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The fast-paced yet laid-back atmosphere of coffee shops holds appeal for many job seekers. If it’s your dream to join the 480,200 baristas and other counter attendants who work in the food service industry, use LiveCareer’s barista resume examples to create your own unique resume. Our examples show you how to write, format and design a resume that will get you noticed.


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What is a Barista ?

Baristas prepare beverages at coffee shops. They know the types of coffees and teas their establishments sell and use specialized equipment such as coffee grinders, steamers, blenders and espresso machines. The most adept baristas create an artistic flourish atop each latte; in fact, one study revealed that coffee shop customers are willing to pay 11% to 13% more for a drink when a barista uses steamed milk to decorate it. They interact with customers, listening carefully to customer preferences and receiving various methods of payment. Many also perform duties similar to that of a server.

What Makes This a Great
Barista Resume Example?

If a coffee shop is your happy place, LiveCareer can help give you a reason to visit one on a full-time basis — as an employee. Here’s how our barista resume examples can help you write a resume that will catch the eye of a coffee shop hiring manager:

  • Strong written content: Our barista resume examples contain professionally-written keywords and phrases like “trained in small-batch and artisanal blend coffees at this acclaimed coffee establishment.” Using the right language on your resume can make all the difference so, if you need more help, use our Resume Builder, which will suggest pre-written content crafted by our certified resume writers.
  • Format selection: The chronological resume format in this example lets the job seeker’s extensive work history as a barista shine. Someone with less experience may choose a functional format to more strongly emphasize relevant skills like foam art and knowledge of teas, or a combination format while incorporating elements of the other two formats.
  • Choice of resume template: In most environments, being a barista is considered a creative profession. For this reason, a colorful template, like this one used in this example, would be appropriate for most coffee shop applications. However, a professional or traditional template would be more appropriate for more conservative environments, such as a hotel or airport.

3 Barista Professional Summary Examples

Our barista resume examples show you how to write a professional summary that is concise but compelling. Study them as you write your own, or check out these barista summaries for inspiration:

  1. Proud foam artist with 5 years of barista experience in upscale coffee roasting establishment. Knowledge of specialty drinks and ability to modify them to customer specifications. Looking for the next opportunity to contribute to a successful coffee shop business.
  2. Hard-working coffee connoisseur and home barista who knows the difference between a pour-over and a French press. Two years of successful cashier and waitressing experience. Able to lift 50 pounds and spend long shifts standing cheerfully behind a counter.
  3. Recent high school graduate and aspiring barista ready to learn the ropes of working in a coffee shop. Trustworthy and diligent, with over 100 hours of community service logged. Flexible schedule and own reliable transportation.

3 Barista Work Experience Examples

If you are not sure how best to describe your work experience, study the well-written wording on our resume examples. They’ll show you how to word this critical section and add metrics.

Here are three additional bullet points to consider as you learn to write your work experience section:

  1. Ground, weighed, packaged and labeled more than 15 varieties of freshly roasted coffee beans for store use, display and customer purchase.
  2. Educated customers by answering questions about sourcing of fair-trade certified coffees sold as well as about brewing methods and ingredients of baked goods.
  3. Functioned as part of a team by washing dishes, cleaning and bussing tables when needed.

Top Skills for Your Barista Resume

If you are not sure which qualifications are most important for a barista, look no further than our example resumes. Here are hard and soft skills to add to your barista resume that employers often want to see in barista candidates:

Hard Skills

  • Espresso machines
  • Commercial blenders
  • Beverage customization
  • Cash register operation

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • High energy
  • Good communication
  • Dependability

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Barista FAQs

How do you describe barista duties on a resume?

Describe your barista duties using specific metrics. For example, estimate the number of customers you served each day or the pounds of coffee you ground per month. Include physical aspects of the work, such as lifting or carrying boxes of a certain weight. Also, detail your interactions with the public and your co-workers.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a barista?

A barista’s primary responsibilities are to take customer orders and then prepare coffee and other beverages using espresso makers, blenders and other equipment. Most coffee shops also serve food, so baristas prepare and heat items like sandwiches and pastries. Other common duties include using a cash register and cleaning the kitchen.

What qualifications do you need to be a barista?

There is no educational requirement to be a barista, although most employers prefer a high school diploma or its equivalent. You must be able to bend over and carry items, to count money and to interact in a pleasant way with the public. Some previous knowledge of drinks made from coffee is helpful, but most establishments provide on-the-job training.