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A prep cook is a great starting place for anyone looking to break into the culinary field. Prep cooks have a job title that is fairly self-explanatory — they prepare foods for chefs and line cooks. An estimated 1.4 million restaurant cooks are working in the United States, which includes prep cooks.

Study our prep cook resume example, crafted by a certified resume writer, to learn how to write a resume that will help you break into the field. Our resume example shows you all the ingredients that make up an eye-catching resume.


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What is a Prep Cook?

Prep cooks slice, chop, and prepare ingredients chefs need to create meals. They carry out daily food preparation tasks assigned to them by the executive or sous chefs. Their primary responsibilities include checking deliveries, cleaning and cutting vegetables and meats, correctly labeling, dating and boxing ingredients, setting up equipment, checking for spoilage, and maintaining sanitation and food storage guidelines.

Prep cooks do not cook food but may prepare sauces, salads or desserts. Depending on the eating establishment, they might also have to clean the dishes and take out the trash cans.

What Makes This a Great
Prep Cook Resume Example?

You may possess the right mix of talent, skills and experience but to land a role at a great restaurant you’ll need a strong resume. Our prep cook resume example is designed to show you how to create one. Here are three ways our examples can help:

  • Professionally-written resume content: Written by a certified professional resume writer who understands the current trends in the restaurant industry, this prep cook resume example was designed to show you the right keywords and job-specific resume phrases to use to make a positive impression. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which will make pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Resume format selection: Our prep cook resume example helps you identify the format that is best suited to your level of experience. The example above uses the combination resume format, which is perfect for an applicant who wants to show off both a strong skill set and an impressive career trajectory. Entry-level job seekers or those with many years of experience should consider a different resume format.
  • Industry-appropriate designs: Prep cooks should choose a resume design that matches the eating establishment at which they hope to work. A resume template with a pop of color, like in the example above, is a versatile choice for most companies. However, for roles in fine dining, applicants might consider a more traditional resume format.

3 Prep Cook Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first — and arguably the most important — section of a resume. Write a bad one and it can leave a bad taste in a hiring manager’s mouth. Use our prep cook resume example’s professional summary as inspiration as you learn to write your own.

Or, consider one of these three additional options:

  1. Quality-conscious prep cook with four years of experience. Adept at chopping techniques, food storage, and sanitation management. Superb team player having experience working for upscale restaurants in a fast-paced environment with a large team. Possess good communication and ingredients-management skills.
  2. Tireless prep cook with seven years of experience working across multiple kitchen formats. Skilled in preparing exact portions for high-volume dishes and adept at cleaning and readying all types of kitchen equipment for instant use. Experienced in preparing essential ingredients order lists and coordinating deliveries.
  3. Prep cook with three years of experience. Experienced in handling cold storage facilities.  Attentive to using fast-perishing items on a first-in, first-out basis to prevent losses. Devised a food storage system that resulted in a 15% reduction in food waste, saving the restaurant $10k in one year. Team player, strong communicator, and hard worker with a flexible schedule.

3 Prep Cook Work Experience Examples

When writing your work experience section, it’s critical to show potential employers not just your work responsibilities but the quantifiable ways you contributed to a previous employer’s success. Study our prep cook resume example to learn how to weave data and metrics into your resume.

Here are three work experience section examples suitable for this role:

  1. Single-handedly chop approximately 74 pounds of vegetables and fruits daily.
  2. Prepare soups and salads for 240 prix fixe dinners every Sunday.
  3. Prepare 15 varieties of marinades and salads daily at a popular barbecue restaurant.

Top Skills for Your Prep Cook Resume

Many top restaurant and hotel chains use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to identify candidates with the right skills and experience. To pass the ATS, your resume must contain the right skills and keywords. Our prep cook resume example shows you the top skills hiring managers look for in candidates.

For more ideas, use our Resume Builder to access an extensive list of the most sought-after skills for this role. Here are some skills that our builder might recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Expert knife skills
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Extensive food safety training
  • Artistic plating

Soft Skills

  • Excellent communication
  • Team player
  • Creative
  • Patience

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Prep Cook FAQs

How can one become a prep cook?

The prep cook role is an entry-level position. Restaurants usually prefer candidates with a high school diploma or an equivalent degree. Prior experience is also not compulsory as candidates receive on the job training. Apart from this, candidates should be physically fit and have good dexterity. Experience in chopping and cutting is an advantage. However, some restaurants and kitchens might insist on some culinary school certification or degree.

What roles can prep cooks pursue in the future?

Prep cooks have a broad career scope. They begin their journey with routine tasks like cutting and storing ingredients, labeling boxes, and more. In addition to proficiency in routine tasks, they are responsible for preparing sauces, marinades, and side dishes like soups and salads. With basic training in cooking, they can progress to work as line cooks. They can choose to undertake a culinary course and work as a junior chef, then a sous chef, and finally as an executive chef.

How long should a prep cook’s resume be?

Ideally, a prep cook candidate should draft their resume on a single page. Their resume should include only relevant details in concise language. The resume example above is an excellent example to craft a single-page resume. However, if candidates feel that mentioning their details would exceed a page, they should not hesitate to exceed the single-page rule. Importantly, candidates should check if their prospective employer has mentioned any guidelines on the page count and follow them if mentioned.