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Dental office managers are the backbone of a dental practice. In 2018, there were over 300,000 administrative services manager jobs in the United States. Dental office management is often a rewarding career for those who thrive in an environment that combines customer service skills with a knack for organization and administration. If that sounds like you, LiveCareer’s dental office manager resume examples illustrate the formatting, design and content your resume needs so that you’ll land the interview.


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What is a Dental Office Manager?

A dental office manager oversees day-to-day operations for a dental practice. Regular tasks may include appointment programming and billing, record keeping, preparing tax returns, training new hires, managing the payroll, restocking dental instruments and supplies, scheduling regular maintenance of equipment and developing ways to increase the office’s efficiency and productivity. Becoming a dental office manager typically requires a bachelor’s degree and some related work experience. The role falls under the umbrella of administrative services management, where the median salary in 2019 was $96,940 per year.

What Makes This a Great
Dental Office Manager Resume Example?

Finding your ideal job is no easy feat. Let LiveCareer lessen your load. Our dental office manager resume examples make the writing process easier by modeling the best practices in formatting, design and content. Here’s how using our examples can help:

  • Examples of industry-specific content: Our resume examples offer samples of professionally written content that you can use as is or modify with your own metrics, such as “Oversee all daily operations of a busy dental practice averaging 12-15 patients per day.” If you need more help, our builder offers pre-written text suggestions written by our team of certified resumes writers which you can then customize to meet your needs.
  • Format suggestions: This mid-career job seeker uses the combination resume format to place equal attention on her skills and substantial work history. For those just starting out, a functional format that emphasizes abilities over experience is often ideal. Veteran managers, on the other hand, often benefit from a chronological, experience-centered format.
  • Resume template examples: Presentation counts and you should choose your resume template with the employer in mind. This job seeker, for example, chose a clean, modern template that employs a contemporary font and carefully placed pops of color, all of which speak to her attention to detail. For those applying in a pediatric setting, a more colorful resume template might be appropriate.

3 Dental Office Manager Professional Summary Examples

Grab recruiters’ attention from the get-go with the help of our resume examples. They show you how to craft an appealing, informative dental office manager professional summary that combines your most impressive experience and metrics. Use those resume examples as models for your own document, or let the builder walk you through the drafting process from start to finish.

Below are three examples of professional summaries you might craft using our Resume Builder:

  1. Dependable dental office manager with over eight years of experience in a busy downtown dental practice. Trained and mentored eight-person staff in Dentrix software. Conducted regular performance reviews and handled all employee concerns.
  2. Recent college grad with a degree in communications and a 3.8 GPA. Interned in Cambridge dental practice for three summers. Demonstrated ability to lead. Excellent organization and time management skills.
  3. Veteran dental office manager with 28 years’ experience. Oversaw day-to-day operations at three networked dental facilities in Northwestern Indiana. Developed record-keeping system that eliminated waste by 80%.

3 Dental Office Manager Work Experience Examples

LiveCareer’s dental office manager resume examples take the guesswork out of documenting your professional experience. Model your own resume after them, or use our builder to compose the text you need to advance your career. You can plug our pre-written content suggestions directly into your documents or modify them with metrics that illustrate your skills.

Here are three examples of text suggestions our builder might make for your dental office manager work experience section:

  1. Oversaw bi-weekly payroll for 11-person staff, including paid leave.
  2. Processed all insurance claims and collected patient payments, co-payments and outstanding balances.
  3. Developed and led orientation and training program for seven new hires.

Top Skills for Your Dental Office Manager Resume

Successful dental office managers employ a variety of skills — everything from customer service to bookkeeping. Use our resume examples to pinpoint which skills to include on your resume. Add them to your document as-is or incorporate your own hard and soft skills. Here’s a selection of skills you might consider adding to your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Dentrix
  • Patient scheduling
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Dental staff management

Soft Skills

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Customer service
  • Active listening
  • Prioritizing tasks

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Dental Office Manager FAQs

What makes a good dental office manager?

A good dental office manager can multitask. They need excellent customer service skills and patient recall. Leadership skills are also valuable, as dental office managers often train and mentor staff. A dental office manager should be organized and dependable; scheduling appointments and maintaining records are large parts of the job. Many dental office managers rely on their math skills to manage accounts payable and receivable.

What are the responsibilities of a dental office manager?

Dental office managers oversee several aspects of a dental practice, such as payroll, inventory, staff meetings and budgets. They may create both staff schedules and patient appointments and act as a liaison between the dentist(s) and the rest of the staff. Dental office managers handle patient and billing information and need excellent patient recall to foster lasting relationships. The majority of dental practices require that office managers know Dentrix software as well.

How much money does a dental office manager make?

Dental office managers are a subset of administrative services managers. In 2019, the median annual pay for this type of position was $96,940 (or $46.61 per hour) according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ultimately, how much you make as a dental office manager depends on a variety of factors, including your location. In 2019, the states with the highest average annual wage for this work were New York, Rhode Island and New Jersey.