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Getting hired by the school of your choice means you’ll need a solid plan of action to prove your value to the principal or human resources department. The top candidates will be ready with a compelling resume that details their knowledge and skills in the field. The paraprofessional resume template for Word and writing guide below can show you how to develop a strong and convincing document. You can use the example to create a top summary statement, skills section, work history and education section.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Most modern resumes begin with a short introduction that gives an overview of what value you can provide the company. This section is the summary statement, and in some cases, it will be the only part the hiring managers read. That’s why it’s so important to make your summary statement strong and attention-grabbing.

Like the paraprofessional resume template for Word, your statement should be short. Ideally, you should write about three sentences or short bullet points. Here are the details you should include:

* Your top accomplishments

* Any transferable skills you have

* Must-have skills from the job posting

Here are some examples of what a finished summary statement looks like. Review the following examples and create your own customized statement for the job:

Example 1

Compassionate and flexible paraprofessional with more than 10 years of experience in the classroom. Expertise in working with children with autism. Skilled partner to the general educator and special education staff.

Example 2

Highly capable paraprofessional with 15 years of experience working with children with disabilities. Experience with emotionally disturbed children in a small group setting. Top attention to detail and skilled in providing accommodations to a diverse population.

Example 3

Enthusiastic and caring paraprofessional with five years of experience in education. Dedicated to assisting students with accessing the curriculum and being successful. Excellent communication skills and team player ethic.

Example 4


* Paraprofessional with 12 years of experience

* Specialize in working one-on-one with students

* Highly organized and dependable

Writing Your Skills Section

To advance further and get a potential job interview, you should also create a strong skills section. This is the part of the resume you can write with the job advertisement in mind. Companies that use computerized applicant tracking systems have machines scan the resume for key terms and phrases from the posting, which should be part of your skills section. If your resume is a match, hiring managers may review the rest of your document with more interest. Here are other ways to optimize this section:

* Write a list of about six to eight important skills

* Use bullets for easy readability and eliminate periods

* Include both specific and general job skills

You can see some skills in the paraprofessional resume template for Word and in this example list:

* Experience with behavior interventions

* Understanding of the IEP process

* Ability to accommodate all students

* Organized and efficient recordkeeper

* Certified in Basic Lifesaving

* Strong communication skills

* Able to collaborate with educators

Writing Your Work History Section

Another part of a great resume is a solid work history section. The paraprofessional resume template for Word demonstrates an effective way to organize details that prove the candidate is capable and ready for the job’s responsibilities. It’s important to focus on details similar to the job posting’s required duties. Here are other ways to make this section strong:

* List your most recent work experiences from the past 10 years

* Use varied word choice, with strong action verbs for each job detail

* Put your top achievements at the front of each job listing

* Give specific details, such as metrics to demonstrate proficiency

Here you can see some example paraprofessional work history responsibilities and duties:

* Recognized by the PTA as the paraprofessional of the year

* Assisted seven students with special needs in each classroom

* Provided accommodations for students, such as scribing, verbatim reading and giving breaks

* Planned instructional activities during teacher preparation times with the general educator

Writing Your Education Section

Your resume can end strongly with a well-written education section. Paraprofessionals may not have a lengthy academic history with a college degree, but it still important to make this section as strong as possible, like the paraprofessional resume template for Word. Along with any college coursework, you can include details about certifications or other training classes you’ve taken. Here are some best practices:

* Place the most recent educational details first

* Write about your program, school and the dates of completion

* Include education or training that is relevant to the job

Learn how to make a great education section with the two examples below:

Example 1

Completion of Teacher Assistant Courses – 2009

Tidewater Community College, Norfolk, Virginia

High School Diploma – 2006

Grayson High School, Richmond, Virginia

Example 2

Teacher Aide Training – 2011

Palo Alto College, San Antonio, Texas

Certification in First Aid – 2010

Palo Alto College, San Antonio, Texas

High School Diploma – 2008

Turner High School, Dallas, Texas


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