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The job market is competitive, so it’s crucial that your resume stands out and gets noticed. To catch the eye of recruiters, it needs to detail your accomplishments, skills, and qualifications in a way that is easy to read and concise but gives enough information to prove you are the right choice for the job. Creating a strong resume, like the one pictured, is simple with our administrative assistant resume template for Word. It includes sections for your summary statement, skills, work history, and education so recruiters can find everything they need with just one glance.

Administrative Assistant Office Support Resume Template

Writing Your Summary Statement

Think of the summary statement as the introduction to your resume. It gives potential employers an overview of your skills and experience and should entice them to want to read more. This is your chance to shine.

Your summary statement should briefly explain in paragraph or bullet point form why you are the right person for the job. Include keywords and required skills that are relevant to the administrative assistant position as listed in the job posting. Make sure to include:

  • Job title and experience

  • 2-3 position-specific skills

  • A personality trait or specific expertise related to the position

Here are a few examples of well-crafted summary statements:

Administrative assistant with 10 years’ experience working in corporate environments. Extremely organized and fully versed in Microsoft Office, Outlook, and invoicing software. Professional and friendly demeanor.

Administrative assistant with three years of experience. Able to handle large volume of phone calls and emails and possesses strong research and analytical skills. Able to grasp new concepts quickly and efficiently.

Administrative assistant with over a decade of experience. Skilled at organization and time management for optimum efficiency. Computer savvy, with knowledge of Office, Outlook, and QuickBooks. Not afraid to tackle any task.

Administrative assistant:

  • 20 years’ experience

  • Meeting and seminar planning expertise

  • Professional demeanor; often communicates with top-level executives

Use the administrative assistant resume template for Word to create your own eye-catching summary.

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is a list of skills that you possess that shows recruiters that you are qualified for the job. You can use bullet points to make the skills easy to read and make sure to organize them in a way that makes sense. The administrative assistant resume template for Word puts this section right near the top of the page where it can be easily identified. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Include 6-8 skills that are directly related to the job posting

  • Keep it general, save details for the summary and work history sections

  • List the most important skills first

Here is a list of top skills required for administrative assistant positions that you might include:

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills

  • Adept communicator, both in writing and verbally

  • Advanced computer literacy (Microsoft Office, Outlook, and search engines)

  • Strong research skills

  • Invoicing and basic accounting skills

  • Able to type [X] words per minute

  • Proactive

Writing Your Work History Section

If the previous sections were the appetizers- meant to get hiring managers salivating- the work history section is the main course. This is where you showcase your experience and achievements, supporting the claims you made in the summary and skills sections. To make sure you put your best foot forward, follow these tips when filling out the work history section of the administrative assistant resume template for Word:

  • Include job title, company, duration, and location

  • Include 5-8 bullet points for each job description

  • Use action verbs when describing responsibilities and achievements

  • Add metrics to make job descriptions more specific

  • Include keywords used in the job posting

Here are a few excellent examples of administrative assistant job descriptions for the work history section:

  • Created system to cut time spent processing incoming invoices by 25%

  • Organized procedures resulting in more efficient management of meeting scheduling

  • Researched and drafted a 50-page document that helped marketing team create a re-branding strategy for a major client

  • Communicated regularly with high-level executives via telephone and email and in-person

Writing Your Education Section

A certain level of education or training is often listed as a requisite in job postings. The specially designed education section in the administrative assistant resume template for Word lets you list your academic achievements in a clearly labeled section that is easy to locate. Here are some useful tips:

  • List in chronological order, most recent first

  • Never include a GPA unless you are a recent graduate

  • List all relevant training, including certificates, seminars, volunteer positions, and short courses

Here are some great examples of the education section of an administrative assistant resume:

Example 1:

Associate of Applied Science: Business Administration – 2016

Wright State University – Wilberforce, OH

Courses included: Financial accounting, micro/macroeconomics

Short Course: Project Management for Administrative Professionals – June 2015

American Management Association – Dayton, OH

Example 2:

Bachelor in Business Economics – 2015

UCLA – Los Angeles, CA

Courses included: Accounting, business strategy, organizational behavior

The Administrative Assistants Conference – January 2016

National Seminars Training – Anaheim, CA

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