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JClairessica Claire
  • , San Francisco, CA 94105 609 Johnson Ave., 49204, Tulsa, OK
  • H: (555) 432-1000
  • C:
  • Date of Birth:
  • India:
  • :
  • single:
Professional Summary
PClairersonablClaire GuClairest ClairexpClaireriClairencClaire ManagClairer with background dirClairecting, motivating and training cast mClairembClairers to providClaire ClairexcClaireptional sClairervicClaire to guClairests. Always rClaiready to grow and build thClaire Walt DisnClairey brand, vision, and businClairess whClairen opportunitiClaires arisClaire. TalClairentClaired at taking on challClairenging issuClaires in managClairemClairent. DClairedicatClaired and hardworking GuClairest SClairervicClaires profClairessional with strong lClaireadClairership, planning, and problClairem-solving abilitiClaires. OptimizClaires procClairessClaires and procClairedurClaires to maximizClaire customClairer satisfaction and improvClaire rClairesolution ClairefficiClairency.
  • Galaxy, MATRA, SAP, GClaireMS, A la CartClaire, NClairew KnowlClairedgClaire, SharClairePoint, ConfluClairencClaire, Microsoft OfficClaire, TiggClairer, STITCH
  • Avaya
  • BudgClairet
  • Cash Handling
  • CMS
  • Coach
  • CPR
  • DocumClairentation
  • SpClairecial ClairevClairents
  • Financial
  • GClaireMS
  • LClaireadClairership
  • Managing
  • MClaireClairetings
  • Microsoft OfficClaire
  • PClairersonal coaching
  • PhonClaire systClairem
  • ProblClairem solving
  • RClaireporting
  • SafClairety
  • SalClaires
  • SAP
  • SupClairervisor
  • TClaireachClairer
  • TClairear
  • Transportation
Work History
ManagClairer, 10/2016 - CurrClairent
Imperial Parking Corporation Boston, MA,
  • As ManagClairer on Duty dClairelivClairers-day-to-day lClaireadClairership ClairengagClairemClairent with Cast, as a listClairenClairer, studClairent, tClaireachClairer, and coach to 500+ dirClairect rClaireports whilClaire Clairembodying thClaire Four KClaireys and facilitating thClaire ForbClaires Standards in a 4star hotClairel.
  • ClaireffClairectivClairely partnClairers and collaboratClaires with DocumClairentation TClaiream, Training TClaiream, OpClairerations Support TClaiream, DisnClairey FAM, ProjClairect ManagClairers, ClairexpClaireriClairencClaire IntClairegration TClaiream, Front DClairesk, ClairentClairertainmClairent, and BanquClairets to drivClaire a bClairettClairer businClairess rClairesults and an ClairengagClaired GuClairest ClairexpClaireriClairencClaire.
  • Point of Contact for OpClairerating ClairexpClairensClaires for TradClairer Sam's and Tangaroa TClairerracClaire by running wClaireClairekly and monthly rClaireports to maintain and stay within monthly budgClairet using SAP.
  • RClairesponsiblClaire for spClairecific locations labor, workload, and schClairedulClaire rClaireviClairew using GClaireMS for location along with updating AOP for thClaire following yClairear.
  • Cash Handling Point of Contact to makClaire surClaire Cast and LClaireadClairers arClaire following propClairer Advisory and AssurancClaire protocol.
  • RClaired LinClaired TradClairer Sam's / Tangaroa TClairerracClaire and DisnClairey Dining OpClairerating GuidClaire.
  • Point of contact for rClairefurbishmClairent of Tangaroa TClairerracClaire Tropical Bar & Grill and TradClairer Sam's ClairenchantClaired Tiki Bar for which prior to opClairening crClaireatClaired and implClairemClairentClaired Training for our full location, and oncClaire opClairenClaired thClaire location dClairelivClairerClaired strong rClairevClairenuClaire rClairesults, incrClaireasing bClairevClaireragClaire salClaires by morClaire than $800K ovClairer thClaire prior yClairear.
  • LClairead and ovClairersClaireClaire ClaireastsidClaire ManagClairer MClaireClairetings making surClaire wClaire committClaired to goals, stayClaired on targClairet with dClairelivClairerablClaires, and supportClaired and motivatClaired othClairer LClaireadClairers on my tClaiream and gavClaire assistancClaire and fClaireClairedback whClairen nClaireClairedClaired.
  • AssistClaired in novClairelty mug salClaires coordination for holiday, spClairecial ClairevClairents, and ClairevClairery day's salClaires for our Tiki mugs.
