Step 1: Writing Your Summary Statement

First, it’s essential to start your resume with your most important professional details, which you can achieve crafting a solid summary statement. This is the piece of information at the top of your document that gets the most attention by hiring managers. If employers like what is there, they may continue to read more to find out about your additional qualifications. The best way to present this information is through bullet points or short sentences, like the marketing, advertising and PR resume template for Word shows.

Summary Statement Example 1:

• Promotions manager with more than six years of experience
• Experience developing campaigns for nonprofit organizations
• Responsible for a 30 percent awareness boost with social media campaign

Summary Statement Example 2:

Copywriter with 15 years of writing experience. Proven history of results with clear, compelling copy that gets noticed. Experience with television, radio, direct mail, the internet, magazines and other media

Summary Statement Example 3:

• Public relations specialist with two years of experience
• Expertise in developing a strong and effective message for corporations
• Experience in promotional press release writing

Summary Statement Example 4:

• Advertising sales account manager with three years of experience in broadcast media
• Increased advertising revenue by 12 percent in one year
• Specialize in helping clients develop their media message

Step 2: Writing Your Skills Section

After developing your summary statement, you then want to focus on listing your top skills. For workers in the marketing and advertising industry, there are key skills employers look for. The marketing, advertising and PR resume template for Word has some examples. Here are some details about how to write this section:

• Start your list of skills with the most desired knowledge and qualities indicated in the job posting.
• Make sure you list an honest representation of what you can really do; avoid exaggerating your qualifications.
• It’s best to present this information in a bulleted list to make it easy to read and comprehend.

Here are some of the most coveted skills and traits hiring managers may look for with jobs in marketing, advertising and PR:

• Strong persuasive skills
• Excellent understanding of current events, the media and online trends
• Ability to write compelling messages
• Expertise in delivering oral presentations with the media
• Strong multitasking ability
• Outgoing and personable

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Step 3: Writing Your Work History Section

Next, write information about your work experiences. Focus on following the example provided with the marketing, advertising and PR resume template for Word. Here are other essential tips:

• Choose only work experiences related to the job posting.
• Insert words and phrases from the job requirements into your history.
• Start each phrase with a strong action verb.

Here are some work history examples:

Promotions Manager at Velocity, Inc. / 2013-present / Las Vegas, NV

• Created promotional materials to help double projected sales
• Planned a promotional campaign to help boost name recognition
• Supervised copy and promotional material creation

Copywriter at Chantilly Orange / 2012-present / Oklahoma City, OK

• Developed written copy for clients to help promote brand awareness
• Wrote radio and television commercial scripts to convey humor

Public Relations Specialist at Merrell Toys / 2001-present / Columbus, OH

• Promoted toy company with strategically written press releases
• Shaped corporate message to community, parents, children and the media

Advertising Sales Account Manager at FOX 45 / 2011-present / Baltimore, MD

• Sold advertising television spots for local business commercials
• Developed strategies to help companies increase sales
• Cold called potential clients to generate new business

Step 4: Writing Your Education Section

You can end your resume with details about your educational history. Be sure to put these best practices to good use for the best results:

• For most jobs in marketing, advertising and PR, it is expected to start with your highest level of education, which is typically a bachelor’s degree.
• You can then give information about specific coursework, clubs, awards or activities that were significant in your college career.
• List degrees earned, the school you attended and the year of degree completion, like in the marketing, advertising and PR resume template for Word.

Here are some examples you can use:

University of Alaska / BS Marketing and Advertising / 2002
Coursework in Journalism
Staff Writer for student newspaper, The Frosty Times

Wrighter State University / BA English / 1996
Minor in Marketing
Recipient of Edward’s Memorial Scholarship
President of Beta Kappa Psi
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