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An office manager oversees the administrative services of an office, including developing filing systems and creating budgets. Daily duties may comprise supervising and recruiting employees, and longer-term duties may include developing policies for areas such as requesting supplies.

Your office manager job description needs to outline any necessary work or industry experience as well as educational credentials. It should list areas such as employee supervision or inventory control that are most important for this specific position.

Office managers must have excellent communication and organizational abilities. Many have bachelor’s degrees and previous experience in an office. They also have demonstrated the ability to be an effective team member and team leader.

Office Manager Job Description Template

Job Summary

We aspire to facilitate a company culture filled with happy, enthusiastic and hard-working individuals striving for excellence. With an energetic, personable, and highly organized office manager joining our team, we can continue to facilitate such a culture while also providing excellent service to our clients and customers. You will coordinate logistical and administrative tasks for multiple departments and liaise with our vendors, suppliers, clients and customers to ensure everything runs smoothly. With your keen eye for attention and excellent problem-solving skills, you will oversee daily operations, fix problems and develop processes to enhance efficiency. You will also have the exciting opportunity to create and implement new organizational plans to streamline business operations.

Job Responsibilities

  • Oversee scheduling of conference rooms, meetings, catering and other operational tasks to reduce any potential conflicts.
  • Coordinate administrative and logistical tasks, including assigning certain tasks to other team members, to streamline operations and enhance efficiency in all departments.
  • Communicate with team leaders to ensure all necessary tasks are completed in an effective and resourceful matter, and assist where necessary.
  • Contact customers and vendors about projects and coordinate meetings with applicable team members to make sure tasks are handled appropriately.
  • Develop a training program for new hires with the assistance of department heads, and conduct training for designated new team members.
  • Handle accounts receivable and billing, including printing out reports and coordinating with the accounting department to check that all accounts reconcile.
  • Prepare certain documents, including business and sales proposals, as needed to support team leaders and executive staff members.
  • Ensure all team members adhere to company policies and handle any violations according to the policy guidelines.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Associate degree or equivalent experience
  • 3-5 years or more experience in office management or a related administrative role
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Strong organizational and problem-solving skills
  • Outstanding time management skills
  • Previous customer service or front office experience

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