Head Chef Resume Objective Example

A Head Chef is responsible for overseeing the rest of the kitchen staff and ensuring that every order is made perfectly. Whether you are applying to a restaurant, catering company, or hotel, your resume objective needs to reflect the experiences and skills you possess that make you well-adept at being the organization’s Head Chef.

What The Head Chef Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

One of the most important duties a Head Chef has is creating the menu for the establishment. The chef is also in charge of deciding what ingredients to use and ensuring that all supplies and food are stocked. A Head Chef needs to have exceptional leadership abilities in order to lead the other members of the kitchen staff. A keen eye for detail is also needed because the chef will need to guarantee that the kitchen is always up to code and maintains proper health standards. Experiences to emphasize in your resume objective include past work as a chef and the ability to provide exquisite customer service so that patrons are satisfied with their meals and the entire experience.

Sample Head Chef Resume Objectives

In order to make it obvious to the prospective employer that you genuinely desire the position, you need to include the name of the company.

1. Looking to secure a Head Chef position at ABC company to apply prior experiences with preparing menus and keep supplies well-stocked.

2. Obtain a position at ABC company in order to use background in training kitchen staff and maintaining hygienic standards as the Head Chef.

3. Use experience gained by catering large events and supervising trainees in order to be an effective Head Chef at ABC company.

4. Searching for a Head Chef position with ABC company that promotes creativity and a dedication to providing the freshest meals possible.

5. Passionate and proactive professional with 10+ years of experience making a variety of dishes and inspecting all orders for freshness seeking a position at ABC company as a Head Chef.

Skills To Put in a Head Chef Resume Objective

A big part of what makes a resume objective statement effective is skills. When describing yourself, let readers know what you are capable of by describing your abilities and how you developed them. Employers value this information highly, so including it greatly improves your chances of catching their attention.

There are two types of skills you should include in your head chef resume objective. These are hard and soft skills. This distinction relates to whether they are behavioral in nature. A strong resume objective will include both kinds. One great strategy to discover which hard and soft skills are valuable to include is to review the job description closely. Hiring managers often include the exact skills they desire in the job posting.

Head chef resumes require a specific set of skills. Here are some common ones to include:

  1. Extensive experience leading a team of chefs in multiple restaurant and hotel environments
  2. Complete understanding of a huge range of dish preparation
  3. Knowledge of dishes from all different cultures
  4. Able to adapt to changing situations dynamically
  5. Delegation abilities, giving instructions clearly and quickly
  6. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  7. Detail-oriented management abilities
  8. Excellent professional communication, including written and oral
  9. Intimately familiar with standard kitchen safety procedures
  10. Experienced cleaning and decontaminating working surfaces
  11. Fully food handler certified

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