Format Tips: Writing An Admin Assistant Resume Summary Statement

Administrative assistants are needed in many different industries, and the job duties vary significantly from one position to the next, so writing a resume summary statement that tailors your resume to each position you apply for is essential. Summary statements have replaced objectives as they offer more freedom for admin assistants to communicate their various skills and experiences.

Below, find advice on what to do when you sit down to write your admin assistant resume summary statement.

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What to Include

Include the most relevant experiences and skills you have obtained as an admin assistant, tailoring each one to the functions of the job you are applying for. Mention any jobs you held in the past that were in a related field to the one you are applying for and suggest how those experiences would make you a good fit for the position. Admin assistant roles require a blend of soft skills and technical abilities, so your summary statement should include examples of both.

How to Format

When writing a resume summary statement for an admin assistant position, always place the summary of qualifications first. Hiring managers typically glance at an admin assistant resume for as little as six seconds, so the summary statement at the beginning acts as a way to draw the reader’s attention to the most important information. Format your summary statement in paragraph form, using about three to five lines of sentence fragments. You may choose to highlight your experiences in your summary statement and follow it up with an organized list or table of accomplishments and skills if they are numerous.

Tips for Writing

When writing a resume summary statement, include keywords that are relevant to the duties of an admin assistant. Look for keywords used in the job description and highlight the ones that accurately describe your qualifications. Include sentence fragments to describe specific skill sets, such as “Dependable and focused” and “Microsoft Office and QuickBooks.” The typical summary statement is four or five sentences at the most and fits a maximum of five lines.


Take a look at the following examples for inspiration when writing a resume summary statement for an admin assistant position:

  • Versatile admin assistant with excellent organizational skills and extensive knowledge of office policies and procedures. Strong communication skills and strategic planning abilities.
  • Accomplished administrative assistant with experience working in a large law firm. In-depth knowledge of legal terminology and practice. Licensed notary public. Enthusiastic and professional.
  • Experienced administrative assistant with training in a wide range of office administration tasks. Able to work under pressure and collaborate with a team. Successful record of fielding phone calls, providing information to clients and acting as liaison between departments.
  • Highly trained administrative assistant with five years of experience in finance. Deeply knowledgeable about investment practices and securities. Proven record of excellence in office administration, minute keeping, generating expense reports and customer service.

The duties of an admin assistant vary widely, so a strong resume statement is the perfect way to tie together diverse skill sets and present them in a way that is meaningful to a hiring manager looking for specific qualities in an employee. Your admin assistant resume summary statement is the first thing a hiring manager sees, so it must effectively communicate what you are capable of as an assistant.

The tips and tricks on LiveCareer may be helpful when writing a resume summary statement and organizing your skills and achievements. Be sure to check out more helpful resume formats and cover letter formats.

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