Personal Banker Resume Examples

In this competitive field, it’s critical to begin your search for your next personal banker role with a solid resume. Our personal banker resume examples were created to show you how to write, format and design a resume that will get you noticed by hiring managers to help you land the job you want.


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What is a Personal Banker?

Sometimes referred to as commodities, securities or financial services sales agents, personal bankers build relationships with banking clients by providing them with financial solutions and products. Personal bankers work in a variety of environments including banks, credit unions and other institutions. Specific responsibilities include resolving issues regarding client accounts, explaining banking services, overseeing transactions and opening and closing accounts. To be successful, building and maintaining relationships with customers is crucial. Personal bankers typically have a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related area, and a master’s degree in business administration is useful for career advancement or leadership positions.

What Makes This a Great
Personal Banker Resume Example?

Personal bankers are required to be good with numbers but resume writing can be a challenge. Learning how to highlight your professional achievements is simple when you use our personal banker resume examples as a model. Here’s how they can help:

  • Professionally-written content: LiveCareer’s examples feature resume text written by certified resume writers. Our examples show you the type of language you should use to make an impression on hiring managers. Use this guidance to master your professional summary, skills listing and work history, or use our Resume Builder which will make custom suggestions as you write each section of your resume.
  • Recommend formats: The example uses a combination format to present this mid-career job seeker’s experience and financial skills in equal measure. If you are an entry-level applicant or a decade or more of experience, another resume format might better highlight your credentials.
  • Suggest templates: This job seeker used a modern, professional template to present her experience. It’s effective because it is clean and subtle, which is in line with the conservative nature of the banking industry. For roles in less traditional settings, our builder offers a selection of modern and creative resumes templates.


3 Personal Banker Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is a critical section of your resume and should detail your most relevant skills and accomplishments in two to five concise sentences. Our personal banker resume examples show you how to write this critical section in a compelling manner.

Below are three additional examples of professional summaries to consider for your personal banker resume:

  1. Goal-oriented, dependable personal banker with over five years of experience in the financial services industry. Sold credit lines and personal loans that increased branch revenues by 25% in six months. Strong aptitude for customer service and excellent computer skills.
  2. Dependable personal banker with 15+ years of experience providing comprehensive financial services to diverse clients. Strong background in identifying personal banking needs, processing personal information and developing retirement plans for clients. Expert in marketing and advertising.
  3. Entry-level personal banker with two years of internship experience in the banking services industry. Proficient in financial modeling, data management and QuickBooks. Bachelor’s degree in accounting.

3 Personal Banker Work Experience Examples

A work experience section should succinctly detail your work history by providing information about responsibilities, achievements and skills acquired. Use our resume examples to see how to write your own work experience section using metrics that will catch the eye of recruiters.

The following are three examples of work history content to consider as you write your own:

  1. Expanded customer relationships and improved client retention rates by 12% by implementing a regular follow-up process.
  2. Worked with branch management to strategize sales techniques, increasing bank revenues by 15% in one year.
  3. Provided 20+ clients per week with personalized service on all financial accounts, offering advice and solutions.

Top Skills for Your Personal Banker Resume

It can be confusing to identify the skills that hiring managers are looking for in a personal banker. Use our resume examples to take the guesswork out of choosing which skills to include on your resume.

Here are some skills that might enhance your personal banker resume:

Hard Skills

  • Financial planning
  • Data forecasting
  • 401K management
  • Financial marketing

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • Problem-solving
  • Oral communication
  • Attention to detail

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Personal Banker FAQs

What are the responsibilities of a personal banker?

Personal bankers work in financial institutions and provide advice and account management services to clients. They offer banking products and solutions they feel may enhance the experience of their clients. Some employers may have sales goals bankers must meet. Personal bankers collaborate with management, tellers, loan officers and other financial professionals on a regular basis.

How can I become a personal banker?

To become a personal banker, you will need a bachelor’s degree in a finance-related area such as accounting, financial services, economics or business management. You can gain experience in the industry by working part-time or interning with a banking establishment. Use your internship or part-time position to gain the skills and make the connections that may enable you to obtain a personal banking job after you graduate.

What makes a great personal banker?

Great personal bankers have excellent interpersonal skills and always put their clients first. Because personal bankers interact with clients on a daily basis, a motivation to help people and excellent customer service skills are a must. Exceptional personal bankers also have extensive knowledge of the financial services industry and products that are available to customers.