path in sales, this may be the place for you. You can earn cash bonuses beyond your salary with commissions that compensates your hard work. You will be working with a team of sales representatives, managers and support staff while providing information and technical details to our customers. You will build relationships with new and existing customers in order to drive business and increase revenue.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop contact with potential customers in the industry by cold calling, emailing or scheduling meetings in person.
  • Form new and continue existing relationships with companies in the customer database by visiting them in person, maintaining phone contact and addressing issues or problems when they come up.
  • Maintain a strong understanding about product inventory, features and technical specifications to answer specific customer questions.
  • Present information about company offerings during trade shows or other large events to potential customers.
  • Create new methods or strategies to help the sales team reach monthly goals for product revenue to increase company profitability.
  • Give customers in-person product demonstrations and teach them about the features and benefits of each item the company offers.
  • Attend weekly sales team meetings and provide information to management about sales figures, goals and obstacles.
  • Become a valuable and helpful resource in all of your dealings with customers and create a friendly reputation in the industry.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Three or more years of experience in sales or customer service
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, communication or another field
  • Excellent ability to communicate in writing or verbally
  • Friendly and personable with others
  • Proficiency with technology including basic computer operations
  • Ability to meet goals, stay organized and maintain a positive attitude

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