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An entry-level resume template can help you accomplish two goals. Firstly, it can demonstrate that you know what you’re doing, and you know how to navigate the marketplace. Also, your efforts can draw employer attention toward your academic credentials rather than your professional workplace experience since you may have plenty of the first and little of the second. If you’ve never held a professional job before and you’re embarking on the very first steps of your career, don’t worry. These templates can highlight your ambition and potential since they encourage employers to focus on your future, not your past.

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Entry Level Advice

These resume templates are perfect for entry-level job-seekers looking to submit a polished, professional resume to potential employers. Click on any of the entry-level resume samples below to see an example of an entry-level resume you can customize with LiveCareer’s Resume Builder.

Project Manager Entry Level Resume Template

Resume Tips for Entry-Level Workers

Your search for jobs as an entry-level employee will take some attention to detail and a positive mentality. Use the following tips to guide your efforts at job-hunting in this thriving environment.

  1. Stay positive while you hunt for a new job. Whether you still have a job or are unemployed, the search can quickly become frustrating.
  2. Create your plan of action. This might involve getting help at a job center or visiting career fairs. It should also include a review of your resume and some research into potential employers.
  3. Prepare to think creatively. You may have some newly acquired skills, or your past experience might have prepared you to look for jobs in a new direction. Open yourself up to those possibilities.
  4. Learn how to network productively. Talking to family, friends, and associates can open more new resources and leads than you might expect.
  5. Take advantage of the many available resources for job leads. Check out job banks, review the websites of potential employers, and contact job centers for any contact information that might be valuable.
Entry Level Resume Template With Tips

Entry-Level Job Seeking Tips

Your resume is one of your most valuable tools when it comes to hunting down jobs as an entry-level worker. Put a little extra effort and time into making sure that your resume is at its very best. Use the following tips to make your resume really stand out.

  1. Identify the purpose of your resume. Keep your goal firmly in mind and compare the rest of your decisions to that goal to be sure that your resume is focused.
  2. Consider the addition of a branding statement that lets potential employers know right away what you have to offer them. This statement should tell how you’re different or what makes you unique from other candidates.
  3. Plan to include your name, address, phone number, email address, education, and experience on your resume. You might consider adding a resume focal point to quickly grab the hiring manager’s eye. This section should usually appear in the top third of your resume.
  4. Add a bulleted qualifications summary that highlights keywords relevant to each position to which you are applying. Make sure that your pertinent accomplishments and skills really stand out.
  5. Learn to use keywords effectively. Many employers today rely on digital methods of locating candidates for their open positions. Look for a list of “power” keyword phrases and choose those that are relevant.
Emphasis 1 Expanded Resume Template
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