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In 2018, 20% of Americans ate in sit-down restaurants each week, creating a lot of dirty dishes in need of cleaning. While the restaurant business changed dramatically in 2020, dishwashers are still critical members of the kitchen staff. For those looking for work in these roles, LiveCareer’s dishwasher resume examples can help you get the job you want. Study them to see the skills and experience employers seek when hiring dishwashers.


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What is a Dishwasher?

A dishwasher works behind the scenes in a restaurant to provide clean dishes for patrons and clean cooking utensils for cooks and chefs. Other responsibilities can include cleaning, stocking, or prepping materials. Although dishwashers may not get the glory of a famous chef or popular waiter, everyone knows eating establishments could not exist without them. Working in a restaurant is the first paying job for a third of Americans, and the role of dishwasher is an entry-level position with which many begin their careers. Some eventually receive promotions, while others choose to stay in their positions long-term.

What Makes This a Great
Dishwasher Resume Example?

A dishwasher resume example can give you the leg up you need to find a fulfilling job. Each example is written by a certified resume writer. Study them to learn how to execute the following elements of your own dishwasher resume:

  • Strong wording: Use our professionally crafted phrases to give your resume the substance it needs to win over a hiring manager. For example, notice the engaging phrases “excels at making messes disappear” and “make sure no one ever waits for cookware” in the example applicant’s professional summary. If you need more help writing your own, our Resume Builder will suggest pre-written content for your document. Use it as suggested, or personalize it to make it your own.
  • Appropriate resume formats: The format you choose, whether chronological or functional, depends on your work history. The combination format shown in this example is the best choice for a well-rounded applicant with both previous dishwashing experience and skills like physical strength and knowledge of cleaning techniques. For entry-level applicants or for those with many years of experience, choosing a different resume format might be a better option.
  • Suitable resume templates: The variety of templates make it possible to tailor a unique resume for each restaurant. The creative template used here is perfect for an artsy coffee shop; or, you could use a traditional resume template for a more upscale dining establishment. Further personalize them with your choice of color scheme.

3 Dishwasher Professional Summary Examples

Tell the manager what you bring to the table by creating a professional summary based on our dishwasher resume examples. Simply mix and match the pre-written text until you have three to five sentences that describe who you are as an employee. Here are three professional summaries you could create using our Resume Builder:

  1. Hardworking dishwasher looking for a team. Ten years of experience working in various roles to maintain quality customer dining, including bussing tables, washing dishes, cleaning surfaces, and performing maintenance work. Proficient with four models of industrial dishwashers.
  2. Strong and able-bodied dishwasher who thrives in fast-paced and strenuous work environments. Can lift and carry tall stacks of dishes weighing up to 75 pounds and remain on feet for 12-hour shifts. Ready to start work immediately and tackle duties as assigned.
  3. ServSafe certified food handler and dishwasher at your service to maintain a safe kitchen. Detail-oriented and fastidious dishwashing skills. Skilled at adapting to daily workflow with experience filling in for six co-workers as needed to get the job done.

3 Dishwasher Work Experience Examples

Follow our resume examples to make an engaging work history. Our Resume Builder can also suggest pre-written text to modify with metrics or use as-is. Here are three examples of work experience content you could create using our builder to describe your dishwashing experience:

  1. Used organizational and multitasking skills to provide chefs with a steady stream of clean dishes, silverware, and cooking utensils.
  2. Maintained positive attitude and cheerful disposition throughout 12-hour shifts standing in a hot and noisy kitchen.
  3. Maintained sanitary conditions in both the dining room and kitchen by bussing tables, sweeping and mopping floors, wiping down tables, and following all safety and cleanliness guidelines.

Top Skills for Your Dishwasher Resume

There is more to this job than just being up to your elbows in sudsy water all day. Both hard and soft skills are critical to add to your dishwasher resume. The resume examples show you what hiring managers look for on a dishwasher resume, such as these suggestions:

Hard Skills

  • Ability to stand for entire shift
  • Operation of industrial dishwasher
  • ServSafe food handler certification
  • Bilingual English and Arabic

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Fast-paced work style
  • Friendly disposition

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Dishwasher FAQs

How would you describe a dishwasher role on a resume?

Use the job title of dishwasher and provide the name of the establishment where you worked. Then be sure to include a description of your job duties in terms of accomplishments. For example, list the type of equipment you are proficient with and quantify the number of customers served or dishes washed each day.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is primarily responsible for supplying a restaurant’s demand for clean dishes by operating a mechanical dishwasher or washing dishes by hand. Depending on the establishment, he or she might have additional duties such as emptying trash receptacles, mopping the floor, restocking items, or bussing tables. A dishwasher usually stands while working and must be able to lift moderately heavy objects.

What is the salary of a dishwasher?

Any salary can start as low as a state’s legal minimum wage, but dishwashers generally earn between $8 and $12.60 per hour, sometimes occasional bonuses, tips, and overtime pay. The highest-paying states are the District of Columbia ($15.05), Hawaii ($13.64), Massachusetts ($13.33), Washington ($13.27), and Nevada ($12.97). The top-paying metropolitan area is Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, Hawaii, with an average dishwasher salary of $16.04 per hour. Some dishwashers earn tips while others do not.