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A 2019 study by Ardent Partners reported that 55% of all businesses see their accounts payable departments as extremely valuable to their companies’ operations. Working in industries ranging from retail to health care to finance, accounts payable clerks take on a wide range of essential, accounting-related responsibilities like managing purchase orders, processing invoices and more.

Recruiters for this position often seek candidates with excellent math and computer-use skills, as well as a top-notch sense of organization. Our expertly written accounts payable clerk resume example will show you how to highlight skills like these on your own resume so you can get hired faster.


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What is a Accounts Payable Clerk?

An accounts payable clerk manages, reconciles, verifies, and processes invoices. They are responsible for issuing payments, maintaining accounting ledgers and keeping accurate financial records for vendors and contractors. Accounts payable teams are often the most critical in any given finance department. Accounts payable clerks are detail-oriented analysts with in-depth software, accounting and organizational skills.

Landing a job as an accounts payable clerk typically requires a high school diploma or GED, though a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance will almost always be preferred by employers.

What Makes This a Great
Accounts Payable Clerk Resume Example?

An impactful resume should highlight your key skills, relevant experience and the specific successes achieved in previous roles. Our certified resume writers craft each example to include keywords and terms that will grab a recruiter’s interest, so studying our accounts payable clerk resume examples will help you learn how to write a strong resume for this role.

Here’s how our resume examples can assist in your own resume-writing process:

  • Professionally written content: Your resume should illustrate your most impressive qualities that also align with what hiring managers look for. That’s why this accounts payable clerk resume example includes key phrases like “expense reports,” “liaised with vendors” and other industry-specific language. Learn from these expert resumes, or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written and customizable content for extra help.
  • Helps you choose the resume format: Your resume’s format plays a significant part in how your work history is presented to recruiters. Candidates with mid-level experience should more strongly emphasize their skills with a combination resume format, like in the example above. A functional format’s even greater emphasis on skills, on the other hand, would better suit an entry-level candidate with little experience.
  • Choosing the right template: Choosing a resume template with a design that best suits an employer’s style is a great way to communicate that you’re a natural fit for their company. Accounts payable teams may be expected to present a more conservative or traditionally business-appropriate style, so one of our traditional resume templates may be your best choice.

3 Accounts Payable Clerk Professional Summary Examples

A well-written summary should immediately grab a recruiter’s interest in your resume. Our accounts payable clerk resume example can show you how to communicate your top skills and qualifications quickly and succinctly in this critical resume section.

Here are some examples of professional summaries our builder might generate for your resume:

  1. Organized accounts payable clerk with excellent math and financial record-keeping skills. Possess in-depth knowledge of managing purchase ledgers and significant experience with high-volume invoice processing. Hardworking and dedicated to verifying and issuing accurate vendor invoices. Experienced handling high-stakes financial matters for four majorly profitable firms.
  2. Professional accounts payable clerk with six years of simultaneous accounting and clerical experience. Excellent reconciliation skills and able to thrive while working in high-pressure situations. Adept in working with cross-functional teams to resolve outstanding financial matters.
  3. Data-driven accounts payable clerk experienced managing vendor relations with effective communication skills. Punctual and hardworking with extensive knowledge of SAP And Microsoft Office software. Helped previous employer build a robust and efficient accounts payable department in only three months.

3 Accounts Payable Clerk Work Experience Examples

Along with simply listing past job duties, it’s important to use your work experience section to call out your specific accomplishments in previous roles. Our resume examples and Resume Builder’s pre-written content help job seekers understand how to frame these in a way that piques a recruiter’s interest. You can borrow this language as-is, or customize it with your own quantifiable achievements.

Here are some work experience examples our writers could recommend for an accounts payable clerk:

  1. Checked vendor invoices for errors to prevent payment delay or underpayment, resulting in a 4% reduction in annual revenue loss.
  2. Implemented strategies to encourage more efficient transactions, reducing average invoice processing time by one day.
  3. Maintained immaculate accounting ledgers and profitable vendor networks that resulted in 14% cost savings.

Top Skills for Your Accounts Payable Clerk Resume

An accounts payable clerk uses their organizational and number-crunching skills to keep their finance department functioning. Our accounts payable clerk resume example shows you how to list these kinds of critical hard and soft skills on your resume, and our Resume Builder offers even more skill suggestions.

Here are some of the skills a recruiter would expect an accounts payable clerk to possess:

Hard Skills

  • Certified Accounts Payable Associate (CAPA)
  • Invoice generation
  • Budget management and expense tracking
  • AP automation software

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Organization and planning
  • Vendor relationships
  • Problem-solving

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Accounts Payable Clerk FAQs

What are the essential job responsibilities of an accounts payable clerk?

An accounts payable clerk is responsible for issuing and verifying timely payments to vendors. They are in charge of amending purchase orders, assembling invoices, maintaining accounts ledgers, and preparing accurate vendor reports. Accounts payable clerks practice complete confidentiality when dealing with private financial information and prepare appropriate tax reports to avoid regulatory complications.

What is the software used by an accounts payable clerk?

Companies with accounts payable departments use automation software for effective, accurate and quick payment processes. These are usually referred to as accounts payable automation software or AP automation software. Some of the most commonly used software include QuickBooks Online, SAP, Oracle NetSuite, Xero, Oracle ERP, SAP, Freshbooks, Microsoft Dynamics and 365 finance.

What are the certification courses for an accounts payable clerk?

An accounts payable certification course, though not mandatory, can help enhance your employment chances in the industry. The Institute of Financial Operation provides accreditation to aspiring accounts payable professionals. Certified Accounts Payable Associate (CAPA) is a credible certificate for candidates who have previously earned their Accounts Payable Specialist (APS) certification. For a supervisory role in an accounts payable department, candidates can enroll in the Accounts Payable Management (APM) certification program.