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Accounting assistants play a critical support role in accounting departments by executing key clerical tasks like data entry, fact-checking, recording transactions, preparing reports and more. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there were nearly 1.7 million accounting, bookkeeping and auditing clerks working in the U.S. in 2019, in addition to the roughly 1.4 million accountants and auditors who employ them.

If you’re looking to break into this massive industry as an accounting assistant, look to our accounting assistant resume example for a sense of what hiring managers seek in candidates. Read on to learn exactly how LiveCareer can help you write a job-winning resume.


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What is an Accounting Assistant?

An accounting assistant is responsible for basic bookkeeping and recording daily financial transactions including sales, purchases and other expenditures. Their key duties might include issuing invoices for customers or vendors, facilitating petty cash transactions, bank account reconciliations, or coordinating with sales and accounting teams to take on various other accounting tasks.

Accounting assistants usually report to an accountant or finance manager. Applicants for these kinds of roles may need to earn a certification or bachelor’s degree to qualify, though nearly half are hired with only a high school diploma or GED.

What Makes This a Great
Accounting Assistant Resume Example?

Our certified resume writers create each of our resume examples to demonstrate how to appeal to hiring managers in a given industry. Reading over our accounting assistant resume example will give you a better idea of how to get a foot in the door in the accounting world.

Here’s how our resume examples can help your resume stand out among the competition:

  • Professional-level pre-written content: Your resume needs to include job-specific terms to prove you’re familiar with your industry. Our certified resume writers made sure this example includes language like “expense tracking,” “Microsoft Excel” and other phrases that could be found in a job description. Use our accounting assistant resume example as a writing guide, or use our Resume Builder for more keyword suggestions.
  • Formatting guidance: Job seekers should choose the resume format that puts their most relevant and impressive qualifications front and center. This example uses a combination format to equally focus on the candidate’s skills and moderate amount of experience. An applicant with little-to-no relevant experience, on the other hand, should use the even more skills-centric functional format.
  • Picking an appropriate template: When applying to an accounting assistant job, be sure your resume’s design suits the environment in which you’d work. For example, if you want to work at a straight-laced accounting firm, one of our more traditional resume templates might best present you as the right fit for the role.

3 Accounting Assistant Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary should make a memorable first impression in only two to five sentences. Use our accounting assistant resume example as inspiration to write this attention-grabbing overview of your most relevant qualifications. You can also use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content for extra writing assistance.

Here are some examples our builder might suggest for your resume:

  1. Accounting assistant proficient with QuickBooks and other accounting software. Adept with accounting processes and tax regulations with a proven record of error-free bookkeeping and financial report preparation. Detail-oriented and meticulous professional experienced assisting 20-member accounting teams and larger.
  2. Hardworking accounting assistant with over three years of experience aiding finance teams in bookkeeping, tax preparation, managing invoices and more. Adept in tracking expenses, administering employee payroll and communicating with clients. Proactive problem-solver proud to have helped an industry-leading firm increase profitability by 20% over two years.
  3. Knowledgeable and conscientious accounting assistant with over five years’ experience in a global finance organization. Assisted licensed CPAs with bookkeeping, monthly payroll, data entry and report preparation. Proven record of reducing department costs by 6% through spearheading the implementation of new accounting software.

3 Accounting Assistant Work Experience Examples

Read our accounting assistant resume example to see how describing measured achievements can make the most of your work experience section. You also use our Resume Builder’s pre-written content, which you can customize with your own metrics, for a better idea of how this section should sound.

Take a look at a few work experience examples our experts could recommend:

  1. Implemented new process to cross-check Excel spreadsheets to eliminate data inconsistencies, resulting in 10% reduction in computation errors.
  2. Reconciled average of 18 bank and credit card accounts per month using QuickBooks.
  3. Assisted CPA with consolidation of accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll for over 500 employees.

Top Skills for Your Accounting Assistant Resume

The more skills your accounting assistant resume has in common with a job description, the more of an edge you’ll have over other applicants. Use our Resume Builder to optimize your resume with the industry-specific skills recruiters want to see.

Here are some hard and soft skills our builder might suggest you add to an accounting assistant resume:

Hard Skills

  • QuickBooks
  • Data entry
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Accounting principles and regulations

Soft Skills

  • Detail-oriented
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Organizational skills

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Accounting Assistant FAQs

How is an accounting clerk different from an accounting assistant?

An accounting clerk’s job is usually an entry-level position involving administrative and clerical tasks like entering daily financial transactions. An accounting assistant’s position is similar, but may include a broader set of accounting responsibilities such as financial report compilation, bank account reconciliation, processing payroll checks and more. A high school diploma, along with basic computer skills, will help you land either of these two roles.

What are the working conditions for an accounting assistant?

An accounting assistant usually works from a desk in a typical office space, along with the rest of their accounting or finance team. Most accounting assistant positions follow a standard nine-to-five schedule, but may require extended hours during crucial periods like the ends of fiscal periods or when finalizing budgets. In addition to full-time opportunities, some employers may offer part-time or freelance accounting assistant roles.

What’s the next career step for an accounting assistant?

Enough years of experience as an accounting assistant will gradually qualify you for higher-level roles, like “staff accountant,” for example. Aside from skills and experience gained on the job, you may eventually also need a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification to continue progressing your career in the accountancy field. Beyond that, you might later advance to more senior roles like auditor or accounting manager.