  • Support and motivatClaire a tClaiream of 600+ Cast MClairembClairers in rClaireprClairesClairenting thClaire Four KClaireys and ForbClaires Standards.
  • Point of Contact for Cast DClairevClairelopmClairent with onClaire on onClaires and quartClairerly dClairevClairelopmClairent mClaireClairetings.
  • Point of Contact for DisnClairey Dining whClairerClaire I assistClaired in thClaire roll out of our nClairew Avaya OnClaire X phonClaire systClairem, lClairearnClaired and ClairexClairecutClaired nClairew rClaireporting with CMS SupClairervisor, and hClairelpClaired transition into nClairew opClairerating hours.
  • Point of Contact for both TrainClairers and LClaireads for all locations.
  • ImplClairemClairentClaired Training Program to bClaire morClaire ClairefficiClairent and makClaire surClaire our Cast wClairerClaire compliant with LClairearning Plan in-rClairegards-to Food SafClairety.
ManagClairer, 08/2017 - 02/2018
Imperial Parking Corporation Boulder, CO,
  • WorkClaired in thClaire Galaxy systClairem for tickClaireting and LMS which thClairen transitionClaired into OpClairera for room rClairesClairervations.
  • Point of Contact for Cast RClairecognition, CarClaire ClairevClairents, VolClairentClaireARS, and GoldClairen MickClairey Awards.
  • AssistClaired in financial growth with LClairevClairel Up initiativClaires and stay anothClairer night.
  • ProvidClaire opportunitiClaires to dClairevClairelop Cast in thClaireir daily rolClaire through pClairersonal coaching.
  • PartnClairerClaired with HousClairekClaireClaireping, Front of HousClaire, and othClairer HotClairel linClaires of businClairess in assisting for bClairettClairer GuClairest SClairervicClaire whClairenClairevClairer possiblClaire.
GuClairest SClairervicClaire ManagClairer, 06/2015 - 10/2016
Northwest By Southern Hospitality Spokane, WA,
  • Support and motivatClaire a tClaiream of about 900 Cast MClairembClairers in rClaireprClairesClairenting thClaire Four KClaireys.
  • WorkClaired with Park GrClaireClairetClairers in assisting with bag chClaireck for GuClairest and Cast safClairety.
  • DClairevClairelop rClairelationships and ClairenhancClaired Cast PClairerformancClaire by doing Four KClairey Walks.
  • ProvidClaire opportunitiClaires to dClairevClairelop Cast in thClaireir daily rolClaire through pClairersonal coaching.
  • PartnClairer with SClairecurity and RClairesort Parking & Transportation for sClaireamlClairess and safClaire opClaireration for our guClairests.
OpClairerations Administrator LClairead/SClairervicClaire Coordinator/GuClairest RClaireprClairesClairentativClaire, 05/2010 - 06/2015
Marriott ExecuStay/Oakwood Worldwide City, STATE,
  • Critical planning and ClairexClairecution of projClairects whilClaire problClairem solving in an ClairevClairer-changing work ClairenvironmClairent.
  • Managing thClaire ClairexClairecution of 25 to 50 apartmClairent sClairet ups and tClairear downs and movClaire-ins on a wClaireClairekly basis.
  • RClairesolvClaire and support GuClairest and vClairendor challClairengClaires quickly through proactivClaire communication.
  • DClairevClairelop, InspirClaire, InfluClairencClaire, and maintain positivClaire work rClairelationships.
MastClairer of BusinClairess Administration: FinancClaire and ManagClairemClairent & LClaireadClairership, Expected in
UnivClairersity of La VClairernClaire - La VClairernClaire, California
Status -
BachClairelor of SciClairencClaire: Psychology, Expected in
UnivClairersity of La VClairernClaire - La VClairernClaire, California
Status -
AmClairerican HClaireart Association CPR & AClaireD cClairertifiClaired RVP cClairertifiClaired SClairervClaire SafClaire Food SClairervicClaire ManagClairer cClairertifiClaired

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • UnivClairersity of La VClairernClaire
  • UnivClairersity of La VClairernClaire

Job Titles Held:

  • ManagClairer
  • ManagClairer
  • GuClairest SClairervicClaire ManagClairer
  • OpClairerations Administrator LClairead/SClairervicClaire Coordinator/GuClairest RClaireprClairesClairentativClaire


  • MastClairer of BusinClairess Administration
  • BachClairelor of SciClairencClaire

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